What Is The Best Way To Tell A Guy You Like Him? Some Tips For You

We’re usually afraid of showing our affections toward someone as we aren’t sure how to do it right. Particularly, with a friendship on the line, it’s not an easy matter.

But you can’t just sit there and pine over it forever. Girl, you need to give your relationship a chance to go further. It’s time you found a way to confess to him! So, What Is The Best Way To Tell A Guy You Like Him?.

Before expressing your feelings, you may want to know what a boy looks for in a girl and how to make a guy want you. Luckily, HDP Dating comes with wonderful tips that can help you appeal to his attention.

Now, here’s the best way to tell you like him!

3 Tips To Bear In Mind Before Confessing

Do you want a successful confession without any regret? Your shiny smile, bravery, and nice relationship etiquette are the key factors.

the best way to tell a guy you like him
How to be sincere in front of him?


A smiley girl is always magnetic to guys. If you can’t say a word in front of him, a smile is a simultaneous solution. Not only does it save you the embarrassment, but it also takes back your confidence.

Although you’re nervous, a smile can help you hide that feeling. You’ll appear more natural in front of him, and the confessing words come naturally.

Smiling is synonymous with happiness. It makes the one besides you feel comfortable. Let him know you’re happy around him, and you guys can strike a conversation so easily.

Be Brave

Girls often build up concerns in mind when thinking about a confession.
Girls often build up concerns in mind when thinking about a confession.

It’s pretty normal if you’re anxious. We all seem to act like a fool when bearing our heart to a man.

Should you guys be friends, things would be very awkward at first, including sex. In case he denies it, you might lose a precious friendship.

These concerns come in the way and stop you from being brave.

Actually, you don’t have to overly worry about what could go wrong. As long as you show it in the most sincere way and avoid dramas, you’ll date out or go on being friends, whatever happens.

Don’t Retract

A nice relationship etiquette is an important factor to keep your friendship.

When expressing your feelings, don’t forget to make it easy for him. It would be counterproductive if you make him feel like he has to respond immediately.

Although we all hope for success, there’s a possibility that he is not into you.

When he says no, something like ‘Just joking’ or ‘April fool’ is not a cool reaction. It makes the situation even worse.

No boy likes a girl that makes fun of him in that silly way. Unless you want him to see you as an impolite person, don’t say that.

Indeed, he isn’t in love with you doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. So you don’t need to run away if things don’t come as expected.

The Best Way To Tell A Guy You like Him

To express your heart without overwhelming him, you need some workable strategies. Below are tips to tell you like him yet make him feel comfortable:

  • Flirting
  • Teasing
  • Sharing the same interests as him
  • Adding a personal touch to your conversations
  • Using body language

Flirt With Him

There are some types of flirting lines suiting different objects.
There are some types of flirting lines suiting different objects.

Flirting is a super clear sign of affection. How to flirt with your crush? You can start from a casual talk, then go on and on with the conversation.

For instance, you may ask him if his company is hiring a financial manager. Once he answers, continue the convo. You’ve already grabbed his attention, so why not ‘incidentally’ get closer to him? The more you talk, the more you can learn about his personality and show off yours as well.

Another type of flirty line is direct approaches, which are most effective when it comes to how to flirt with a stranger

If you see a guy and, all of a sudden, fall in love with him at first sight, you may say, ‘You’re hot! Is the seat beside you available?’ This way, you’ll know if he is still a bachelor.

How to flirt with a guy at school? You can say some cheesy lines, like ‘If I could change the alphabet, I would put U and I together.’ Or you may ask some open-ended questions, such as ‘I forgot to note down Chemistry homework. Can you help me?

How to flirt with a guy friend? As discussed, being a winsome coquette to your close friend is not easy. However, if you’re head over heels in love with him, then you can drop some hints, like ‘What if our friendship turns into a romantic relationship?’ or ‘Bromance is not all I want for this relationship.

Be Playful

A playful girl somehow appears really fascinating to boys.
A playful girl somehow appears really fascinating to boys.

Sometimes, what makes girl attractive is not a corny flirt. You can get his attention by teasing him friskily. 

How to playfully tease a guy? Some sultry contacts, like gently touching his shoulder, arm or holding his fingers, surprisingly work. You just do whatever is playful to make him laugh and see your funny aspect.

Teasing is an effective way to say, ‘I want to get close to you.’ You should try to make it light and don’t make it too much; tease him a little yet keep it fun. It sounds complicated, right?

You can read the post ‘his secret obsession review’ to figure out what’s inside a boy’s mind. It’ll be much easier for you when approaching him.

Show Your Interest In The Things He Loves

Doing your fav things together makes the time together more fun.
Doing your fav things together makes the time together more fun.

Another strategy to let him know your affection is to love what he loves. You can find the interests you two share in common instead of forcing yourself to like the things that are unfamiliar to you.

Once you figure it out, do everything together. Whether it’s climbing or playing cards, take the chance to do the activities with him.

Showing your interest in the things he loves is also a way of how to get a guy to approach you. He’ll find you very compatible with him and close to his world.

Add Private Things To Your Conversations

How to get a guy hard without touching him? A brilliant tip is to add private things to your conversations.

You can refer to some personal topics while talking about general stuff. Say you may ask him why he’s interested in going out with you or there is something about you related to his ideal girlfriend.

Those directly amicable questions will make his heart flutter if he also gets a crush on you. Show your interest in the things he loves is also a wise way of how to take care of a man.

Use Body Language

Body language is a beautiful language that covers tons of meaningful sentences. It’s a perfect way of how to show a guy you like him without telling him.

Sometimes non-verbal signs are way sexier and sweeter than flirts. When sitting together, you may lean toward him a little, laugh at his jokes, make eye contact, and, most importantly, care about him. It appears that action speaks louder than words, doesn’t it?

You should also learn how to read body language to make sure you can capture his feelings for you through his gestures.

The Takeaway

It’s high time you exercise your boldness. We know it’s not easy, particularly because men are blind to women’s affection while we’re good at hiding our true feelings.

You can take our advice on the best way to tell a guy you like him and use your understanding of his personality to confess with him wisely.

We wish you a happy ending!

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