When To Walk Away After Infidelity: Should You Forgive Or Give Up?

Infidelity is one of the most destructive issues in a relationship. When you realize your partner is unfaithful to you, you have to face two different choices. One is to forgive your partner and reconcile with each other, and the other is to break up and move on. 

So, when to walk away after infidelity? In which cases should you give your relationship a second chance? 

You need to do a stay or walk away relationship test to know what you should consider and make the best decision. In this article, we will show you some signs you should walk away after infidelity. 

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when to walk away after infidelity
Should you stay or walk away after infidelity?

Some Factors You Need To Consider

To decide when to walk away from a relationship, you need to consider the following factors. They will tell you whether you should save this relationship or not. 

The quality of your relationship

You should consider the quality of your relationship before deciding to reconcile or break up with your partner. 

If you are in a long-term relationship and the two of you usually get along very well, you are in a good relationship. In this case, you should find out more about the cause of your partner’s infidelity. 

On the other hand, if you often have conflicts or your partner has shown signs of betrayal, it is better to move on. Because if you continue this relationship with your partner, they may cheat you again. Then, your attempt to reconcile will be pointless. 

The adultery history of your partner 

Is this the first time your partner cheated on you? Or had he been unfaithful to you several times before?

If your answer is the latter, your partner is more likely to repeat cheating on you. When your spouse is a habitual cheater, there is no effective method for how to save your marriage

If your partner has always been faithful but suddenly starts an affair, there may be something wrong with your relationship. You need to find the true reasons for infidelity to restore your marriage

Is your spouse a habitual cheater?
Is your spouse a habitual cheater?

Your feelings

How do you feel when you know your partner has an affair? Are you angry and hurt like hell, or just apathetic?

The more you love someone, the more pain you feel when they cheat on you. So, if you still love your spouse, you should get some therapy to calm your mind. Then, you can rethink your relationship to see if it’s worth saving. 

Conversely, if you feel indifferent, you may no longer have an interest in your partner. In this case, a divorce might be a relief for both of you. 

The attitude of your partner

Your partner’s reaction after infidelity is also a factor your need to consider. 

If your partner shows remorse and is willing to make amends, you might consider giving them a chance. But if they have a negative attitude towards you and deny their mistake, it’s time to walk away from the relationship. 

If your partner shows remorse, you might consider giving them a chance
If your partner shows remorse, you might consider giving them a chance

When To Walk Away After Infidelity: Some Must-Known Signs 

After infidelity, you can fix your marriage or let it go depending on the situation. Knowing when to walk away from a relationship will help you avoid many heartaches later on. 

If your relationship has the following signs, you should break up with your partner instead of trying to mend your relationship.

Your partner has no intention to apologize

If your partner cheated on you, then they show no willingness to apologize; it’s a sign of a broken marriage. In some cases, your partner may even blame you for their infidelity. 

These actions indicate that your spouse is irresponsible and will commit infidelity again. Therefore, if a woman doesn’t admit her fault, it’s when a man walks away from a relationship. 

Your partner doesn’t want to discuss what happened

In a relationship, communication is essential, and it’s necessary to have a serious talk after infidelity.

When your spouse avoids discussing the reason for their adultery, it’s also a warning sign. This attitude may come from some beyond salvaging issues in your relationship. Besides, it also shows that your partner doesn’t care about you and your relationship. 

Your partner doesn't want to discuss what happened
Your partner doesn’t want to discuss what happened

Your partner refuses to get counseling

Infidelity is hard to overcome, and you will need support from a professional. A marriage counselor can give you the best solutions for reconciliation.

But if your spouse refuses to get counseling, it means they don’t want to save your relationship. Thus, it’s pointless if you continue to manipulate them. 

Your spouse still contacts their affair partner

After infidelity, if your spouse truly desires to reconcile with you, they will stop all contact with their affair partner. So, you need to make sure that your partner and their lover have cut all ties with each other. 

Suppose you find out that your spouse is still in touch with their lover; it’s when to walk away from a marriage. Because as long as they keep in touch, infidelity will happen again. 

The only tie between you and your partner is children

Many people think that they need to stay with their spouse no matter what because of their children. However, it’s not a good choice when you maintain your relationship only for the children.

You will create a bad environment for raising children. If you and your spouse often argue and fight, your children will be psychologically hurt. So, in case the only tie between you and your partner is children, divorce will be the best option. 

You don’t want to stay anymore

Sometimes, you get tired of your relationship, but you haven’t realized it. Your inattention may be the cause of your partner’s adultery, and you take it as an excuse to leave. You don’t even feel angry when you know that your spouse is unfaithful. 

These signs show that you are no longer happy with your relationship, and it’s time to walk away. 

How To Save Your Relationship After Infidelity

If you still love your unfaithful partner and they are also willing to reconcile, your relationship still has a chance.  Here is a guide for how to fix a marriage that is falling apart because of infidelity.

Express your feelings

You should express your hurt feelings openly to your partner when you know they cheated on you. In this way, your partner will understand the serious impact of infidelity on you and your marriage. 

You should express your hurt feelings openly to your partner
You should express your hurt feelings openly to your partner

Discuss the affair

You and your partner need to have a serious discussion about the affair, even though it can be painful. You have to know what happened, and your partner should be honest to disclose the truth. 

The conversation should take place when both of you have calmed down a bit. During the conversation, if you feel you can’t control your temper, take a break.  An escalating conversation can lead to unwanted arguments and disconnection.

At the end of the conversation, your partner has to commit that they will never betray you again. 

Raise the level of transparency

Once you get hurt by your partner’s infidelity, you will be afraid of ongoing betrayals. Thus, you will need more transparency in the relationship. 

Your partner should be open about their plan, whereabouts, and who they are going with. Besides, you should have the right to check your partner’s phone or any other contact channels. You can discuss and agree with each other about these issues. 

Seek some professional help

Everyone wants a good relationship, so we all have no preparation for infidelity. Therefore, if you want to heal from an affair, the best solution is to find some professional help. 

You and your partner can visit a relationship counselor for some advice. Remember to find a counselor with experience or training about infidelity. In this way, you can have the best guide to reconcile with your partner. 

In addition, you can follow the instructions from the online guide like Mend The Marriage

In this ebook, there are a lot of helpful tips and advice to save your broken relationship. You can consult the Mend The Marriage Review to know more details about this ebook. 

Forgive your partner and work together to rebuild the relationship

If your partner makes changes to take back your trust, you should be willing to forgive them. You don’t have to forget the affair to forgive your partner. But you need to give a chance for both you and your partner to start again. 

It will take you some time to get over the infidelity and rekindle your feelings for your partner. Once you have done this job, you can work with your partner to rebuild your relationship.

Forgive your partner and work together to rebuild the relationship
Forgive your partner and work together to rebuild the relationship

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, through this article, you have known when to walk away after infidelity. Getting cheated by your partner is a tough experience, but you can consider forgiving or separating. 

You should make the right decision to have more happiness in your future life. You can read more about solutions for other marriage problems on our website hdpdating.com

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