What A Guys Wants In A Girl? Appearing More Attractive In Front Of Him

You’re usually worried about your boyfriend or crush getting over you sooner or later. The fact is what men want in their partner, in some aspects, differs from what women want. 

HDP Dating will help you step inside his thoughts and discover what type of woman he’s searching for what a guys wants in a girl.

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What Does A Guy Want In A Girl? 

Here are six basic qualities in a woman that every man wants:

  • Intelligent
  • A good listener
  • Confident
  • Humorous
  • Able to trigger a man’s hero instinct
  • Sympathetic and supportive
what a guys wants in a girl
what a guys wants in a girl


Apart from your lovely face and hot body, your brain is another term of ‘sexiness.’

Men are deeply into their lover’s precious mind, mental capacity, and, more importantly, mental sharpness. They find a girl with her own opinions and brilliant ideas way sexier than other hotties out there.

Even when his thoughts and yours bear no resemblance, your unique ways of thinking challenge and mentally stimulate him, and he likes it. He wants someone who teaches him new things or inspires him to look at the world from a different perspective.

So, you just need to express your interests, conceptions and show him you’re intellectually curious, aware, and worldly. You don’t have to worry about a world of difference between you and him as differences make conversations.

In a word, intelligence is truly a man-killer, not beauty.

A Good Listener

what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry
Listening to him helps you understand him more.

What do guys look for in a woman they want to marry? When a male thinks about having a girl as his girlfriend, he needs her to be a good listener.

In general, a long-lasting relationship is based on connection and communication. Passionate connections and open communication make two people stick to each other for a very long time.

There will be days that he’s in a black mood and needs someone to cry his eyes out to. No matter how strong a man is, after all, he’s a human being. And all he wants is a girl being willing to listen to his struggles.

What makes a woman attractive to a man is her patience when hearing his stories. It’s such warmth when she makes an effort to understand how he’s feeling.

We’re talking about what you can do to make a guy feel an intense personal connection to you. Being his buddy and all ears to him brings you two closer!


What does a man look for in a woman? Oh, confidence is a must. It doesn’t mean to be cocky, but you know yourself and love yourself. No matter how beautiful you are, you appear not attractive without taking pride in yourself.

Confidence is the perfect makeup for every woman. Confident people are not jealous, less sensitive, and make others around feel comfortable. Boys like to be with confident girls as there’s less toxicity.

When you accept yourself and are happy with who you are, you make your man happy as well. Believe us; no man can resist the confident feminine energy of a girl.

If you’re seeking a male’s attention, all you need to do is be confident and embrace your own flaws. That’s how to make a man want you.

Sense of Humor

what men want to hear in a text
Men always love to be around a funny person.

Sometimes, things guys like to hear from their girlfriends are not romantic words but a funny joke to burst into laughter. No matter what sex you’re fond of, everyone finds the person making them laugh out loud super charming.

When you’re cracking a joke, not only are you showing your sense of humor but also your quick-witted personality. A smart girl may not be humorous, but a humorous girl must be smart. Only when you think outside of the box can you entertain people.

It doesn’t mean to be funny all the time, though. As long as your humor is positive, an occasional joke can work.

Moreover, a sense of humor is about people laughing along together. If you and he can’t stand laughing in synchronicity, your time together becomes interesting, well-worth, and fun.

You may find it harder to make him smile via texts than in eye-to-eye contact. Text Chemistry Reviews has helped many girls having the same worry know what men want to hear in a text and develop relationships via texts.

She Triggers His Hero Instinct

things guys like to hear from their girlfriends
Girls should let boys show their manly aspect

Actually, there’s an interesting concept in relationship psychology of how men fall in love. They want to be around girls who make them feel they’re a hero. People call it the hero instinct.

Men need to feel wanted and needed. When you give him the chance to protect you, you’re boosting his ‘maschino’ and making him feel on cloud nine.

Sometimes, what a man wants to hear is you need him. He desires to get your back and to be your rock. Although girls don’t need to pretend to be weak, just let him be your hero and feel appreciated for it at times.

So one way to keep him in love with you is to trigger his hero instinct. For instance, you just let him take you home when it’s raining or open a bottle of water instead of doing it yourself.

Sympathy and Support

A man suffers a lot of pressure to be successful and ambitious. However, men do need a leisure moment to be their true selves, though it doesn’t align with the image of a powerful man.

They would appreciate a woman who accepts his imperfections and sympathizes with his tiresome and not-being-goods. What men want to hear from a woman is ‘you did a good job.’

When a man pursues his dreams, goals, or ambitions, a woman supporting him unconditionally makes him even stronger. It’s such a precious motivation to know there’s always a person there to have your back, isn’t it?

After all, behind a great man, there’s an even greater woman.

What Men Don’t Like In A Woman

Besides, there are also some big ‘no-nos’ that you need to bear in mind when it comes to attracting a boy.

To begin with, boys can’t stand girls who are always making fun of them. You can be funny but don’t take the mickey out of him. This way, you’re ruining his confidence and showing disrespect, though you don’t mean to do so.

Plus, a woman who doesn’t know to keep secrets is absolutely not to any man’s liking. Once they share their stories with you, they expect you to keep them private. If you use them against him, like talk about them with your betties, you lose his trust!


To hook for your crush, you can make some positive changes according to his preferences. However, the key is to be your true self, stay confident, and be a good-mannered girl.

A good relationship is where two people can learn from each other, challenge, inspire, motivate each other, and, most importantly, be the best person for your partner and yourself.

With our advice, we hope you know what a guys wants in a girl and put all you’ve learned into practice successfully.

Thank you for reading!

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