15 Signs He is Pursuing You And How To Make The Best Love

Does he smile at you when he meets you or compliments you much more often than previously? If you notice some differences in his behaviors, these may be signs he is pursuing you.

When you fall in love with someone, you tend to give away your feelings and show what you desire without awareness. 

Do you wonder if he is solely flirting with you or he is pursuing you? Is it a joke, or does he want to go further with you? If you want to know what signs that a man is pursuing you, you are in the right place.

Keep reading the article by HDP Dating and hope that you can find your other half.

15 Signs He Is Pursuing You And Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

Each person will have unique characteristics and habits, so that there are hundreds of ways to indicate whether a man is pursuing you or not.

So how to tell if a guy is trying to get your attention? In this article, we will discuss the 15 most popular signs.

1. He is ‘accidentally’ touching you more often 

signs he is pursuing you
He touches you more

One of the signs a man wants to be with you is that he likes to be close to you. You can see that he grazes your knees or brushes his arms against yours ‘accidentally’ when the two of you are together. 

It may be subconscious actions. He may love to touch you now and then. However, once a man has a deep affection for you, his body language begins showing the language of attachment. 

2. His postures are open when you are with him  

Not just touching, he can also show open postures to talk with you. This behavior proves that he would take your presence rather seriously. 

While talking to you, he does not uncross his arms. He also leaves his feet wide apart. All of these signs show that he is available to you. With the open behavior, he is demonstrating comfort as well as revealing his strong feelings to you. 

3. He smiles more brightly when you are smiling 

He will smile a lot when you are smiling.
He will smile a lot when you are smiling.

The reason is that he loves to see you smile. He does not mimic you for politeness but smiles since your happy expressions can engage him. When he is smitten with you, he likes your smiles and then smiles to encourage you more.

You see him smiling a lot and want to go further. Let’s read this post to make him yours.

4. He is looking into your eyes 

When a man looks into your eyes, it is a sexy way of showing that he wants you. When he keeps looking at you in a deep and passionate manner, he is truly connecting with you through his eyes. 

Giving a charming look is one matter but sincerely communicating with a person’s eyes is another. One of the hints that he is pursuing you is whether that man expresses his seriousness through deep eyes.  

5. He carefully sets up many plans 

He carefully sets up many plans for dating.
He carefully sets up many plans for dating.

Men who desire to take things further are likely to hold everything into their own hands. They will not do something like waiting around for chances and circumstances to do some tricks! They are simply making their own. 

If he often sets up plans to elaborate dates and offers recommendations for things to hang out with, he purely craves to meet you and make everything further.

With fun days being together, you have romantic memories and miss him. So how to make him miss you and commit? Read on to have effective tips.

6. He listens to you 

Hw will listen to every word you say. Even though you are talking about a trip you traveled with your close friends, he listens to your fun experiences but also cares about what those experiences say about you. 

Everyone often listens in a scrutinizing way when they are interested in someone and desire to know more about them. 

You can try telling more stories so that you can notice how intently he craves to know most of the things about yourself. He does not do it for politeness but hopes to conclude more of your interest from the conversation. 

7. He tries to hold your hands tightly 

He will hold your hand tightly.
He will hold your hand tightly.

There is a small difference between when a man holds a woman’s hand lightly and holds it more emotionally.

When he holds your hand lightly, it will arise out of joy, good impressions, and purely experiencing a good time. 

But once he is clutching your hands more passionately, that man tends to tell you that you are an important part of his life. It may even be one of the signs he is getting ready to ask you out

Then you may accept his strong feelings for you, and the two of you are in a relationship. But how to improve your relationship with your boyfriend? You will have some solutions after reading this post.

8. He is calling you an endearing name 

Normal encounters will not call you a lovey-dovey nickname. A ‘babe’ word is acceptable, but it will regularly end there. 

One of the signs he is pursuing you is if he has been using a cute nickname to call you. He just shows that he is considering you are close enough to him. 

You like his voice so much. You like the way he calls you with an endearing name. But you want to get rid of it to think more carefully. Read how to get over an infatuation.

9. He gives you more invitations

He tries to invite you over many times.
He tries to invite you over many times.

An invitation after dinner does not seem too serious and possibly just a polite request. But if he invites you over more often to have dinner with you or just to watch a popular film, he may lean toward other things more.

A man only shares the contentment of his home with someone he wants to share it with. He likes to see you in his space since he is happier with you in it. 

10. He tries to take charge around you 

You can call it protectiveness or merely confidence. One common sign that he is pursuing you is when he loves taking charge and towering over you.

A man regularly feels the necessity to be the assertive boyfriend when he is around the lady he likes. 

You like the way he treats you, and you want to become her girlfriend. Look at how to be irresistible to a man to attract him more.

11. He often gives compliments 

When men compliment your appearances like a hairstyle or something very apparent, it may not mean that he will want more from you. It may be barely a remark or admiration.

Yet, if he gives a few compliments about your traits, strong points, and unique skills, it is obvious that he keeps looking at you and loves the way you are. This sign is one of the signs he wants you to notice him as he cannot stop thinking about you. 

12. No lull during conversations

You don’t have any lull in the conversation.
You don’t have any lull in the conversation.

When a man takes an interest in you, he will make sure that all the moments will not suddenly go downhill.

This man will deliberately put much effort into keeping conversations going and keeping you involved. He will show the deepness and gentleness in his voice to make the conversation more interesting. 

13. He shows a little nervousness around you 

It is right. Even nervousness is one of the signs he has feelings for me. You can see that he stutters, is forgetful, tells some weird jokes, or says other things out of place. 

14. He dresses politely 

It is one of the signs he wants to ask you out. If he deliberately makes sure that he will look prim and polite all the times he encounters you, he may try to pursue you.

Men who groom themselves and worry about how they look are people who want to create a lasting impression on you. 

15. Does he still keep in touch with his ex? 

Men who want to pursue will stop connecting with their ex-flames. He desires to proceed to the next step and escape from the past. Being a self-aware man, he will know what he desires and wants to pursue you. 


These things are just some of several signs he is pursuing you. If you are not confident enough, it is better to let everything go on and collect more proof.

Even if your crush does not show any sign that he is pursuing you, you can read how to get him to chase you to make him yours.

So, don’t hesitate or you will miss your other half. Good luck!

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