How To Make Him Regret Losing You? 8 Effective Tips To Improve Your Life

It is a heavy blow to your mind and heart when your lover loves someone else. It probably causes you to suffer from distress and agony. Your love instantly turned into hostility for him. 

But do you want to get stuck in that kind of painful feeling forever? Or do you want to make him regret losing you? Of course, you should pick up the second option. You want to be the winner in the game of romance, right?

Then, Self Help Skills will provide you with some useful methods to make this man regret.

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8 Effective Tips To Make Him Regret Not Keeping You?

To be a girl that men are regretting losing. It would be the greatest revenge on your ex-lover. How to make your ex-boyfriend regret breaking up with you? To realize your expectation, we will discuss eight tips to help you.

1. Keep a healthy and balanced life

make him regret losing you
Keep a healthy and balanced life.

If you would like to know how to make a guy regret losing you, you need to spend time recovering from the break-up. A happy life will make you feel healthy.

So remember to keep fit, dress well and hang out. One point is that you do not do it for him; you do it for yourself.

How to make a man want you? Take out that sexy dress or make a new hairstyle. Looking happy will brighten up your appearance.

If there are any random encounters with him when you seem lively and cheerful, he will regret not selecting you.

When you do not know which color is eye-catching, red and black will always earn much attention from the crowd. Put on your best dress. Who knows, you may find true love at this stage.

After splitting up, you may want to simply sit in your room. You may also consume a high amount of carbs and keep warm in sweats. It is normal for women to get fatter after breaking up. But you should not fall into the mistake.

Stand up and keep remembering that joining activities will not only help you keep fit but will also reduce endorphins. Believe us; your mood will get better.

2. Focus on your goals in working and studying

Any time you suddenly meet your ex, he will always ask you how you are doing. Do not let him feel satisfied that he can still influence your personal life.

After a break-up, you will gain more spare time. Use it effectively. Do anything you have always desired to do. Spend this valuable time on yourself. 

How to make him regret losing you? You can spend free time realizing your academic goals. You can also take on some hobbies you have always craved to do. You can even be with your family and close friends. 

When the ex-boyfriend asks, ‘how are you doing?’, a lot of you may stand still and not know what you should say. Let’s do the opposite thing. Become confident in your answers and make him regret losing you.

3. Recall happy memories

You should recall happy memories when you are with him
You should recall happy memories when you are with him

When you encounter your ex-lover, it is stupid to discuss the break-up. It should be reminiscences about your funniest memories or experiences. It is an effective tip to make a man regret turning you down.

If you would like to know how to make him regret hurting you, concentrate on the jolly and playful things that both of you did together.

You can recall the honeymoon stage of your romantic relationship. It will cause him to remember the previous days.

In this case, this man will recall the happy memories that he shared with you.

This psychological method will make a guy fall into memory lane and reminisce about how jolly the two of you were together.

Keep in mind to say about the happy memories but not the causes why the two of you broke up. He may show some signs that he is regretting hurting you.

4. Make a man jealous

In the meeting with him, you can suddenly slip in another man you are crushing on or dating. He will begin carrying on more questions about your new partner.

It is fine to tell him how it is going and what you will do to continue this relationship.

How to become irresistible to a man? Only the short mention of another man’s name will cause your ex to begin asking questions. He will regret not loving you. He also will become jealous of your new lover.

5. Show him you have a happy life

You have a happy life.
You have a happy life.

Do you know what makes a female attractive? One of them is your happy life.

Regardless of how heartbroken you get, it is essential to show him you are in good condition and accept to end this relationship. Act as nothing happened. Behave as you often do. Time will heal any wound, even the most serious.

As an extra reward, it will also wipe off the early awkwardness between you and your ex.

He may even soon begin racking the brain to analyze how you could handle this relationship so well. As a result, he can feel insecure and doubt whether you love him seriously.

This trick would make him feel jealous that his impact over you is going away. It may prompt him to put effort into entering your life one more time in some capacity. If you would like to know how to make your ex want you back, you should try this tip.

6. Improve yourself

Spend free time doing the things you like. You can also try out new hobbies and interests. It may help to improve your personality and appearance.

It’s time to take pleasure in your single life. When you do these things, you may explore a new version of yourself.

How to make him regret breaking up with you? You need to show people around you, including him, how you are changing and improving. It is proof that you are fine with the current situation.

Facebook and Instagram are great tools for you to post photos. Do not be surprised if he begins to stalk you on Facebook when he finds posts of the new version of yourself.

He can even rethink reconnecting. You will find these tips are very effective in how to get ex back without no contact.

7. Create a lot of fun

You are a fun girl
You are a fun girl

How to make someone regret hurting you? Not because he turned you down for another girl that means your whole life has collapsed and come to an end.

Then, it’s time to join fun clubs or take crazy trips you have ever wanted to realize. Spend time with your friends and family that you missed when you were in a romantic relationship. 

8. Love yourself

This tip focuses on self-love. When a person turns you down, you may see that you are not worthy of adoration and recognition.

You begin to doubt your self-value. But do not let it harm you. Remember that no one but you can define your worth. It may be a reason for: why is my boyfriend ignoring me?

Once you begin adoring yourself, you will be aware of your value. Then, everyone will also realize your value. When he meets the new version of yourself, he will become shaky in his knees and chase you since confidence is the most appealing quality! 

How to make a man want you? Let’s try this trick to see the result.


You may be undergoing a spiritual crisis as you end up in a relationship with your lover. But is it worth being like this? What can you do to make him regret losing you?

This article has already discussed and analyzed eight powerful tips that help you make him regret rejecting you. You can try step by step to see the most suitable and the most effective for your situation.

The final result will make him regret turning you down. He can even try to go back with you. 

When both of you are together again or in a new relationship, you may desire to make him love you more. Then, will provide you with tips to make him addicted to you.

So, don’t wait anymore and do it now!

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