8 Common Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

When you like someone, you will always want to learn about him. Are you constantly wondering if he wants to go further with you? It is straightforward to find the answer because men always have clear signs to express their desires. 

If he wants to play with you, what are the signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you? Let’s analyze these signs together to see how many of these your man has.

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

No matter how hard you try to hide, the signs he doesn’t like you will still show up very clearly. You need to be observant, and you will immediately realize.

If the man you like has one of the following characteristics, you should be more cautious in the upcoming decisions.

You are always proactive

Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship With You
You are always proactive

Every day, you patiently wait for messages and calls from him, but there is still nothing at the end of the day. Every day, if you do not take the initiative to contact him first, it seems that this man does not care at all.

When you go out to eat or go on a date, you are always the one to suggest. You date him for this day, the day after that. Sometimes he agreed. Sometimes he said he was busy. But if you don’t ask, he will stay silent.

Or go to meet friends, relatives, you always have to ask to bring you along. In many other events, you have to find opportunities to go with him actively.

In this love, you always have to move forward because this guy has no betrayal when you are silent.

These expressions indicate that he doesn’t want a relationship. When you constantly have to repeat those actions, it’s time to think again seriously.

In a relationship, you are always the one who has to take the initiative. You move forward, and he responds. If you ignore him, he will also be silent. A man acting like that means he doesn’t want to go any further with you.

He doesn’t care about your feelings

He doesn't care about your feelings
He doesn’t care about your feelings

While you are looking for what makes a woman attractive to improve your relationship, this man is constantly hurting you. He gets angry easily and sometimes yells at you.

You always find out what he is sad about today, what is not going well to share with him. And he doesn’t care if you’re happy or sad. Or sometimes know you’re sad but don’t try to comfort or find ways to help you get back on track.

Because he doesn’t pay attention to your feelings, he will often make you sad, often leaving you in a lonely state.

More specifically, these guys don’t know that their behavior damages others’ spirits, so they keep repeating it unconsciously.

Only guys who don’t want to go any further with you are indifferent, not paying attention or respecting your feelings. When you fall into this state, it’s better to stop at the right time, so you don’t have to suffer more later. 

Because even though you already know how to be irresistible to men, he will gradually lose his attraction to you if you try alone.

He doesn’t make you feel safe

He doesn't make you feel safe
He doesn’t make you feel safe

A man’s gift is to protect the woman next to him. So, if he loves you, he will always do everything to bring the best so that you always feel secure when around him.

However, the current man does not give you that feeling. You feel insecure and anxious. Are you always restless and wondering what to do when he pulls away? These states make you tired and exhausted in the long run.

He is mysterious, has many secrets, and shares nothing with you. These things reinforce your insecurities even more.

Because he does not want to develop a relationship with you, he does not have enough love and sharing to give you a sense of security. At this point, you should look to HDP Dating to change or create a new path for two people. 

He doesn’t spend much time with you

He doesn't spend much time with you
He doesn’t spend much time with you

How to make him think about you all the time? The answer to this question will be meaningless if the man does not want to give you his free time.

To come to a closer relationship, the two of you need to understand each other. Therefore, he spends more time with you to understand your personality, interests, and desires. He even wants to know about the relationships around you.

However, these curiosities will not happen to guys who have not clearly defined their status and you. They may be more interested in another girl. Or maybe, he wants the two of you to stop here.

Staying busy or making excuses to avoid you is one of the signs a guy doesn’t like you. He doesn’t want to go any further, so your dating offers will be rejected because he doesn’t have time to spare.

He is not ready to receive love

He is not ready to receive love
He is not ready to receive love

You’ve seen what a guy wants in a girl, and you try to have those traits for yourself. Fortunately, it worked. You have met the guy you like.

The meeting was delightful. The two talk a lot. However, he doesn’t show any particular feelings towards you.

In other words, this man never crossed the line of a friend, did not show any hope. The topics of conversation between the two were very general. Apparently, this man did not share his personal stories, what happened every day with him.

So at the end of the meeting, you have a little fun, but his feelings are no different from other social meetings. Maybe it’s hard for you to make an appointment with him the next time, too.

These signs show that this guy has no particular feelings for you and intends to develop this relationship. So no matter how hard you try, he won’t come to you.

He refuses to do things with you

He refuses to do things with you
He refuses to do things with you

The best way to tell a guy you like him is always to let him appear in your life. A man wants a certain girl, and he will do the same.

He will willingly accompany her anywhere and first eat foods they don’t like. Simply because he wants to attend the girl they love every step of the way.

He actively offered to do everything with her or do everyday things for her. He thinks this will help him understand and empathize with his lover better.

The girl who sees these actions will also love him more. That way, the two of them will quickly go further.

However, a man would never do that to someone he doesn’t love. He won’t change whether you try to be proactive, constantly asking, or even a little bit of desire.

When those signs he likes you but doesn’t want a relationship are clear, accept that your relationship will not work out well.

The person who loves you will be willing to do anything for you. People who don’t care about you will be ready to refuse anything related to you.

So, unfortunately, you love someone who doesn’t love you, instead of crying, become more beautiful and talented to make him regret losing you.

He doesn’t discuss plans with you

He doesn't discuss plans with you
He doesn’t discuss plans with you

A guy wants to go into the future with a girl. He will constantly discuss with her to prove that she always has a specific place in his life.

He will create beautiful visions for her to be confident that he will be the one to bring her true happiness.

However, your current guy doesn’t do that. He’s always avoiding you when you’re thinking about the long term. Either he doesn’t seem to care much or says irresponsible words like “it’s up to you.

Guys don’t talk about a future with you because he doesn’t want to develop the relationship. When this is the case, you have two options. One is to end with him and find someone new. Second, change it, so he’s crazy about you.

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The relationship between the two of you quickly progressed significantly. You check out and make him worship you review to see how successful the girls have been. 

He often forgets your special days

He often forgets your special days
He often forgets your special days

Whether a man or a woman, unexpected gifts or secrets appear on special days that make them happy. So as someone who cares about you, he won’t be able to forget these days.

However, a busy life, sometimes forgetting, is still acceptable. But if you keep forgetting, you need to revisit it.

Maybe he’s just having fun with you, and he doesn’t take you seriously, or even he doesn’t care about your happiness. With such a lack of interest in a man, is he ready to grow further with you?

Usually, the answer will be no. He probably doesn’t have deep feelings for you yet. At this point, you need to learn how to make him chase you so that the manhood in him will arise. Difficult things and conquest will motivate boys more. At that time, it will be easier for the two of you to develop a relationship.

Although you love him very much, always be sober to see the problem. A person who forgets your special days, you probably don’t have a high position in his heart. Therefore, you must clearly define the situation to change the tactic to get him.


Signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you often manifests in a variety of ways. But in general, when you are with guys like that, you will always be the one who works harder, hurts more, and is more lonely. 

Hopefully, the article has provided you with helpful information.

Thank you for reading!

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