Things To Say To Your Ex To Get Him Back – How To Win Him Back?

After the breakup, you keep pining over the beautiful memories when you were together. You’re hurting and thinking of your ex all the time. Needless to say, you’re still in love with him.

We understand that girls are afraid to reach out to their exes because something you say may disappoint them more. It’s a tough task that you should handle with care.

No worries, HDP Dating will show you some foolproof things to say to your ex to get him back. We promise our help will propel you towards the end of being happy together again.

When Is The Right Time?

things to say to your ex to get him back
If you’re still in love, find ways to get him back

The right time is the key thing to keep in mind before starting talking to him. The no-contact period, which you may haven’t heard of, is a critical element of the strategy to win your ex back.

This concept focuses on the period of 1-3 months during which you don’t encounter your ex anywhere, either online or face-to-face contact. We mean no calls, no texts, no social media interactions, no running across him somewhere by accident, nothing!

This way, you can devote more time to loving yourself, your goals, joys and creating a better ‘you.’ Instead of crying over the separation, you can try to become more attractive and stronger.

Besides, this gap is also part of how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship. During the ‘silent’ period, he can feel the fear of losing you to the fullest if he still loves you. Once he realizes that you have become better, you’ll see him regret the breakup.

After this period, it’s time to think about thing to say to get them back. 

Things To Say To Your Ex To Get Him Back

What are sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back? Depending on the reasons you reached the decision on the breakup, there are different ways to approach him and get him back.

If you were the one who hurt the other, what he needs should be an apology. If you fell apart because of unsolvable conflicts, you can clear things out and deal with the problem together.


You hate it when you hurt him - that’s what you should say to him.
You hate it when you hurt him – that’s what you should say to him.

How to get your ex back after cheating? How to explain when you slapped and cursed him because of a stupid misunderstanding?

I’m sorry,’ say this. No explanation, no excuse.

Simply taking responsibility for poor behavior is all you need to do. If you’re the reason for the separation, a sincere apology will make him think about your relationship again.

Besides, you may say what you’re going to do to fix the problem. Your ex-boyfriend will give you a second chance for sure if he sees your genuine remorse.

You should keep the apology short and sincere, like ‘I’m really sorry. I hate myself for hurting you and ruining this relationship. I’m willing to fix the problem and change so that we can be back together.

Recall Happy Memories

Absence makes our hearts grow tender and warmer. Over time, we tend to forget what separated us from each other and idealize the recollection of the time we were close.

If you guys have loved for a long time and had many memories together, then there are lots of things to say to get your ex-boyfriend back. You may say, ‘I still remember vividly the day we baked a birthday cake for your mother.

You should also try to send a picture of the cake or something you’ve done with each other and text, ‘You still remember this?

Clue Him Into The Feelings

It’ll be nice if you make him feel like you’re his again.
It’ll be nice if you make him feel like you’re his again.

After the breakup, men usually expect women to neglect their presence and even hate them. If you act in the opposite way and remain sweet and kind, you’ll not only amaze him but also make him feel wrong to let you go.

One tip is to suggest that he never gets out of your head subtly. He’ll certainly think about coming back to you. The best things to say to make your ex want you back should go with peace offerings.

Say you may send a picture of something relating to him, like his favorite movie or cartoon character, and text, ‘This lovely thing reminds me of you’ or ‘you might love it.’

You’d better keep it as natural and confident as possible. It’ll be counterproductive if you overly show your desire to be back with him.

Boost His Ego

You used to be his biggest cheerleader and the one he wished to impress. After a split, he might feel empty without your constant support.

Why don’t you feed him a little reminiscent taste of the sweet you? You can do so by boosting his ego and letting him know he’s still the most brilliant man in your heart.

There are some things to get him back, like ‘Congrats on your new promotion. You did a really good job!’ or ‘You achieved such a great accomplishment. Always knew you could do it!

Letting your ex-boyfriend know you’re proud of him can spark a man’s instinct to impress his lover. You should keep it neutral, brief, and sweet. Just congratulations. Nothing more.

Say Nothing

The best thing to say is nothing.
The best thing to say is nothing.

When it comes to things to say to get your ex back, the most effective strategy is to say nothing. We highly recommend you keep silent until he reaches out and says the words first.

It’s true; say nothing.

It’s not a good idea to express your feelings directly to your ex because you’ll look unnecessarily weak. If you don’t come across wisely, you’ll seem to be manipulating him.

What you should do from the moment you guys fall apart is sit and wait for him to break the silence. You shouldn’t rush to ask him to come back, particularly when your emotion is running wide. At this time, you’ll just appear helpless and desperate in front of him.

Do you remember the time he passionately chased you 24/7 just to have your nod for the first date? Girl, it’s time to make it happen again!

In fact, when your ex-boyfriend has heard any news about you for about a month, he starts to wonder how you’re doing. Building all those questions in his head, he’ll naturally show up at your face and break the silence first.

All you need to do is let him desire you again. And the new you will drive him insane just the way you did.

After all, the one who keeps silent for longer wins.

Retaining an ex is quite a daunting task without proper strategies. You can put The Ex Factor Guide Reviews into your to-read list to increase the chance of success.


When planning to win your ex back, you should think about your conversations carefully to make sure you can spark the flame inside him.

Our advice on the things to say to your ex to get him back applies to different situations. Now, it’s time to relive your love!

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