Make Him Worship You Review: Should You Read It Through?

While many people turn to others for relationship advice, HDP Dating would like to read books or watch programs about love and life, then get some lessons for myself. And recently, I have just digested an exciting online program named Make Him Worship You by Michael Fiore. It is beneficial, so I can end up reading this Make Him Worship You review.

Keep reading if you also want your lover to love and respect you more.

About Make Him Worship You Program

Make Him Worship You Review
Make Him Worship You Michael Fiore

Written by a man – to be exact, an expert in the field of relationship and sexual psychology, the Make Him Worship You program with six modules will tell you, from a male perspective, how to seduce a man and make him crazy for you.

Believe me; the program will entirely change the way you take steps forward in your relationship because you now get a chance to see exactly what might happen in his little mind. Then, he will never see any women more attractive than you.

Some Interesting Information about Michael Fiore

Here is Michael Fiore
Here is Michael Fiore

Micheal Fiore, as I mentioned above, is an expert in great modern relationships. He describes himself as blunt and funny – and most noticeably honest in giving you advice.

He is the author of various popular books and programs such as “6 Simple Tricks To CRACK THE MAN CODE And Get Any Guy To Open His Heart,” “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend,” or what we will discuss further here.

Some might even have seen him on “The Rachael Ray” show where he introduced his famous “Text The Romance Back Program” and gave many useful couples techniques.

For now, he is living in Seattle and working hard on the useful program “Make Him Worship You” and his publishing platform “Digital Romance.

You can have a look then.

The Kind of Make Him Worship You

What is included in the program?
What is included in the program?

Rather than being a book, I must confirm that “Make Him Worship You” is a program, to be exact – a guide, with six modules in the forms of worksheets, materials, and also videos.

Even more, there are some additional bonuses in the packages that are also very helpful to check out, including:

  • When To Sleep with a Man: Exactly for those who wonder what the right time to sleep with the man after the first date is?
  • Unstoppable Confidence: One of the essential qualities of any dating is confidence, which creates the first impression. Then, in this bonus material, you can hear Michael and the fellow expert Griswald’s candid discussion.
  • The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty: The author published one of the best-sellers on Amazon, Text The Romance Back Program. Thus, you can definitely learn some useful texting techniques to blow the mind of any guys.

Sometimes, you will also have an extra Man-Melting Backrub or Make Him Beg to be Your Boyfriend. It is based on the promotion offered by the author.

Anyway, you will never get bored with the program. Sometimes, you can lie on the bed and check online tutorials when you wait for your partner, or you can even put on the earphones and hear Michael Fiore share about his experience and useful relationship techniques.

The Content of The Program

Now, get insight into the main content of the Make Him Worship You program. It is divided into six modules; each focuses on different aspects of your male lover’s romantic psychology. Hence, it is supposed to help you understand him better.

No need to check all the modules in a linear. Rather than that, you can start with any of the following topics you might be interested in.

Introduction and the lies you’ve been told about men

The book starts with correcting the misconceptions and misunderstanding of you about men. Instead, Michael Fiore reveals the opinions about romantic relationships and sexual attractions from the view of men.

In the end, it is more important to accept yourself and some negative expectations so that you can become more self-confident in a relationship.

What men mean by I Love You

To make him worship you, you should never be misled by him. Then, you must know whether your partner really means it when he says, “I love you.” In this part, you can understand how a man delivers a deep feeling.

For example, the man often finds himself hard and confused about his real emotion, so communication is usually tough at the beginning.

The secret emotional life of men

Again, I have to confirm that men have a hard time honestly expressing their feelings as someone said this “Men are an ocean of feeling, but we hardly see no drop out of them.

Thus, it would be great to see the relationships in the men’s pressures, from his life, work, and even your relationship. Take a masculine man, for instance. Showing any vulnerability and softness is against impressions and characteristics that others often put on him. All of those negative experiences can make them afraid of opening.

Accepting Yourself

The next module is about you.

This is tightly knit with the confidence that I mentioned earlier. Then, you must realize and accept both the good and bad sides of yours regarding life, in general, and romantic relationships, in particular.

After that, it is recommended to have forgiveness on your soul so that you will feel the life much less stressful, and you can also quickly move on to new relationships.

More importantly, you decide whether he is worth it or turns out to be an jerk. Real-life examples are available for your reference. Have your red flags and be ready to kick him out of your life forever if he is not well-worth your time, let alone your love.

Feeding his masculinity

While most women desire to be loved and treasured, most men are ready to give them so. They like to be a provider and also a protector when you need it. Hence, always tap into such desires and make your man more confident about himself.

Excitingly enough, Michael Fiore emphasizes the high-testosterone and some proven techniques that can also help to win over your man. Say, it would help if you increased the intimate touching and hypnotic kissing to build the partner up and drive him to do as you desire.

Communication and getting what you want

Never skip the last module, which includes a series of advisable and actionable communicating strategies to persuade him to follow your desire, even in the most difficult or misunderstanding situations.

We all know that miscommunications or toxic questions can end up a broken couple.

How Much Is The Program?

It is around $37 the latest time I check the official website of the digital “Make Him Worship You.” It is not expensive at all, considering how much time and effort the author put into all resources of the program. Truth be told, the price is just as much as the cost of a chocolate bar, and you can get a secret sauce to your relationship.

In case that you just are not satisfied with the techniques suggested by Michael Fiore, you can request a money-back within 60 days.

No worries.

What I Like and Less Like about “Make Him Worship You

Positive as the Make Him Worship You program review is, I still have some comments to make the guide more realistic and actionable.


  • Written by a man, especially – an expert in relationships
  • Easy to follow content with specific examples
  • Diversified on the presentation methods to avoid boredness
  • Very affordable to get useful advice from experts
  • Money-back guarantee, so no worries if it does not work
  • Five bonuses included in the package to understand him better


  • Cheesy and overly-sober language
  • Possible inward reflection (it’s hard to admit our mistakes!)
  • Only the digital version available

Michael Fiore Make Him Worship You Reviews

Want to hear feedback on He Will Worship You reviews from other consumers?

Then, I would like to summary some here.

From Jude Paler (Hack Spirit)

She highly praises the program for its step-by-step guide that is immediately applied to almost any case. Far from being theoretical or philosophical, the advice of Michael Fiore is practical!

From Lakeport Chamber

“Make Him Worship You” program, in the Lakeport Chamber’s opinion, is an online relationship. It is helpful as the title. All techniques are easy to implement, as well.

Last Verdict – My Overall Opinion

The Make Him Worship You review above is shown. Those who claim to Make Him Worship You scam obviously have never read it through yet. In fact, the program has a beneficial content that is broken down in easy-to-follow modules. However, the reader should not be stressed too much about self-reflection and get depressed. Instead, take good care of yourself, win over the male partner, and make him worship you to the end.

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