Text Chemistry Review: A Magical Way To Boost Your Love Life?

Is it easy to find a Mr. Right? Well, the answer depends on each individual’s luck and effort. We all want our partner to focus all his energy, desire, love, and devotion on us only. 

With a goal to help everyone turn this dream reality, Amy North – a professional dating coach – develops her insightful Text Chemistry course to help women achieve it. Specifically, it sounds a bit unbelievable, but your man can become head over heels in love with you just via texts and messages

We agree that texting is an ideal way to boost emotion and intimacy in a relationship. With Amy North’s instructions, you can know how to approach your man skillfully and make him crave for you only – just with texts!

Is it really fantastic like it sounds? Check out this Text Chemistry review article to take a deeper look into this magical program.

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry review
Text Chemistry
  • Text Chemistry is a relationship program that has taught thousands of women the perfect way to develop relationships with their dreamed men via texts. As Amy North has been widely renowned for her expertise and knowledge in the dating and relationship industry, you can count on her tips and tactics to win over a man’s heart.
  • Specifically, you can know how to capture your soon-to-be lover’s attention, develop the “chemistry” with him through emotional and powerful words, and make him obsessed and passionate about you. Overall, this course’s objective is to help you add spice in your love life and get that romance scale to go up more than just a notch!
  • So, why is the program in the form of texting rather than other formats (like audio or video)? Well, we are living in a digital era where text messaging platforms prevail over traditional calling. Also, not all couples can spend time every day meeting each other, so they need another form of “chemistry” to take their relationship from Blah to Whoa.
  • Text Chemistry has been receiving a load of attention and also plenty of positive reviews from female audiences. The program is based on male psychology, so it perfectly triggers most (if not all) of your beloved boy’s emotions and attention.
  • The complete course includes a main 50,000 word eBook about utilizing texts and messages to attract men. On top of that, you will receive 13 instruction videos and three extra eBooks: The Phone Game, Why Men Leave, and Tinder Success Secrets.

Amy North’s Text Chemistry Reviews

Amy North
Amy North

How Does Text Chemistry Work?

Text Chemistry comes up with every knowledge and tip for women to capture their dreamed men’s attention, based on Amy North’s early research on couples’ texting characteristics during her college life.

The program claims that some text’s types can psychologically trigger men and lead them to develop feelings for their partners.

Who Is Text Chemistry For?

This program sounds fantastic. Yet, keep in mind that it is not applicable to all individuals. Let’s see which types of users will benefit the most from it:

  • Those who want to make a move on their potential partners through dating apps.
  • Those who find attracting their partners through text conversations difficult.
  • Those who want to keep their partner interested in them.
  • Those who find their man become more distant than before.
  • Those who want to spice up their fading love.

Also, Text Chemistry does not work its fullest for:

  • Men audience. All the written methods and tactics only focus on guiding how women can capture men’s attention.
  • Those who are already in a committed relationship. Yet, you can still use some tips in the book to heat up your relationship.
  • Flirty and experienced people who are already good at texting.
  • Those who are unwilling to take the initiatives themselves. You need to make a move on your dreamed man first, and then he will show you his enthusiasm soon.

A Closer Look Into Text Chemistry Program

The author does not just write universal tips. She categorizes all common questions, dilemmas, and real-life situations into different modules to help the audience understand easily.

She also provides detailed instructions covering what texts and emojis to use as an attention hook, even guideline when, and how to send them will be included. 

She will also mention some not-so-happy sides of this common attention grabbing tactic.

Thus, you can get to know other sad-but-true sides of texting in dating, such as getting left on a read receipt, no reply, slow response, and so on.

More interestingly, Amy teaches women how to decode men’s deep thoughts when sending women confusing texts, thanks to her unique cheat sheet.

Text Chemistry’s table of content includes:

Part 1: The Rules of Texting
  • The Perfect Text Recipes: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
  • How Long Should You Wait Before Texting Him
  • Emojis: Yay or Nay?
Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over
  • The Early Days: “Ready for Takeoff” Texts
  • The Dating Days: Shooting for the Stars Text
  • The Long Run: Keeping the Chemistry Ablaze Texts
Part 3: What to Text Him When….

Each section is a gem on its own, and when combined, they are going to bring you an ultimate gift called attract and win that will change you and your lovely forever.

One of the most valuable sections that we highly rate in this dating program is Amy North’s R.U.L.E.S theory in texting, which is straightforward and applicable in real-life situations.

