The Infatuation Scripts Review – Infatuation Instinct in a MAN

Have you been in a frustrating situation when the man you love holds no affection towards you? And what’s worse, you have no idea how to flirt or drop hints.

Actually, I had the same trouble long ago. I had a crush on a colleague but did not know what to do to draw his attention. It was a dead-end relationship.

Fortunately, I found out a way to develop my flirting skills and since then, I have not let a single chance slip off my hand.

Want to know my secret? It is the Clay Max’s Infatuation Scripts – Infatuation instinct in a Man.

Here, check out the Infatuation Scripts review to better understand what this program has to offer.

What Is Infatuation Scripts?

infatuation scripts review

Infatuation Scripts is an eBook written to help women succeed in stealing the heart of the men they love. It includes a lot of practical dating tips and techniques suggested by Clay Max – a young man who was once scared of commitment and never thought of marriage.

However, a beautiful woman had him fall head over heels in love, and he decided to go on his knee and propose marriage.

Clay Max will reveal his wife’s secrets along with explanations in a comprehensive manner in Infatuation Scripts. Let’s roll down to discover more!

Infatuation Scripts is a much needed book for couples.

Infatuation Scripts Reviews: What The Book Covers?

As its name might suggest, this eBook is all about infatuation scripts that women can apply to appear more attractive in men’s eyes. And it does not stop there! You can even get your ex back or conquer the heart of your crush if you properly use the tips and techniques shown in the book.

Take a glance at these scripts and assess their probability. Do you think they will work for you?

Investment Script

Make your affection a thing that a man wants to invest time and effort to have. In other words, let’s play hard to get, even if you really like him. Take your time and see if he really likes you and wants to get your attention or just playing around.

Curiosity Script

A key thing when you want to play hard to get is to make yourself mysterious. Don’t expose every aspect of yours so soon; instead, act like you are always having a secret to keep and there are thousands of things he does not know about you. That way, he will find you interesting and spend time on getting to know you more. More dates, more fun!

Uncertainty Script

This script is a little similar to the curiosity script. It means you keep him feeling uncertain about your feelings. Don’t show that you are totally committed to this relationship. Make him guess, and he will think about you all day long.

Urgency Script

There must be a twist to take your relationship to the next level. for example, from attraction to commitment. Otherwise, he will gradually get bored with you. And this is when urgency script comes in handy. It means you make him think that he will lose you soon if he does not act in time. Then, all you have to do is to wait for your partner to take the next step.

Temptation Script

Love and sexual desires coexist in a romantic relationship; they are complementary and the same important. That is why we have the temptation script. Here you will learn how to evoke sexual desires in a man using certain words and actions.

Uninterested Script

In this technique, you will send signals that he is missing something to get your interest. He will try harder or give up the game depending on his affection towards you.

Shaping Script

Apply this technique when you sense that his love for you is growing stronger. ‘Shaping’ means you make him addicted to your real self, or who you truly are without trying. He will be better prepared for the next stage of an official relationship.

Barrier Script

As its name suggests, you will set up a barrier in your relationship. It does not need to be formidable, however. Just draw a thin line and show that he does not have full control over you.

Curveball Script

Curveball is a specific term in baseball, which refers to a ball that goes in different direction when it gets close to the batter. In your case, it means you should keep something to yourself. So when one thinks he knows everything about you, he is seriously wrong.

Intrigue Script

The Intrigue script teaches you how to draw his attention. He will start to approach you, and texts and calls will come more often. At that time, play hard to get using above techniques and you will be a step closer to success.

Cliffhanger Script

Make the man think it is never enough no matter how long he stays with you. He will find the way to spend more time with you every day.

Independence Script

Men do not want to control rather than be controlled. Even if you two are in a passionate relationship, you still need to leave him time and space to deal with personal affairs. Stay independent and refrain yourself from buzzing around him all the time; otherwise, he would quickly get bored of your presence.

best dating book for women
Infatuation Scripts is a much needed book for couples

The Infatuation Scripts Review: Pros & Cons

As I have bought the book and tried out the tips and tricks on my own, I found out some pros and cons of Infatuation Scripts. Take a look to decide whether you should purchase it or not.


Practical knowledge
Clay Max uses practical knowledge and examples to prove his points, so you know that you can always these tips into real life. Plus, the book is written in a comprehensive manner, making it easy to follow and practice.
Affordable price
The Infatuation Scripts costs only a few bucks, but the results it offers are incredible. Even if you do not succeed right away in your relationship, you are still able to learn precious skills in life.
Bonus material
When you buy the eBook, you will get audio files in which the author talks about relationships.
Fit for everyone
The book is written for every woman out there whether you have previous experience in that field or not.
Money back guarantee
Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Digital only
Being an eBook has its pros, including ease of access and convenience. However, it does bring about some disadvantages as you need a digital device to access the eBook.
It takes time and effort
You need to read the eBook carefully before adapting the theories into real life. And of course, even though Infatuation Scripts is the best dating book for women, it does not guarantee overnight success. Your chance depends on many factors.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

All things being considered, I think this book deserves a 4.5-star rating.

Final Verdict on Infatuation Scripts

This Infatuation Scripts provides comprehensive and useful techniques that every woman should know if they want their relationships to work. Every piece of knowledge in the book is worthy of contemplating and following, and as long as you apply it in the right way, you can totally change your life for the better. Trust me, give Infatuation Scripts a try now!

This is the end of my the Infatuation Scripts review. Thanks for reading!

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