How To Text An Ex-Girlfriend After No Contact If You Want To Win Her Back?

It might be hard to start a conversation with your ex when you two have remained silent for a long time. How to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact? Some start by texting “Hi”, is it okay?

You may need some hints to make the first text to your ex naturally. HDP Dating have listed some possible messages to try. 

Let’s read on to discover!

What to do before texting?

Before wondering how to get over a breakup for men, you need to confirm something. Here are some points to consider:

Check your ex’s current relationship status

Check to see if your girlfriend is single or in a relationship.

First and foremost, discover whether or not your ex-girlfriend is dating someone else. Make your approach immediately away if she’s available. If your ex is seeing someone, though, you should strategize before contacting her.

how to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact
You need to check her relationship status first

Give your first move some thought

Before you make your first move, give it some thought.

It’s quite acceptable to text your ex after a long period of no-touch. However, if you take action carefully enough, you may be able to win your ex.

All you should do is take caution and consider your options before moving. Avoid overdoing things and keeping patience during the procedure.

Just text

Many people panic when thinking of what to text your ex after no contact. Just relax! What is supposed to happen will happen. You don’t need to worry about something you can’t control.

Text a message to your ex and then relax. Don’t look at your phone every single second. If your ex messages you back, you may start moving things ahead. But don’t get too fired up if she doesn’t respond. Leave your ex-girlfriend alone for some time. You still have to focus on your life, right?

How to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact?

What to text your ex-girlfriend after no contact depends on how you two broke, and how long you haven’t kept in touch with each other. And, the most important question is: Do you still love her? 

If yes, make your move. We have some hints you can use in your text as follows.

No boring messages

A text with a bit of anything interesting is the perfect text to send. After a period of no contact, you might SMS your ex-girlfriend and offer her valuable information. Sending her dull text messages is a disaster. This approach annoys your ex. She may become even more inattentive to you.

Being interesting is the ultimate rule when it comes to how to attract a woman. Your ex is not an exception. Hence, try to send her an interesting text that she wants to reply to.
Try to send something funny and interesting
Try to send something funny and interesting

Naturally, ask how she’s doing

Asking how to initiate contact after no contact period, you can start with her life. What she’s been up to lately or how stressful her life is getting. 

Friendship is more likely when you ask random inquiries such as these. Your ex will welcome your friendship offer, and the two of you could end up dating.

We have no way of knowing what will happen next. You may, however, contribute your all in anything you do. So, after a period of no communication, just simply send her a normal text and wait for an answer.

Ask her for advice

If you can’t think of what to text your ex after no contact period, you may always seek advice from her. You might text her and ask, “Can you kindly recommend something to do in this case?” Your ex will very certainly reply to your SMS if you contact her in this way.

You can her for some advice
You can her for some advice

Make her laugh

Humor appears to be one of the most effective ways for how to approach women. Girls adore funny guys who crack jokes every now and then. Men with fun personalities are more likely to attract a girl’s interest.

If you like memes, you may use them to text your ex-girlfriend. Send a humorous message or a meme to her first. It can aid in the thawing of the cold between you both. It may also improve the likelihood of your ex-girlfriend accepting your proposal of friendship.

If you’re attempting to revive your friendship with your ex, text her some amusing memes or pictures. Furthermore, it can serve as a gentle reminder to your ex that you both loved each other’s presence.

Express your missing to her

Telling her that you miss her is the most straightforward way regarding how to get an ex-girlfriend back after no contact.

There’s nothing bad with contacting your ex again after a period of no communication. However, you need to do it via the right channels.

If you terribly contact your ex, she may never appreciate or adore you in the same way she did earlier. It must be something you really don’t like to occur. As a result, it’d be ideal if you were always careful.

You may express your thoughts to her by texting her. Sending messages might include whatever you want to tell her. Tell your ex that you miss her so much. The time with her is your favorite memory. Hopefully, she can feel your affection.

Remind her of beautiful memories

You may not have enjoyed your final fight with your ex, but you will have fond recollections of it. Recall a time when you two shared something nice and were confident that she would enjoy thinking about it. You don’t need to worry if you do something that brings your ex happy moments.

Mentioning such lovely recollections can help to soften her heart. Your ex could probably accept your friendship proposal. 

In a better scenario, your messages can be so touching that your ex-girlfriend wants to get back to you. Hence, consider these lines when thinking of what to text your ex after the no contact rule.

Bringing back some memories can work
Bringing back some memories can work

What if the list above doesn’t work?

If the mentioned list of what to say to your ex-girlfriend after no contact can’t help you, try something more specific. A review about “The Ex Factor Guide” may be your lifesaver.

The Ex Factor” is a book that contains techniques for reuniting with your ex and increasing your ex’s desire for you.

As a result, the writer, Brad Browning, will inform you of your potentially charming and unpleasant qualities. He also delves into the feelings of fear and tolerance that come with a failed relationship before giving you some tips about how to get your ex-girlfriend back.


So now you may have some tips about how to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact for yourself. Remember that simply a text cannot help you reunite with your ex. It’s a good place to start, but you should do more. 

Hopefully, you can heal the rift in your relationship.

If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. 

Thank you for reading!

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