Useful Tips on How To Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless

Marriage is a bond between two people. Most marriages start with the feelings of two parties. But after getting married, many people want to end their marriage because of boredom or disappointment in their partner. 

We will give you solutions to save your relationship and help you on the methods to save your family’s life? when you feel hopeless. We believe that you only need to choose one of the following ways to solve your marriage problem.

  • Remember the reason for starting
  • Check for problems to breakdowns
  • Check for problems to breakdowns
  • Take time to take care of yourself
  • Stop blaming
  • Express your personal opinion
  • Talk to find a solution together
  • Try the dating process again
  • Mend The Marriage

How Do You Know If A Marriage Is Worth Saving?

Before going to concrete steps to save a marriage that is on the verge of breaking up, we need to know if it is worth saving or not. 

If a marriage is good, started, and nurtured with love, it’s worth continuing. Conversely, if a marriage is too influenced by power and money, we need to look closer.

We need to learn from the source of frustration, discouragement, and leading to wanting to divorce. 

Some couples take each other to court for trivial reasons like refusing to put their shoes in place or not turning off the TV. These couples will often be able to work through commitments and promises to each other.

Some other more serious cases are either people having an affair or using force in their marriage. This seriously affects the health and life of the remaining person, so it should be carefully considered. Often these marriages should end for the safety and happiness of both parties.

What Are The Methods To Save Your Family By Yourself?

Once we have identified the couple’s problem, we’ll take the next step in solving each of those problems. The following are workarounds we can show you to answer the question of the method to save your family. 

Remember the reason for starting the marriage

how to save your marriage when you feel hopeless
Remember the reason for starting the marriage

As mentioned above, if your marriage didn’t start and was built with love, it shouldn’t continue. Marriages forced by the family or bought and sold for money will certainly be unhappy and difficult to save. Fortunately, there are not many such marriages nowadays.

If you are in love and getting married, then this article is for you. Your mood will greatly influence the decision. So you remember the happy, happy moments when you first met each other. These moments will somehow help heal and mend your relationship. Remember not to make decisions when you are tired, uncomfortable and must be calm before all your actions.

Check for problems that lead to breakdowns

how to save your marriage and ruin your life
Check for problems that lead to breakdowns

The important thing to do is look at the mistake directly, even if it is not easy to face it. Each person can write down their problems and the other person’s problems in this relationship. If you’re calm enough, you can do this together.

Dare to look at those problems, and then you can find a solution. Who knows, after writing down the issues you two are having, you’ll find it silly to say this is the reason for the divorce.

Take time to take care of yourself

One of the reasons you’re tired is spending a lot of time in the relationship, not taking care of yourself like before. At this point, you need to talk clearly with the other person so that you can divide the work for each person.

For example, when you cook rice, the other person washes the dishes, or when you wash clothes, the other person cleans the house. Assigning tasks will make it easier for you to organize and spend more time for yourself.

If your partner is too busy, you can also plan to rest for yourself. For example, there will be one or two days when you go out with friends or do things you like in a week. This is the time for you to relax after stress from work and relationships. This frequency can vary based on your needs.

Stop blaming

how to save your marriage without talking
Stop blaming

One of the most dangerous things to do in your relationship is to blame. When things get worse, you will find it difficult to confront each other and often make up your imagination. 

Some people will blame themselves, thinking that they didn’t do well or that it was their fault. Some people will blame the other party; if the other side does not do it, it will not result.

All results are the effects of both sides, so it certainly won’t be entirely the fault of either person. In short, blaming is not advisable because it will not solve the problem but only make your relationship worse.

Express your personal opinion

how to save your marriage before it starts
Express your personal opinion

Each person is a unique individual and has different personalities and thoughts. You cannot stay silent and force others to understand what you are thinking or wanting. Silence does not solve problems and often causes misunderstandings.

Honestly, expressing your personal opinion helps you talk about the problem and is a way to clear your mind. 

If you keep everything to yourself, you will feel uncomfortable and tired. However, just speaking your mind will make you feel more relaxed and relieved.

Talk to find a solution together

You need to ask to speak clearly and frankly to speak your mind. When both of you have spoken directly about your thoughts, you will realize the holes or problems the relationship faces. 

Once you understand all the problems, you will be able to find a solution to deal with them. This solution also needs the consensus of both parties and the commitment to implement.

For example, if you feel annoyed because the other person is too messy, tell them about it. 

The solution could be to divide the cleaning area, hire someone to do it, pay fines, or do whatever you can think of. And once both agree to the decision, you must seriously follow what you have committed.

Try the dating process again

how to save your marriage by yourself
Try the dating process again

If you are the action type and do not like to use words, you can try how to save your marriage without talking. One of the ways of this approach is to retry the dating process. Many couples thought they could not be saved, applied this method, and succeeded. 

At this point, you will get to know the other person again, but at a higher level to understand, not get acquainted. You can also go to previous dating places to rekindle memories and feelings.

Basically, after applying this method, the couples heal themselves. They not only solve the problem of the breakup but also love and understand each other better. If you are having trouble in your relationship, then don’t skip this method!

Mend The Marriage

how to save your marriage alone
Mend The Marriage

We have given you methods to save your marriage. However, if you want to learn more about these ways, you can find our other articles at HDP Dating.

One of the courses that we love and would recommend to you is Mend The Marriage. These experts and programs will help you answer all your questions about marriage. 

The course has very high user reviews because it allows you to learn better and solve your problems. If you need more specific information about it, check out Mend The Marriage Review before deciding to own it.

Some other tips to reduce the risk of divorce

Letting conflicts and arguments lead to breakdown is not a good idea in marriages. However, they are inevitable in relationships.

So here we will show you how to stop divorce and save your marriage. If you are just starting in your married life, then this is something you must read.

  • Be frank with each other in all matters: Please clarify your habits and weaknesses so that both of you can understand and sympathize with each other’s bad habits. Once known and understood, it is possible to accept it as part of the marriage or find a solution together.
  • Solve the problem right from the start: For example, two of you are arguing about an issue, it would be wrong if either of you kept quiet and didn’t solve it thoroughly. Over time, the thoughts and melancholy in your heart will break your marriage.
  • Set common rules that both of you must respect and follow: For example, do not arbitrarily look at the other person’s phone or respect their time at work.

These are very simple things that any couple can do. You can do it now, even before marriage, to make sure you can accept each other. Simple but sure habits will help you maintain a happy marriage and avoid hurt.


How to save your marriage before it starts? We understand that keeping a marriage is not easy. This task can be solved depending on many factors and requires a lot of effort from both of you. 

You can give up right before you start trying it, but surely after solving the problem, you will understand each other better. Hope this article can solve your marriage problems.

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