How To Make Him Desire You Review: The Best Dating Boundaries Book 2021

Women are constantly searching for a true love, but not many of them know how to do it right. They just follow their instincts and take pot luck. Several girls end up crying over a dead-end love.

What if I tell you that there is something to increase your chance of success? You will be able to capture attention and steal the heart of anyone you want if you know it.

The answer is “Make Him Desire You”

Read on this Make Him Desire You Review post to know more about it.

Make Him Desire You Review: What’s it?

Make Him Desire You is the ultimate guidebook for women on how to draw the attention of a man. The entire book works to help you achieve the goal as in the title: How to make him desire you.

Make Him Desire You is one of the best books about relationships
Make Him Desire You is one of the best books about relationships

The book is no gimmick; it tells you practical ways to manipulate a man’s mind. FYI, a lot of people have read and tried the techniques written in the book, and guess what? They did work! On top of that, Make Him Desire You is also a useful book to refer to if you want to improve your communication and interpersonal skills with the opposite sex.

The author of Make Him Desire You is Alex Carter, an experienced relationship expert. He has heard a lot of love stories and been giving advice to thousands of people. That is why he can help you this time.

What The Book Covers


“Make Him Desire You” consists of 13 sections, each of which teaches you how to connect with a man in all aspects and make him fall head over heels in love with you.

Here are the details:

Section 1: Emotions are Everything

Emotions are a wonderful part of humans, but they are difficult to understand and predict. Female readers can learn about the importance of emotions as well as the emotional differences between women and men here.

Section 2: The Emotional Attraction Scale

Attraction is a vital component in dating life. In this section, you will know the emotional attraction scale of men with women, thereby increasing your chance of drawing his attention by hitting the right notes.

Section 3: The Investment Mechanism

In a healthy marriage, both sides have to be equally invested. Based on this fact, Alex writes about the importance of equal investment and what to do if one of you is more invested than the other.

Section 4: The Value Concept

As the title goes, this book is written to help ‘make him desire you’. So this section gives exactly what you need to achieve that goal. In more detail, the key of becoming more attractive in men’s eyes is to realize your own value. Don’t beg for his attention. Instead, act like you get the upper hand in the game. Draw the line and set healthy boundaries in marriage and dating when needed. In that way, you are able to naturally increase your perceived value.

You can find many books about boundary issues, like those of Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend, the hosts and bestselling authors in the relationship field.

Section 5: The Formulas Revealed: Emotional Tune Up Methods

Playing hard or even impossible to get is counter-productive sometimes, as he thinks he can never have your heart and eventually gives up the game. Therefore, it is better to send signals that you are attainable with more patience and effort. Let the man think he is in a hunt, and the taste of victory will keep him trying.

Section 6: How To Hit The Sweet Spot Of Desire

The name says it all: to steal his heart, you need to hit the sweet spot of desire. Don’t be on either extremes; otherwise, you would lose the game.

Alex will show you how to win a guy
Alex will show you how to win a guy

Section 7: How To Read His Mind

Make Him Desire You not only teaches you how to flirt but also how to enhance your interpersonal skills. In this section, you are given a map to your man’s mind and what you need to do is to direct his actions as you wish. The more you know what is in his mind, the higher chance you have to maintain healthy dating relationships.

Section 8: Men Have A Small Emotion Tank

Alex believes that men possesses fewer and less profound emotions than women. That is why in certain situations, women need to give men time and space to think carefully. Let him spend time alone to avoid making him emotionally exhausted. Whatever you do, take care of his emotional health first.

Section 9: How Communication Works For A Man

Here you will learn how to communicate with a man in the most effective way as Alex guides you on a man’s language. Dating can be fun, but only when you know the right thing to say.

Section 10: How To Make Him Do Anything

The title sounds a bit manipulative at first, and you may feel uneasy. In fact, this section only gives you some tips to have more control and influence over his actions. In some stages of the relationship, How to make him do anything is exactly what you need.

Section 11: Capture His Heart By Revealing Your Imperfections

A true love exists when he loves you for what you truly are, not the perfect image you show to the world. Reveal your imperfections gradually following the 7-step guide in the book and see if your dating partner will embrace them or not.

Section 12: What Do I Get If I Give You A Ring

In this section, Alex talks about commitment, an integral thing in romantic relationships. 

Section 13: What To Do When He Leaves You For Someone Else

No matter how hard you try, you might be rejected sometimes. What you need to is to accept it and learn from the failure. Rejection does not put an end to your life. Rather, it opens up more opportunities in the future. So follow the 3-step healing process in Make Him Desire You and go for new targets. You know, healthy choices grow healthy relationships. Stop sobbing over the wrong ones in your life.

The Full Package

When you purchase the book Make Him Desire You, you will receive the entire package as follows:

  • The ‘Make Him Desire You’ book
  • The Audio Version
  • Bonuses: including The Role Reversal Report, Advanced Fascination Report, and Secrets of The Male Desire.
  • The eBook Psychological Tricks To Become The Ultimate Guy Magnet

Make Him Desire You Reviews: Pros and Cons


Practical knowledge
Make Him Desire You does not involve mere theoretical knowledge. The author uses his real experience to write techniques that you can apply into real life.
Comprehensive dating book
The book covers almost all aspects in a healthy relationship and also the factors that contribute to a strong bond.
Easy to follow
Everyone can read and follow the book with or without previous knowledge in the field.
60-day money-back guarantee
If by any chance you are not satisfied with the book, you can ask for a full refund.


Digital only
The book is available in digital format only. It would be better if there were hard copies that you could read for hours without straining your eyes.
No success guaranteed
Whether you succeed in making him desire you or not depends on many factors, and success, particularly overnight success is not plausible, even if you apply the principles described.

Star Rating

In my opinion, the How To Make Him Desire You deserves a 4.5/5 rating.

The Bottom Line

“Make Him Desire You” by Alex Carter is a much needed book for every woman out there. It is mainly about setting and maintaining smart limits on physical and mental aspects to win a man over.

Regardless of your situation, you can always learn something worthwhile in the book, especially communication and interpersonal skills with the opposite sex. It would be a pity if you missed such a book.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Make Him Desire You Review. May the God of love be with you and bless your relationship no matter what.

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