The Ex Factor Guide Reviews: I’ve Tried and Here’s My Experience!

Truth be told, it is hard to get advice from your buddies about how to get your ex back because they often tell you to kick your ex out of your mind rather than help. So, if you are thinking of mending the broken bond, you would be happy to know about The Ex Factor – an online program for broken relationships and for you.

Believe me, I have read the book, and yes, some advice is helpful, and I did get my ex back. And some are not. Anyway, I will tell you my real experience in this The Ex Factor Guide reviews.

The Ex Factor Guide Reviews: About program

the ex factor guide review

  • The Ex Factor is a PDF e-book consisting of a dozen chapters for one only purpose: How to win back an ex and get your ex to be more interested in you.
  • Accordingly, Brad Browning – the author, will tell you about the possible attractive and unattractive characteristics of yourself. Then, he deeply discusses panic and acceptance of a broken relationship before sharing with you some techniques to get your ex back.
  • Honestly, beyond being a relationship book, The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning will help you improve yourself and control your emotion – not for your ex, but YOUR SAKES.
  • But that is nowhere near the end yet, the written version aside, you can also get access to a video series and even the audio version – indeed, many things. All are available online under your purchase.


Do You Know About Brad Browning?

Brad Browning - the ex factor guide reviews

Pretty sure that many of you are wondering who Brad Browning is and whether his advice truly works.

Then, Brad describes himself as a breakup and divorce coach, and he does live up to the title!

So far, he has written two best-selling novels named The Ex Factor and Mend The Marriage, based on his practical work with thousands of couples worldwide to help mend their broken relationship. Here we are discussing the first one: The Ex Factor.

Besides being a writer, he is also a positive contributor author of and and the owner of a Youtube channel of nearly 500N subscribers. You can even request 1-on-1 coaching with Brad if you want him to advise on your specific case. Just remember that he only serves a limited number of clients at a time.

The Ex Factor Guide Review: Table of content, Price & How to use?

by the ex factor guide

I am by far neither a book critic nor I intend to be so. Thus, I will share my practical experience with the book rather than focus on the writing style.

Ways to access the guide

  • You can either “read” or “listen to” your book. There is no telling if one is better than the other, your personal choice will decide. Just go to the website of Brad Browning, enter your email, and buy the Ex Factor Guide. Then, all sorts of programs, including the e-book, audio, and a ton of relationship-themed videos, will go straight to your mailbox.
  • Personally, I prefer reading to listening to the book. You know, many parts of this book are the same as my thoughts when my ex said that we were over. Then, reading pieces of words is like reading my true feelings out loud, and it is conducive.
  • However, if you want a calm and headed friend to talk to your ears and raise your mood, you can try the audio version. I like the thoughtful ways Brad describes his techniques with many examples.
  • Besides, in case you are still skeptical, you can find review videos of other couples who already mended their relationships thanks to The Ex Factor book. We bet that hearing about the book from different perspectives would be enough to persuade you that it is worth the money.

Content of the book

  • The Ex Factor Guide has more than 400 pages, divided into two parts: one for women and the other for men. You just need to read your part and later refer to the other so that you can, more or less, understand how your partner might feel about a broken relationship.
  • Now, let’s take one step deeper into the book, The Ex Factor has 13 chapters in total. The first one is an introduction to let you know what is included and how beneficial you can expect from the book.
  • Let’s move forward to the next two chapters: Attractive Characteristics and Unattractive Characteristics. Brad considers 23 attractive traits of women/men in a relationship and other “Six Deadly Sins” unattractive ones. For example, it is unbecoming to be too controlling over your partner and your relationship. This part is comprehensive, and I’m pretty sure that you will find some traits of yours.
  • In the next Panic and Acceptance chapter, Brad advises you not to pressure your partner and better accept that your relationship was broken, and you are now single. Only after you realize the problem can you plan to get your ex back.
  • The other chapters are action-orientated and filled with information to answer most of your questions about a relationship. And the most exciting part of The Ex Factor Guide to getting your ex back is various detailed and actionable strategies backed up by concrete facts and science. Say, “31 cooling-off days and the contact rule”, “make the ex feel jealous knowing you’re dating others,” “text your ex properly,” “seducing your ex all over again,” and even “things to do after sex,” etc.

All in all, every part is hooked to each other and easy to grasp. Even more, you can quickly scan the information that you need rather than reading the whole 200 pages.

Price of The Ex Factor guide

  • Good for you, Brad says that he does not want the cost to prevent you from buying this useful relationship book and losing the “window of opportunity” to get your ex back. Thus, he offers The Ex Factor at only $47 via a one-time Clickbank payment.
  • Even if you find the book is not helpful for yourself, you can take all your money back within two months. Otherwise, you might purchase the upgraded version with a video series for a relationship’s target elements if you desire more useful advice.
  • Guys, I do not think that the price is a problem though. It just costs one or two cups of alcohol (or ice cream) you have been dumping into your stomach hoping to forget about your ex, and it even takes things one step better by helping you win them back!


5 Things I Like about The Ex Factor

To summarize some positive points of The Ex Factor Guide, I would say 5 things as follows.

Separate versions for men and women

Rather than purchase two separate books, you get a 2-in-1.

Although the overall strategies might be somewhat in common, men and women have different ways of thinking about a relationship, knowing that “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!” Thus, it would be more useful to apply the advice according to your gender and age.

On the other hand, I also recommend you read your ex’s part to know how he might also act to get you back. And, if your ex does react as Brad says in his book, you have a higher chance of winning your ex.

Advice to act more healthily instead of doing the negative things

I like that Brad builds all the techniques based on his work with his clients worldwide. He even has specific letters of those in the book to show you the detailed breakup-related questions and his response in the very last pages.

Even more, the book is not only about how to get your ex back, but it also includes advice on self improvement and the maintenance of a healthy romantic relationship. That way, your love will become even stronger after healing.

Brad is frank, instructive, and enthusiastic

I like how Brad Browning shares his opinion about the relationship issues – very bluntly honest, I will confirm.

Throughout the book and even better, you will find him as your next-door friend who is supportive and personable via the audio version. He will encourage you to enhance your attractive traits while also warming you against negative ones that might kill your relationship. He is even frank about commandments of sexual attraction.

Above all, he will give a brief and straightforward answer to almost all your questions.

All materials go digital

Appreciate that The Ex Factor comes in an e-book and even audio. Then, you can easily access the relationship advice all online or listen to Brad on the go. Imagine that you are dating your ex, and you want to instantly seek some pieces of advice, just secretly open the book on your smartphone.

One more thing about the digital version is that you can keep your plan secretly for yourself rather than sitting out in your class, reading the “How to Get My Ex Back?” textbook (the class which your ex might attend, just so you know).

One-time payment and 60-day money back

Again, the cheap and convenient payment is worth praising when it comes to The Ex Factor Guide.

3 Things I Want Brad to Improve

Helpful as the book is, there is still something I do not very like about The Ex Factor:

  • Some parts of the book treat the broken relationship as the Endgame, and your ex is who to win over.
  • Some advice is questionable, say, creating a fake social account to tell your ex you have a guy interested in you.
  • Really an endless list of work to do to get your ex back – yeah, it is super long!

Final Thoughts

So, come to the end of The Ex Factor Guide reviews, I have to say that most of Brad’s advice is golden and worth following while some are not. Read throughout the book as much as possible. Pick up the right strategy for your ex and the relationship. Those who find the ex factor guide scam have a particular case, and you should contact Brad for 1-on-1 coaching.

HDP Dating hope that you will bring your love back in any time soon and have a long-lasting relationship!

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