8 Ultimate Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

You’ve been dating a girl for a while, and you want to move on to an exclusive relationship. However, you are not sure if she would like to go further with you.

You will need to know the signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you so that you can decide to continue or pull back. 

In this article, HDP Dating will help you figure out if she has no intention to be with you through some signs. 

Let’s explore together!

Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship 

Women’s emotions are rather complicated, and you may find it difficult to guess what they want. But if the girl you pursue has the following signs, probably she doesn’t want a committed relationship with you. 

she doesn't want a relationship
How to figure out if she has no intention to be with you?

#1. She has no specific plan for the future

If a girl wants to be in a relationship with you, she will think about the future. 

She may start with making a plan for a trip with you or pay more attention to your schedule. Then, she will want to know about your future family plans. 

If you don’t see her doing any of these things, she doesn’t want a relationship with you. 

#2. Your presence is not very important to her

If a girl desires you, she will get interested in what you say or what you do. She will ask you more about your life and want to help you if necessary. 

If she just talks about her issues in the conversation, she just considers you as a good listener.

#3. She suggests a friendship

When a girl suggests that you and she should be just friends, you shouldn’t expect a romantic relationship with her.

In this case, she doesn’t want a relationship but wants to be friends. She knows that you are a good man and want to maintain a relationship with you, but not an intimate one.

She just wants to be your friend.
She just wants to be your friend.

#4. She doesn’t find your jokes funny

A good sense of humor is what makes a guy attractive to women. So, if she keeps silent when you tell a funny story, she doesn’t find you attractive. If she likes you, she will laugh at your jokes, even when it’s not funny at all. 

#5. She always makes excuses to refuse when you ask her out

Almost every time you ask her for a date, she tells you that she is busy. This behavior indicates that she doesn’t want to be with you.

She can be really busy, or it’s only an excuse. But if she wants a relationship with you, she will make herself as available as possible.

#6. She says “It’s me, not you”

Women often avoid rejecting men directly. When she says “It’s me, not you“, it’s one of the signs she doesn’t like you anymore.

She wants to end the relationship with you to move on with another guy. Maybe you have made everything too easy for her, so she feels bored and desires a more challenged man.

#7. She mentions other guys when talking with you

Another sign she doesn’t want to be your partner is that she tells you about other guys. However, it’s not like she intentionally makes you jealous to see your reaction. 

She tells you about someone she likes without paying attention to your feelings. She may even ask your opinion about that guy. In this case, she just considers you as a friend to confide in and ask for advice. 

#8. She avoids physical intimacy

When you are together, she always keeps distant or avoids looking into your eye while talking.

Besides, she refuses all the intimate gestures like holding hands, hugging, or kissing. You may think that she is shy, but it’s not the real reason. She has no feelings for you. 

She avoids physical intimacy.
She avoids physical intimacy.

The Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

In the next part, we will learn about why she avoids a relationship with you. Below are some possible reasons for her distant behavior.

She is not ready enough

She has passed a hard time when breaking up with her previous boyfriend. Thus, she doesn’t want a relationship with anyone. This girl wants a break and needs some time to heal the soul wound before jumping into love again.

You are not attractive enough

You may be in the case that “she doesn’t want a relationship but wants to see me“. Because she doesn’t like you enough, she just wants to be friends with you. You will need to learn how to attract women before asking them for an exclusive relationship.

You are not her ideal partner

Girls often build themselves an ideal partner. So, if a girl dumps you in the friend zone, you don’t meet the qualifications of her desired significant other. 

She only seeks a casual relationship

She just wants to have sex with you for some reason instead of getting into a serious relationship. If so, your current situation will be like “she doesn’t want a relationship but she likes me“. 

Some women may be so busy with their work and other issues that they don’t have enough time for a committed relationship. Besides, they may also want to have some variety in their sex life. 

Therefore, they only seek a casual relationship. If you are in this situation, just have sex with that girl and don’t ask her for a serious relationship. 

She only seeks a casual relationship.
She only seeks a casual relationship.

What Can You Do If She Doesn’t Want To Go Further With You?

So, you can determine if she doesn’t want a commitment with you. But can you do something to make her change her mind? Below are things you should do when a girl doesn’t want a romantic tie with you.

Maintain friendship with her

Many romantic relationships grow from friendship, so you should continue to be friends with her. Sharing your common interests will make you closer to each other. 

Moreover, you can raise the intimacy between you and her by naturally touch her. Touches will help bring her mood to the next level of a relationship. Remember to act at the right time and in the right place to get the best result. 

When you are good friends, you can tell her that you have a crush on a girl. She may get jealous and want to get you back. 

Many romantic relationships grow from friendship.
Many romantic relationships grow from friendship.

Learn some skills to make her fall for you

If your case is “she likes me but doesn’t want a relationship“, you can have more chances to make her your partner. You need to know more about her psychology and have the right methods to flirt with her.

To make this job easier, you can try the Obsession method – an online program for men. In this program, you can find many useful tricks to get the girl you like. This review post will provide you more information about this awesome program. 

Make her interested in you before asking her to be your girlfriend

If she isn’t ready for a relationship or doesn’t like you enough, you should give her more time. During this time, you can help her know more about you and make her fall in love with you. Thereby, she will probably say yes when you ask her to be your girlfriend.

You can improve yourself to impress her. If you have any talent such as singing or dancing, you should develop it.

She will find you more attractive if you have something different from other guys. Your special skill will make her impressed and more interested in you.

To know how to attract a girl, you need to know the method to make her interested in you before asking her to be your girlfriend.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, through this article, you are clear about signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you. If a girl doesn’t intend to go further with you, you should take a step back and find out why she has this behavior.  Thereby, you can have the best strategy to charm her off her feet. 

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