10 Common Signs On How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

When it comes to love, each person will have a different expression. An open guy will have another way of expressing himself than an introverted and somewhat shy guy. So, how to tell if a shy guy likes you?

If you are interested in a guy with this personality and want to learn about his feelings, this article is for you. Let’s start reading!

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

Although he is not a confident person, there will be special signs with the girl he likes when he falls in love. So, to know how to tell if a guy is shy, you can rely on the factors below.

He sneaks glances at you

how to tell if a shy guy likes you
He sneaks glances at you

While sitting with friends, you suddenly feel someone’s eyes on you. But when you turn to that position, you only see a guy sitting absently. You don’t need to be surprised and worried because this sign shows that he is into you.

Guys who are shy when they like someone will often act like that. He has many concerns, worries, and shyness, so he does not dare to face you directly. Therefore, he only dares to peek at you from afar quietly.

How do shy guys show interest? If you spot that, give him a signal that your ex has feelings for this guy. From there, he will boldly approach you.

However, it’s just a peek, so sometimes you won’t know if you don’t notice, so you should pay more attention to the guys around you.

He blushes when you look at him

He blushes when you look at him
He blushes when you look at him

When you’re having fun, you look him straight in the face, and his face turns red. These are subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

Shy guys do not dare to confess their feelings and are also very afraid of being discovered by others. So the look in your eyes makes him worry that you already know this secret.

If you have a few shy guys next to you, often looking at him is a way to know if this guy likes you. However, look at him affectionately so that he has more motivation to confess to you.

He tracks all your activities on social media

He tracks all your activities on social media
He tracks all your activities on social media

Because he is timid, he does not dare to contact you directly. Therefore, social networks will be the right place for him to find out about you without being detected.

So, how do shy guys act when they like you? He will spend hours looking at the activities you post. Whether it’s big or small news, happy or sad, he sees it. He didn’t stop at watching, and he was also very attentive.

Keeping track of things like this helps him get to know you better and quietly impress you. On top of that, he will have the opportunity to share more in-depth stories with you. These are subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

To realize this sentiment, you just need to see who likes or expresses feelings in your posts. He was even the first one.

He knows all the little things around you

How to tell a shy guy likes you? Guys who like you will spend a lot of time monitoring your actions and gestures. Therefore, he knows a lot about you, even the little things you don’t even notice yourself.

Usually, the observation of men is not as good as that of girls. So, a person who knows a lot about your likes and dislikes without even asking will show early signs he’s falling for you.

He gets teased by his friends every time you show up

A guy who likes you won’t tell you, but his friends will know you very well. Friends who understand his shyness and awkwardness should deliberately tease you every time you show up.

How do guys act when they like you? You don’t need to overthink because those teasing will be provocations that will help him to confess to you soon.

When you see a guy getting teased by his friends for you, give him positive signals. Seeing this, he will be motivated to accelerate faster. It is the way how do guys act when they like you.

He stutters every time he talks to you

He stutters every time he talks to you
He stutters every time he talks to you

Shy guys are afraid to talk. So, standing in front of the girl he likes, he will show his embarrassment with cute stuttering sounds.

The reason he is like this is that he has a lot of worries. He is afraid of being discovered by you. He is also hesitant to know your feelings like this.

When you see a guy like this, how to get a guy to chase you? The fact that you give a few signs will stimulate the inherent masculine nature. This way, your relationship will develop faster.

To find out if the shy guy likes you, watch how he talks to you. If he still usually talks like everyone else, he probably doesn’t have any feelings for you.

However, if he stumbles in a few places or you feel the tone of his voice is quite tense, he is definitely trying to get further with you.

He talks a lot with you on social media

Face-to-face conversations stress him out, and he doesn’t get his point across, so texting is an excellent way for this guy to get close to you.

When texting, he can’t see your expression, so he’s somewhat more confident. Especially when he is not sure about your feelings, he will use this method to probe.

When you wonder how to make a guy realize he loves you, the other end is also thinking about how to make you understand this feeling. So, please pay attention to the guy who often texts you.

Whether you reply quickly or slowly, he is still patiently waiting, and whether you reply cheerfully or impatiently, he still tries to respond with funny messages.

He protects you

He protects you
He protects you

How guys act when they like you? A man’s instinct is always to want to protect the woman he loves.

So, no guy will suddenly appear whenever you need, always worry about transporting you and always take you home. He’s probably in love with you.

In particular, normal guys are inherently shy, but they are also ready to come out and protect you when faced with dangerous situations. This expression shows that he likes you. 

You also understand this, but you wait forever and still no signal from him. So now you should find a way to make a guy realize he loves you, so he will soon be enlightened and take concrete action.

Only guys who love you will always protect you in any situation. So, recognize that and respond to him. All are signs he is pursuing you.

He gets upset when you talk to other guys

He gets upset when you talk to other guys
He gets upset when you talk to other guys

When he hasn’t made his feelings public, he’s not yours yet. Therefore, he has no right to prevent other boys from coming to you. He also has no reason to stop you from communicating with other guys.

Because of that, he is very nervous when you come into contact with some strange guy. He is afraid that the other person will like you, worried that they will confess and you will agree. Or sometimes, he’s jealous because he wants so much fun talking to you.

When things are getting out of control, and nothing can be done, he can only show his sadness on his face. This show means to show that he wants you to know he’s hurting.

Introverted guys will not say their feelings but will unintentionally show them on their faces. You have to look, and you’ll notice it right away.

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He sees you every day

When trying to develop feelings for you, guys will constantly appear in front of you. It seems that every day, they find a reason to see you.

For him, this meeting is an opportunity for the two to get in touch with each other more. I can take care of you, and you can understand my sincerity.

So it’s safe to say that a guy who likes you will find a way to see you every day.

He and you talk and meet every day. You seem to have more feelings for him, but he never confesses. At this point, what should you do?

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Even though he likes you, but you don’t know how to return it, he may misunderstand this love is just one-sided. So, you wait forever, not only did he not confess, but suddenly one day he saw him with another girl.


A shy guy won’t show his feelings too openly. So if you want to know how to tell if a shy guy likes you, learn to watch for these signs.

Only people who like you will take the time and mind to make it happen. So, if you know how to act them, you will understand his sincere heart.

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