The Obsession Method Review: A Program For All Gentle Men!

Are you having big problems in your romantic relationships?

Do you feel that you are not attractive to women?

Or have you tried your best but still can’t get the girl you like?

Most of such men don’t know what their reasons for failure are. They all think that women are the most mysterious creatures on the planet and no one can understand them.

The obsession method will reveal a woman’s secrets. From there, suggest a plan to help you make her love more. Here, check out the obsession method review to better understand what this program has to offer.


What is the obsession method?

Kate Spring obsession method is a unique product that uses several tricks to impress girls.

This is an interesting program for men. The Obsession method studied the psychology of women, then wrote them down in a coding language. From there, men can get closer to the women they like.

Many men have failed to pursue their women. However, they have tried many different ways. But with this method, you can make any woman take off her hat. Not only that, but you also create an irresistible desire for love that keeps her from leaving you.

The obsession method uses the Harvard Psychological Method that very few people know about.

The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t require you to have an attractive personality or anything special. Therefore, whether you are fat or thin, ugly or beautiful, you can apply the method.

And as the name implies, the obsession method helps you make her ‘obsessed‘ and fall in love with you. She will teach you how to properly communicate with girls while revealing the best way to make eye contact.

Thanks to that, you can completely control your partner’s psychology and make her fall in love with you.

Kate Spring – program founder

the Obsession Method review
Kate Spring – program founder

Kate Spring is the creator of this product and has successfully helped men who have problems with the woman he likes.

Kate lives in Vancouver – Canada, and completed her graduation from Victoria University. People know her as a dating coach. Besides, Kate also owns a youtube channel called ‘Love Learning‘ with a huge number of followers.

As an expert in helping men conquer the women of their dreams, Kate is famous worldwide. People from different countries look to Kate for guidance.

By applying Kate’s training, whether you are short, ugly, or unemployed, you can seduce any woman. Over the years, Kate Spring has supported many men. And then successfully turned them into alpha males extremely attractive to women.

So, if you’re having a hard time in your relationship, try reaching out to her once. I am sure you will never regret spending money on this program. Because the obsession method is worth buying.

The Obsession Method Review

What’s in the obsession method?

The obsession method tend to be positive because Kate Spring has researched and tested it thoroughly. So the product is for all men. You can learn many interesting ways to impress a woman and make her fall in love with you.

In the obsession method, there are 9 parts as follows:

Precision tactics

Precision tactics in dating
Precision tactics in dating

A correct strategy will guide you on the right path to the easiest success. Tactics will teach you how to capture the best moment. In this section, you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • When should you move closer to your opponent?
  • When is it possible to start the first kiss in a two-person relationship?
  • When should I ask her out?

Yes, the problem here is time. You may feel that this is not an important aspect of conquering a girl.

But can you point out when the best time is? Because women’s psychology is very sensitive and elusive. If you do it at the wrong time, it will be easy to make her uncomfortable.

According to the obsession method, you will have information about the most appropriate events and times. Now you can take the next steps without fearing her rejection. And of course, she will appreciate what you do.

Body messages

No woman likes a man who is slow and has boring gestures. If you’re like that, we’re sure you’ve lost points in her eyes.

Obsession method Kate Spring will teach some unique body language. And of course, they all have the effect of attracting the woman you choose.

Unlike men, women understand body language very well. And they react to these messages faster than any of your words or actions.

Because for them, the body massage is the subtlety that a man needs to have. So if you know and do it, it will initially successfully attract her.

Story mode

Story mode
Story mode

Girls are not easy to talk to, especially some women who don’t speak to strange men. Unless she thinks you and her have some sort of relationship.

In front of such girls, a lot of men give up halfway. But this time of giving up may make you regret for the rest of your life losing your daughter.

Coming to the obsession method, Kate will teach you some unique talking techniques. You can use this method to start a conversation with any girl.

Of course, it’s easy to get the favorable results you want with Kate’s technique. I’m sure she will yearn and have a deep desire for your love.

Unstoppable pickup

Unstoppable Pickup is one of the techniques Kate teaches in the obsession method course. This way helps you attract girls even if you appear with old pickup trucks. Apply it, and I’m sure you will never fail.

A guy who says nonsense at the first meeting is not going to make a difference. And she may never want to talk to you again. But if you use Kate’s Unstoppable Pickup technique, any girl will like to learn more about you.

Desire protocol

In fact, some women only date for gain, even ‘seduce‘ him to “take advantage“. This is the main reason why men fail in relationships with them and feel more distant.

