What Makes A Man Attractive? How To Solve A Girl’s Heart?

Not all the guys have charms from the beginning. This is not good news but we have to admit it. However, we can totally create what we don’t have.

What makes a man attractive? How to make a strong impression on the woman you like? This article will divide the attraction into two aspects. They are the personality and physical appeal. Let’s look at what each aspect offers you.

What Makes A Man Attractive?



What makes a guy attractive from the first sight? A smile.

Men who smile slowly look more appealing than those who do it quickly. Women often consider low-smiling men to be more reliable. It implies that their expressions appear to be more sincere.

When creating a dating profile online, it’s also essential to smile. Everyone understands that smiling conveys warmth and friendliness. Hence, 14% of people are far more likely to get selected if they are smiling.


How to make women attracted to you? Talk or do something with passion.

It’s a huge turn-on when a man expresses his interest in something special. Both men and women frequently rank passion as the most significant or charming personality attribute. Guys who are passionate about something attract women easier.

What makes a man attractive
Having passion on something makes a man attractive

According to University of California studies, a woman may be sometimes willing to ignore a bad personality. This only happens if she believes the unpleasant characteristics come from a guy’s passion.

You could believe this is a turn-off if you have a geeky fascination with video games. But, if you are genuinely enthusiastic about it, what may appear to be a geeky fixation may become a physical attractiveness or sexual appeal feature.

As a result, your hobby isn’t an embarrassing thing to mention on your dating profile. You can even feel free to talk about it on your first date. That is what makes men attractive to women.

A feminine side

Aside from facial appearance, women find males physically appealing when they love non-traditionally muscular activities. A little touch of your feminine side might help you score more dates. You can also appear more physically appealing to girls.

Some university researchers have studied grooming habits and family duties in particular. Men who take extra care of their grooming make them become physically attractive candidates.

The findings also revealed that males who took on duties typically designated for women in the home were typically more physically appealing by women.


Someone in modern culture and the dating scene appears to be more interested in dating rather than meeting people with whom to form healthy relationships. The growth of dating sites and apps might have contributed to this.

When a man is genuinely interested in getting to know a woman and makes an attempt to be honest in their conversations, it is a huge turn-on. Sincerity is something men don’t show very frequently.

One of the simplest methods to appeal to women is to be straightforward and transparent about your goals. The ordinary lady respects this sincerity because it is hard to come by these days.

Show her your sincerity
Show her your sincerity

Sense of humor

Women like a man who makes them laugh. Guys with a great sense of humor are significantly more appealing to women than men who do not laugh frequently.

So try to tell jokes and amusing tales. You will appear to be more attractive.

Men without a strong sense of humor might come across as uninteresting person. Sometimes, lack of those things is what makes a man unattractive.


Confident men are attractive to all women.

You are so much more sure to appear physically beautiful to the ladies you contact if you are confident. Shy and uncertain appearance look weak in some manner. No matter how your personality is, confidence is a must.

Inconfidence is what makes a guy unattractive. You may not be handsome. That doesn’t matter. The confidence can build up your outlook. This demonstrates how having faith in yourself may encourage others to have faith in you as well.

Hero Instinct

The amazing feminist idea underlying rising attraction is “hero instinct.

Kate Spring, a well-known author, has spent a lot of time researching why males have such a strong sense of heroism.

The obsession method is a one-of-a-kind product that employs a variety of techniques to impress females.

For males, this is an intriguing program. The Obsession approach investigated women’s psychology before recording it in a coding language. Men can then approach the ladies they like more closely.

Read The obsession method review in this post.

“The Obsession Method” reveals interesting facts about a man’s mind
“The Obsession Method” reveals interesting facts about a man’s mind

Be a gentleman

How can we define a gentleman? Open the door? Pull out the chair? That’s right but never enough.

Being a gentleman also includes using proper etiquette, such as saying “thank you” and “please“. Being courteous is another way to express the term. Flowers or candies for your date might help you become more attractive to women.

Be friendly with kids

Your best sidekick might be a kid. According to French research, men who were kind to babies had three times more chances to get a woman’s phone number than those who avoided the babies.

In fact, when women observed guys smiling, and conversing with the children, 40% of them were willing to give their digits.

So, if you have your favorite nephew or niece, ask for a babysit now and again. It’s a win scenario for everyone because their parents will most likely value the support.

Men playing with kids look are appealing
Men playing with kids look are appealing

Physical aspect


The smell from the body in the conventional sense can be undesirable. However, a specific odor might be physically appealing for a man.

Some men have a fantastic natural odor. Psychological and biological studies show that this is a much bigger turn-on for ladies than colognes.

Although, in some circumstances, colognes and other fragrances might enhance a woman’s attention. Body odor conveys a lot of messages to both women and men. It extends beyond whether or not someone has just bathed.

We can truly identify hormones in another’s body smell using our sense of smell. The smell is what makes a man attractive physically

This can aid women and men in selecting a partner with a greater reproductive rate of success. So, even if you don’t use costly perfumes, your body odor might help you choose a physiologically compatible partner.

Physical appearance

What makes a guy attractive physically? A person’s physical appearance is among the first things to think of.

For males, this is nearly solely about women’s appearance. But, for the ladies, it’s typically about a broader range of qualities.

It’s frequently an issue of personal taste for this section. However, there is one factor of your physical beauty over which you have full control: trying to look your best.


One of the quickest ways to assess a guy’s confidence is to watch how he walks.

Confident people are not in a rush. There is a distinction between wandering vs going slowly and purposefully. Always walk with confidence that you know what you are doing and where you are heading.

The gait represents your confidence
The gait represents your confidence


Sunglasses make males look sexier. There’s proof for it. The eyes are an incredible information source as well as vulnerability.

Women will fall for you since you don’t have that information. They’re curious about the guy behind the sunglasses.


A superb hairdo may dramatically transform your appearance and enhance your entire style. The hairstyle is what makes a man sexually attractive.

Putting effort into your style can raise you significantly. When you contact and engage with ladies, the proper cut will give you more confidence in your own look.

Women tend to like a man with hair covering a full head. It provides her with something to grasp. However, some women favor shaved or bald heads.

If you have awesome hair, keep it up to date by applying proper hygiene and utilizing hair treatments. They are beneficial to your hair.


What makes a man attractive? There are various tips for this. The ultimate rule is being confident all the time. And, don’t forget to put your effort in.

Stealing a woman’s heart is not hard. Just give her your heart! She will understand.

Hopefully, you will manage to attract your potential partner. The happy ending is just a matter of time!

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