How To Make My Boyfriend Want Me Sexually? Don’t Let Him Say “Not Tonight”

Men may reduce their desire for a variety of medical and mental causes. Maybe he’s coping with a hormone imbalance, or maybe he’s struggling with his job. All of this may affect a man’s libido, particularly if his bond is stressful and uncomfortable.

How to make my boyfriend want me sexually? There are tons of methods to try. HDP Dating recommends the most effective ones as follows. 

Let’s read on to discover!

How To Make My Boyfriend Want Me Sexually?

Sometimes, driving a man crazy in bed is tricky. It needs lots of time and effort to research. Your skills in bed also play a vital role. Let’s look at the most popular tips to solve your problem.

1. Tease him

Teasing appears to be an effective method on how to make your man want you more.

The first thing to do is let him wait. You two can spend the whole night together playing some games or watching some movies. Everything on earth except for having sex.

You may even take it a step further and drive him up to the point where you interrupt him right before he is on the climax. Don’t do it too frequently, though. He’s likely to become angry. Just tease your partner enough that he likes it.

how to make my boyfriend want me sexually
Tease him at the right time

2. Flirt him

Flirting can work in both attracting and maintaining his interest in you. You should never stop flirting. Flirting in the early phases of a blossoming relationship is advisable for sexual and emotional purposes. Otherwise, you are just in his friend zone.

Don’t hesitate to show him you are into him. You may flirt filthy if your main intent is to drive his sexual desire in you. You might lean down and whisper into his ear. Tell him you were always thinking about when you two were still in bed.

You may also use body language to seduce. Simply You might take your shoes off and brush up on his leg if you’re dining. 

Another option is to approach him closely and say something. You may softly get your face near to his with your lips might almost touch. He can feel your hot breathing on the face.

Don’t be shy to show him that you are into him
Don’t be shy to show him that you are into him

3. Send him some texts or pictures

There is a famous phase in sexual relationships: sext. It stands for “sexual text”. Before thinking of what drives a man crazy in bed, try sending him some naughty messages, like “I can’t stop thinking about last night”. This is a tip about how to tell your boyfriend you want sex.

Aside from the text, you can let him see some pictures. It’s not necessary to send him a photo of you being naked. Instead, tease him by taking a picture of your new underwear. Then, let him imagine how it looks on you. Your man will reply within 30 seconds for sure.

How to make my husband happy sexually? You might also email him a short, amusing video of you moving around your bed. Tell him how much you miss his fingertips on your body. Something along these lines will make him fantasize about having a sexual relationship with you.

Send in interesting text
Send in interesting text

4. Find out things that turn him on

Men are different. Some like visual attractions while others prefer talks. Your man may take the dominance or he likes the lead from his partner. As a result, wondering how to make a man cry in bed, you have to find out things that can turn him on.

You must ascertain what it is that your partner enjoys. This may not be too difficult to discover. You may simply accomplish this by just initiating a chat with him about his personal preferences.

You may also seek out different things with him. Try new things with him after you’ve gotten down to it. Experiment with him and see what you can put up with. He would be open about his interests. If you’re willing to try new things in bed, he’ll be so happy.

5. Make visual effects

How to make him go crazy in bed? To begin with, there are nice sexual indications and clues that you can use as signs. Biting your lips or looking deeply in his eyes are two examples.

Then, try with genuine sexual arousal in him. The range of options is vast. Let your creativity determine your choices. You may still undress gently and attractively in front of him.

These may or may not be effective. All men, on the other hand, are physically turned on when they watch their partner stroking herself.

Men enjoy seeing you treating them as well. Remember to allow him to see the movement during foreplay too.

6. Watch porn together

Watching porn with him is one of the ways to surprise your boyfriend sexually. Many guys enjoy this kind of movie. It’s even more fascinating if a girl comes up with this idea.

Suggesting the movie also informs that you are willing and open to spend the night with him. Of course, you don’t have to imitate the exact scenes in the movie. How to pleasure your man in bed? Just enjoy your time with him!

Watching a movie together
Watching a movie together

7. Extend the vowels while speaking

Your voice and the way you speak stay among the top choices when it comes to how to drive a man wild with desire

There is a big difference between “baby” and “baaaabyyyy”. You are melting his heart and making him want you even more.

However, don’t do it ridiculously. Simply slow down your voice with what your normal, true speed would be. 

Moreover, limit the frequencies. He might get bored with tone. It would be perfect to call him that way during your sex

8. Pay some compliments

Men value sincere compliments from their partners.

To begin, complement the aspects of his personality that you believe are essential to him. Second, you should praise the aspects in which he is most self-assured.

How to keep my husband sexually satisfied? You need to make him feel satisfied with himself first. During the intimate time, tell him that he’s doing very well. If he hasn’t pleased you, make him believe that he can improve on the next attempt.

You also need to note that all the compliments should start from your heart. Don’t pretend to praise your partner. He can feel it.
Give him sincere compliments
Give him sincere compliments

9. Surprise him

Making your relationship routine dull is the worst thing ever. To keep your man engaged, you need to surprise him. Do it both out and in bed.

How to surprise your husband in bed? Try something brand new that you have never experienced before.

Having intimacy with him in a public location can be a good idea. This will knock him for a loop. All men enjoy a lady who is eager to make love with them at all times.

10. Be confident 

How to make a man want you? The ultimate rule is confidence. Men always find confident girls appealing. This is a huge turn on to a man if you understand what you like and don’t like in life and in bed. 

You may express your self-assurance in a variety of ways. Do everything you can to show confidence. People recognize whether you are confident or not.

Always be confident
Always be confident

You may also instill confidence in your boyfriend in bed by placing in a prominent position. With this approach, he understands you’re in command of not just him, but also your own satisfaction.

However, this expression of confidence only works well if your partner likes his woman’s dominance. As aforementioned, finding out your mans’ preference is important.

What If The Methods Above Don’t Work?

You can try “Language Of Desire Review” as a lifesaver.

This is a complete relationship course that focuses on boosting your bond. The program appears to be a how-to manual for “talking dirty” in bed. If you keep exploring, you’ll definitely receive a lot more than you paid for.

You can also discover your partner’s sexual psychology. There are a few ways of talking to him personally to get him sexually addicted with you. You may simply get what you need from your companion by using certain tricks and distinctive approaches.


How to make my boyfriend want me sexually? We have listed some advisable methods as above. The ultimate rule is detecting the problem. Why doesn’t your partner want to have sex with you? Once you figure it out, choose a technique that is most suitable for it.

Hopefully, you will have a great night after an interval. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Thank you for reading!

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