Signs When A Man Loves A Woman How Does He Act

When in love, surely the gestures and actions for the one you love will be much different from friends, relatives, and colleagues.

However, not everyone dares to confess their feelings for the other party, especially the quiet guys. Although the man may not say it, can you confirm that he is in love with you or not? 

When a man loves a woman how does he act?. Let’s check it out with HDP Dating!

Some Signs A Guy Has Feelings For You 

The condition when falling in love without daring to speak appears quite common. The cause stems from his fear of you disagreeing and accepting him.

But you can also observe through the expressions that men give you. Below are some signs he has strong feelings for you

Emotional eyes

when a man loves a woman how does he act
Emotional eyes

A man may not tell you he loves you, but you can tell through his eyes. 

Usually, it is difficult for people to hide their emotions in their eyes. For the person you love, the view will also be different from everyone else.

He often looks at you with gentle eyes. In a crowd, men will tend to look in the direction of the person they love. Sometimes he looks at you passionately and suddenly laughs through your actions. If accidentally discovered by you, he might startle, showing signs he is falling for you but scared.

Keep contact

In terms of keeping in touch, he will contact you more often. A few identifying points are the man who always texts and calls you every day. 

When you text that person, he will respond very quickly. In addition, the man will often invite you to eat, go for a walk with him.

If you see a guy suddenly contacting you for a long period. Every day always cares about you. Maybe it’s the signs that a man is pursuing you

At first, if he confesses his feelings, you may not agree. Therefore, he chooses to approach your reaction.


early signs he's falling for you
Man’s Care

Regarding the interest, he will pay more special attention to you. He usually pays more attention to you than other people. A few of the common interest questions he asks are what you’re doing, how are you doing today.

In addition, he is often interested in your interests, thoughts, and opinions. In general, a man who is always around to care about you may be in love with you.


Another point that shows that he has feelings for you is that he always makes you a priority. For example, in one day, he has two dates with you and someone else simultaneously.

If it’s just a casual date with you and he cancels an important date with someone else, then the chances of him having feelings for you are very high. More than that, a man often spends as much time with you as being available when you need him.

Attitude when you are close to others

Attitude when you are close to others
Attitude when you are close to others

Even though he may not tell you, he will get annoyed when he sees you close to a man other than your own. This attitude is often very obvious on the outside. If you pay close attention to him, you can recognize him.

When the woman you love comes into contact with another man, everyone will be jealous. Anger is the specific expression when a man is jealous.

In general, you can completely tell if a man is in love with you through the above signs. If you have feelings for him, react positively to it. When the time is right, he will show his friendship.

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When A Man Loves A Woman How Does He Act

When truly in love, a man often changes his actions for a woman. The main purpose is to bring good things to the one you love. Here are some steps that show a man seriously loves you and wants to go further with you.

Take care of you

When a man truly loves you, he is often there to take care of you more. He is even ready to cook and do housework for you because a man doesn’t want to see the woman he loves tired and toil.

You can see his affection very clearly in the times when he takes care of you when you are sick or when it is the most difficult for you. Caregiving is one of the early signs he’s falling for you.

Make you laugh

Make you laugh
Make you laugh

Another thing a man does with a woman he loves is to make fun of you. In particular, he loves to see his beloved smile. More than that, he will tend to be afraid of seeing you cry. So making his woman laugh is also his self-help skills.


One of the most important things in love is the trust he has in you. A man is not too suspicious of his lover’s words. He will believe in you. As for your choice, he has few objections and has confidence in you.

Public relationship

If a man takes the initiative to publicize the relationship between you, he is very serious with you. 

Some signs are that he will introduce you as his girlfriend in front of many people. He will even introduce you to his family. In addition, the man will not be afraid to meet your mother.

Confide with friends

Once a man has identified a true love, he will not refuse to share his information.

To help you both get to know each other better, he will spend more time talking to you. Although he has bad habits, he may not hesitate to tell you about them. Psychologically, a man is very happy when he talks to his lover; the stories are nothing special.

Always want to be with you

Always want to be with you
Always want to be with you

Surely when they love someone, they always want to be with their lover. Although he used to love going out, if you stay at home, he will stay home with you too. 

When he is away from you for too long, he will miss you very much. If he’s ready to be by your side all the time, it could be signs that he has strong feelings for you.

Ready to change to bond with you

One of the best ways to show that he truly loves you is to accept change for you.

Typically, he will do things that he has never done before, such as housework, cooking, or even changing his style of dress, etc. Before that, you also need to know what do men want in a woman to help you both stick together longer. 

Limit contact with other women

Once he is serious about you, he will automatically avoid contact with other women. If he truly loves you, in his eyes, you are always the most beautiful. 

In addition, he will not hesitate to tell other girls that he has a girlfriend.


In short, a man who truly loves you will always want the best for you. So why is he acting different all of a sudden? Another important thing is that just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. What matters is his actions towards you and his seriousness in love.

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