The Devotion System Review: The Most Empowering Women Books For Young Ladies

The Devotion System might be a great choice if you are seeking for some help in your relationship. It is a dating book that is promoted to solve any women’s problem with love. But what is in this book that makes it a reliable ally to women around the world? 

You can look for an honest The Devotion System review, empowering women books in this article with HDP Dating.

The Devotion System review

The Devotion System Review: Highlight Of Book

  • The P.A.S.S System to move forward from the past
  • The S.P.A.R.K technique to develop your personality and character traits
  • A guide to fully understand men
  • Attraction, dating techniques
  • A complete how-to guideline for common situations in a relationship
  • Three bonus eBooks of Textual Chemistry, Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship, Finding Love Online

What We Like

Practical advice that you can apply in your everyday dating life
Unlike other dating books that you cannot implement in real situations, The Devotion System is a practical guideline with practical advice for everyday use.
Accessible and well-structured content
The book is readable and easy to understand without any academic knowledge. The well-structured content makes it accessible and sequential for reading and applying.
Also a self-improvement book with motivating talk about being happy and confident
Rather than just a dating book, The Devotion System also brings you a positive energy to motivate yourself. You will receive a spirit-buff after finishing each chapter of this book.
For women at any stage of their relationship
With a great deal of knowledge about this field, the author of The Devotion System includes advice for both women who are looking for the love of their life or in trouble with their partners.
60-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase
When purchasing this book, you are backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can be refunded within 60 days after buying without any questions asking.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some parts are common knowledge
  • Require a lot of patience
  • Only available as a digital product

About The Author


If you are looking for hand-on experience in dating men, Amy North can help you a lot. She is an expert in relationships and dating from Vancouver, Canada, with over five years of working with both local and international clients.

As an expert in dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce, Amy knows best about building a relationship. She will bring you no-nonsense but practical advice on developing a healthy relationship. 

Amy believes that love is a dynamic process that requires hard work, dedication, and commitment to survive. With an objective to help people around with their relationship, Amy gathers her experience in working and advising people in The Devotion System. She hopes that this e-book can help any woman in the world tackle their relationship.

The Devotion System Reviews: A Comprehensive Look

Here comes the main part of this writing, The Devotion System review. I will jot down all the experience and personal feelings about this book honestly. And I hope that it will bring you another perspective about this book.

Content Overview

First, we will take a look at the content of The Devotion System book. It is divided into three parts, Letting Go and Moving On, Men 101, and Stages of Love. Each part will cover different roles that we will see in detail right now.

Part 1: Letting Go and Moving On 

This very first part of The Devotion System will help you finish missing and regretting those bad guys who have entered and left your life. Amy has a unique thought that the solution for many problems lies within yourself. 

In this chapter, she emphasizes self-improvement. She introduces the P.A.S.S system to forget about the past. Also, she advises women to focus on developing their personalities along with their looks.


The most lovely thing about this chapter is the simplicity and practicality. When reading this chapter, you might find simple methods that people talk to you every day about self-improvement. But Amy is the professional coach who will help you bring those theories into real-life implementation.

Part 2: Men 101 – All you need to know about men

As its name suggests, this part is all about men and how to understand the other half of the world. Amy will address the common misunderstandings between the two genders. And you will find it extremely helpful to know what your man is thinking of.


However, this book is not a major about male psychology. It offers just enough knowledge about what to expect from your man. If you want to have further explanations, you need another book that digs deep into this topic. 

The most interesting section of this part is how to communicate with your partners. I think communicating problems are the cause of conflicts in a relationship, including breakups and divorces. So, learning about communicating with men might help you solve your problems.

Part 3: Stages of Love

The last part of The Devotion System is a complete guide on a relationship. You will find sixteen sections that will focus on different aspects of love. For me, it is not appealing to read through this part as it is adequately long and rich in theories. 

Those topics might be a little helpless because each man has their different ideal types and their reaction toward the same technique will be unique. Even Amy cannot guarantee that these techniques will bring you the desired outcomes. 

Personally, I think this final part is the worst of all. It might be because I am not really into dating and self-help books. But if you are looking for something to enjoy in your free time, you should finish this final section of The Devotion System.

Price and Bonuses

When purchasing The Devotion System, you will also get three bonus books of Textual Chemistry, Cheat-Proofing, and Finding Love Online. They will cover different parts of attracting men. And I love that she makes it closer to the modern day where people often find their love online by texting.


These bonus books are also available online without any physical version. You can download and fetch them to your kindle or mobile phone to read them on the way. However, I still prefer the physical version for better storing and looking back at any time.

In terms of price, The Devotion System offers you a sweet deal of only $48.25 for the main e-book, a 13-part video series, quizzes and three bonus books. I find it relatively affordable for a set of multiple things to help you with your relationship.

Bottom Line

If you are here, you might probably want to hear some unbiased The Devotion System review, empowering women books. I want to warn you that the above content is personally written. And books are something that cannot fit with all types of people with different perspectives. 

My reviews are unbiased and honest. But they are from my point of view, which might be different from yours. So it’s better to experience this book yourself.

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