But what if you can conquer and make her fall in love with you? Do you think this only happens in movies?

Not so, with Kate’s Desire Protocol method, you’ll be surprised at the results. Following the Desire Protocol, you can make a woman yearn for love like never before.

Marriage man

Marriage man style
Marriage man style

In the eyes of women, material things always have an important meaning. Because material things in marriage are always a necessary factor to ensure a longer-lasting relationship.

In case you show off the weird style, you can lose her. But using the Mariage Man method, you will understand what your woman wants. From there, you can become the man she just wants to marry.

Turn her on

Many men don’t know how to seduce a woman to fall in love with you completely. No need to worry anymore, the obsession method Kate Spring will teach you to ‘seduce‘ a woman to fall in love with you.

This technique will change everything as it will stimulate her to take the initiative in this relationship.

Text seduction

In today’s social time, chatting and flirting sentences are no longer strange. But how does texting get that girl interested?

Some men have bad texting errors and are very bland. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to write a message, or they’re lazy.

Whatever the reason, women don’t like that type of man. So, in the obsession method, Kate will share three unique messages. Based on this, you can apply when texting and make an instant impression on the girl.


Subliminal 3’s technique includes 3 methods. The effect of this technique is to help you make the woman crazy about you.

She will ‘love’ you from your looks to everything related to you. Even the obsession method technique can make her want to sleep with you right away.

Who can use the obsession method?

As long as you want to conquer your woman, you can use the obsession method. It doesn’t matter if you are a thin or fat man, white or black.

The method works even if the girl has not seen you before, or she is not interested or is out of your reach.

This is a strength of the obsessive method. The program is suitable for every man globally, no matter what he does or where he is. As long as you love and desire the other person, you can completely apply the method to make her want you.

Is this method safe?

Science has proven that this method works very well and works in all cases. The obsession method has been tested on real issues before selling to the market. So you can completely trust the effectiveness and safety of the technique.

The program will teach you what you never knew about women. That helps you understand and learn about their needs.

In school, the booking and the education system only teach you slight gender differences. No one tells you how a girl’s mentality is and how to meet a woman’s heart.

We can vouch for the safety of the method. Trust it because thousands of men have applied and succeeded.

Moreover, the language in the book is very easy to understand. So you can easily deploy exactly what’s inside.

Benefits of using the method

Here are the benefits of the obsession method:

  • Win the heart of any woman you like
  • Make the woman you want to desire and desire you
  • Make her more active in the relationship and want to sleep with you right away.
  • Make her sincere in love with you
  • Help you become the ideal man
  • Make her miss you anytime

The Obsession Method Review: Pros and Cons

To wrap up the obsession method review, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of the method. To help you have a better overview of the technique.


  • The outstanding advantage of the method is its ability to make a woman want to fall in love with a man. With the techniques learned from the obsession method, you can easily meet a woman’s heart. It will help you to conquer the girl you never dreamed of before.
  • In addition, everything in the program uses smart digital. So you can use electronic devices to store information easily.

And you won’t have to worry about forgetting the techniques at the crucial moment. At the same time, thanks to that, you can learn and enrich your knowledge anytime and anywhere.

  • Besides, the obsession method guarantees a 60-day money-back guarantee if you fail to apply. This is like a mortgage that ensures you won’t fail. If you are interested in this course, buy it here to get the best deals.


  • Honestly, we didn’t find any downsides to the method. But for a man like me, I’m too lazy to read or watch anything. Therefore, I would like the program to be produced in audio file format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost to own the obsession method is $69.65. This is not a very large number. For just $69.95, you will make yourself more attractive to the woman you desire.

For $39.95, the desk also includes a video course that will change your life forever. Not only that, but the system also offers free e-books.

In which, there are 3 titles, including “How to Make Her Approach you,” “sex texts,” and “Sexual Wordsmith.” All of these books are products that go with the course.

The Obsession Method Review: Is this a scam?

We confirm this is not a scam. As mentioned, the method has been tested in real cases and has been successful. So if you are a man who is having trouble finding a relationship, you should buy this product.

Conclusion on The Obsession Method review article

Above is the obsession method review that we want to share with you. Indeed the obsession method is a comprehensive guide on how to text and how to express yourself through body language. The program offers solutions to help you conquer the woman you love.

In short, with the obsession method, you almost don’t have to try too hard and still make an impression in her eyes. Because basically, this method is to help her love you more. So use it and experience big changes in men’s lives.

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