Before sending anything, practice yourself to get acquainted with this rule of texting. Just like the “Think before you speak” quote, it helps you be clearer on what to type without appearing indifferent or expressing overloaded excitement, which are some of the most serious texting mistakes a girl can possibly make when trying to win over a man’s heart.   

R - Re-read your message:
Check the tone, clarity, and spelling, and on top of that never act like you have a secret obsession with him.
U - Use visual language:
Let him feel the depth of your messages with descriptive and visual words, this can lead to him paying more attention to you.
L - Leave him wanting more:
Don’t overdo in sending messages to him. Only send thought-out texts to make him look forward to speaking to you.
E - Excite him (avoid boring messages):
Don’t send anything melodramatically cliche if you don’t want him to lose interest in you. Only send him exciting and captivating messages and you will be able to tie him to you for the rest of your life (clearer details in the complete ebook).
S - Stay positive:
Avoid sending him negative thoughts even if you are having a bad day, which happens to be the common texting mistake every lady makes at least once. Try to keep your conversation as pleasant as possible, or else he may feel heavy-hearted to chat with you. Remember that sending text is never the suitable way to express the feelings from the bottom of your heart.

Text Chemistry Review About: Pros and Cons

  • Effective techniques

The author – Amy North – is an expert relationship coach with a degree in Social Psychology and has had over five years of experience in helping lovers develop their own healthy relationship.

Hence, Text Chemistry reflects an insightful approach to men’s psychology in texting, which makes it stand out among most dating programs.

  • Easy to practice

The Text Chemistry’s main ebook is well-written by Amy North with over 50,000 words explaining specific examples and situations carefully.

Moreover, the suggested types of texts included are easy to understand and can be put into practice with ease. You will not need to spend hours figuring out what to text your crush to grab that man’s attention anymore.

  • Gain more confidence

Obviously, before developing a “chemistry” with the man of your dream, you will need to have the guts to text him.

Yet, not all girls and women are confident with their texting skills, fearing that whatever they send will end up predictable and boring.

That’s why Text Chemistry comes in handy as a comprehensive guide to help them gain their men’s attention, and then their heart.

  • Guarantee

The program offers a money-back guarantee within 60 days. If the advice and tips from Text Chemistry do not work for you, you can ask for a refund by sending an email to the address shown on the contact page. 


  • Manipulative techniques

The given tactics in Text Chemistry are somewhat calculated and manipulative. Some male readers even think that these tips are like toying with their emotions, not just a mere attention hook for ladies. 

Besides, not all readers will follow the tips and rules of texting properly; they may utilize it in an unhealthy way, which is opposite to the program’s good intentions.

Always remember that these tips simply mean to offer a step forward in your relationship’s stages. If you decide to buy this dating guide to make your love life long-lasting; being honest, open, and trustworthy should be the priority.

  • Only available in the online format

Text Chemistry by Amy North is currently available in the online format with only ebooks and videos. This may be a small downside to potential buyers who prefer the hardcover format.

On top of that, it takes time and patience to watch and then remember the guiding video series consisting of 13 episodes without interaction between the author and the audiences. 

FAQs About Text Chemistry:

Question 1: Is Text Chemistry A Scam?

No. Text Chemistry has really helped thousands of women around the world with their relationship. In case you still have doubt in its quality, remember that it has a money-back guarantee within two months of use. 

Moreover, your order is protected by ClickBank – the world’s most trusted retailer for the online marketplace. In case Amy North is not able to process your refund, you can still receive the money from ClickBank.   

Question 2: How Do I Buy Text Chemistry?

For the best security and customer experience, should you decide to buy Text Chemistry program, you should do that via its official website: https://www.textchemistry.com/

The payment can be made through PayPal, American Express, Visa cards, Mastercards, Discover card. Then you will immediately get access to the whole program once you finish the payment step and thus, being able to explore the incredible texting chemistry.     

Question 3: How Much Is Text Chemistry?

The total pack of Text Chemistry by Amy North is $49.95, in which you will receive a main 50,000 words ebook, four extra ebooks, and a series of 13 videos. Besides, you can choose to add the audio edition in your order at $9.95. No tax, no extra or hidden charges. 

Bottom Line

Dating and flirting is an art; the more you grasp the core techniques as well as the attention hook, the closer you can come to your dreamed relationship. With Amy North’s comprehensive Text Chemistry program, you know that you have found the right place to rely on.   

Text Chemistry is one of the best dating guide programs that we have come across so far. Whether you want to start a relationship or already have one, Text Chemistry provides all you need to win your man’s heart. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask for a full refund within two months. So, what else to be afraid of to give it a try?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Text Chemistry Review. May the God of love be with you and bless your relationship no matter what.

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