Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You: How To Know If She Has A Crush

Men may have a headache when it comes to understanding a woman’s behavior. Even if she’s in love, she shows her feelings well.

Even when she’s into you and angry whenever you meet up with another girl, she doesn’t show that she cares. How to know if she loves you or not? What are the signs a girl is jealous and likes you?

HDP Dating will reveal ten signs that your girl may have when she’s envious. Let’s read on to discover!

Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You:

Most women show their jealousy clearly. If you care enough, you may find it easy to figure out if she’s jealous and likes you or not. 

How to read people’s body language? Just focus on their behaviors, and things come clear.

1. Her mood changes when you mention another girl

How to tell if a girl is jealous of you talking to another girl? Just imagine that you and a lady are having a conversion. Everything goes smooth until you mention another woman. Immediately, her mood changes into a negative one. 

If you keep on mentioning that girl’s name several times, the lady may just reply shortly. She may change her voice tone as well. In this case, she is implying that she wants to end this topic. 

You can stop talking about that woman. On the other hand, you will be more certain about this sign by keeping the topic.

The more annoying she is, the more she’s jealous and likes you. 

signs a girl is jealous and likes you
Her mood changes when you talk with another girl

2. She comments negatively about other girls

A girl receives lots of hate if she’s perfect. Often, most hatred comes from other girls. 

How to tell if a girl is jealous? When a girl likes you, she becomes offensive to all the girls you talk about. She tends to make nasty comments about those girls.

If she wants you, there’s no doubt that she’s jealous. Talking bad about others makes her feel like she’s the best option for you.

If you notice a girl who often gives terrible comments about other girls in front of you, there’s a high chance that she feels insecure. The only explanation for this feeling is that she’s jealous. 

3. She tries to flirt with other guys in front of you

How to tell if she’s trying to make you jealous? Once she’s jealous, she wants to make you jealous too. She may start flirting with some men to see whether you mind or not. 

There are two cases you may see. First, she tends to mention the man’s name in front of you. This way looks like the one she gets jealous of when you talk about another woman. Second, you often come across her with that man. She’s trying to let you see that scene. 

She needs to observe your reaction to check how you feel when she’s with a guy, not you. If she doesn’t like you, what does she do it for?

She flirts with another guy in front of you
She flirts with another guy in front of you

4. She asks a lot of questions

Caring and eye contacts are signs of female arousal body language. She’s curious about everything you do. She may ask if you have eaten or not, what you plan to do this weekend, or what you like to wear.

She also tries to show that she has the same hobbies as you. Sharing something in common makes the gap between you two shorter.

Of course, her biggest concern is your relationship status and your ideal type. These questions may be weird. If a girl dares to ask you those, she must like you so much.

5. She tries to approach you

Wherever you are, you can easily find her there. She always stands next to you, laughs at your jokes, and invites you for lunch. 

Simply, when you love someone, you want to stay beside them. If there’s a girl who tries to approach you, she’s undoubtedly into love.

Standing beside you is also a sign of jealousy. She wants to detect every girl in your sight. Moreover, being with you all the time makes others think that you two are a pair.

She tries to be in your sight
She tries to be in your sight

6. She interacts with you on your Facebook

No matter what Facebook you use, she’s on your friend list. She is the first one to react and comment on your post. She shares exciting articles or memes on your wall. And, one sure thing she’ll do if she likes you: reply immediately to your message.

Following your status means she’s defending her insecure feeling. She wants to keep an eye on you to make sure there are no girls to approach you. 

7. She wants your attention

Do you two often end up going out alone? Perhaps she searches for any opportunity to start a conversation with you. Maybe she just wants to speak late at night. 

Once she has more interaction with you, you likely feel empty when she’s not around. It must be a sign she likes you.

Your attention on her may minimize your eyes on another girl. The more she’s jealous, the more she wants you to look only at her.

8. She tells lies

Girls are very good at disguising their feelings. Most males have no understanding of why they behave in the way they do. When a woman is envious, you’ll usually get surprising replies to simple questions.

How to tell if she is jealous? For example, she always says, “I’m fine,” when you notice her mood changing. She doesn’t want to talk about things that make her annoyed. Hence, she tells lies to avoid your attention.

9. She’s always busy

When girls are envious, they may pretend to be busy to avoid being forgotten.

When you’re out with your buddies, and you keep chatting to another female, there’s a chance she’ll pick up her phone. She acts like she’s focusing on her phone, scrolling through her social media profiles.

Being busy is another lie without having to speak. Women are scariest when they keep silent.

She pretends to look at the phone
She pretends to look at the phone

10. She waits for your excuse

It’s all your fault for making her angry. When a female is jealous of you, she won’t be able to stay silent for long. She’ll become concerned about your actions.

Is she sending you direct messages for almost every post you publish? Is she reacting and commenting to get your attention?

All of these are indicators that a girl is jealous yet likes you. She must miss you so bad. Making her wait for your apology is also a tip for how to make her miss you badly.

Ten signs above show that your girl is jealous and likes you. However, she may have some different indicators for her jealousy. How to know all of them? The answer is in the next section.

How To Read A Woman’s Mind?

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We have shared with you ten signs a girl is jealous and likes you. Although a woman will hide her feelings when she’s in love, she will do something to show her care for you. Jealousy is the most apparent indicator of love. 

If she’s jealous, she loves you for sure. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful on our website:

Thank you for reading!

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