How To Make Him Chase You? 20 Useful Tips For A Romantic Relationship

Ladies, make a pause and prompt them to chase you. We know that you get what we mean. It’s time to learn how to make him chase you.

The fun fact is that men often believe that we are chasing them. We pursue them on social media. We are also present at their favorite places. 

We even encounter his close friends. Then, here is the way of changing it and understand how to make men chase you instead.

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Some Tips On How To Get A Man To Chase You

Making a chase has been a missing art. Many girls have been forgetting how effective this action is in causing a man to follow you and fall in love with you.

Although it is difficult to succeed, you can get him to crave you even more.

If you are considering another kind of method to achieve the best and fastest result, keep reading to have the shortest way to your crush’s heart.

Here is the list of 20 profound methods that you will need:

1. Take a busy schedule

It means that you need to show him that you are busy. In other words, when not being with him, you can enjoy your spare time and do what you want.

When being with him in some places, it is better to show that you have so many things to do.

How to get him to chase you? You cannot continuously answer the message at once. You also cannot go around with him day after day.

If he wants a 24/7 partner, it is better to get a pet. He has to find that you also have personal things to do. 

Yet, you should keep it at a moderate level. Otherwise, he can find that you are ignoring him. The worst result may be that he is not interested in you anymore.

how to make him chase you
Take a busy schedule

2. Make him think he has responsibilities

These men have to feel like they are taking responsibility. Men regularly want to make the decision. They want to be on the active side. 

It does not mean that you are not making the decision. You simply need to do it secretly. Make him think that he is the controller.

As a result, he tends to take charge of everything about you and chase you. If you may want to make him obsess you, an OFFICIAL WEBSITE will be a great help.

Remember you also need to have your opinions. If not, he will think being with you is so time-consuming.

you may want to make him obsess you
How to get a guy to chase you

3. Become a confident girl

If you crave to learn how to make a man chase you, it is essential to comprehend that gentlemen love ladies who show confidence.

Regardless of gender or status, a positive individual obtains an extreme attraction to most people.

The reason is that everyone has a tendency to connect to confident girls. Men find that self-reliant ladies are much sexier and more elegant.

Furthermore, men like hunting, and love is a game of hunting. They want to chase courageous prey.

It not only increases the excitement but also creates a feeling of satisfaction. These reasons will prompt them to pursue you and want you more.

Become a confident girl
Become a confident girl

4. Don’t allow him to perceive he is the only one

Of course, he is not the only person. Remember that there are some guys out there who try to grasp the chance to date you.

To tackle the problem: how to make him chase you again, your task is to show this man that he is not the only person who chases you.

It will remind him that it is a competition. He must compete with other guys to have you. Sound tragedy? It is not. This move just boosts his spirit and makes him pursue you.

You can do it by uploading photos on Instagram with friends and tagging them in the status. The key point is that he wants to see you. The higher the desire is, the stronger the feeling becomes to make a man chase you. 

Chasing you cannot satisfy your requirements. You even want more and go further with him. How to make a guy want you will help you have the most romantic relationship.

Do not allow him to think he is the only one.
Do not allow him to think he is the only one.

5. Don’t give a man all of the things you have

There is no need for you to sleep with him or give him everything straight away. He is not your boyfriend but your crush. Therefore, you do not need to have a preference that you owe him something.

If you have ever done something wrong, how to make him chase you after you slept with him?

The thing that we cannot have is the most desirable matter. It is similar to this situation. When he cannot have you, hold you in his hand, he will think that you are so precious.

Then, you should keep your time, love, and happiness for yourself, but do not give him all of this.

You don’t need to give him all of the things.
You don’t need to give him all of the things.

6. Show that you have a life

A dependent woman will make a man feel irritated because men see that you are not unique and not attractive enough to make them chase you.

So you should have your life, consisting of your close friends, your study, and your work. You must demonstrate that you achieve a happy and balanced life without a man. You must prove that you are satisfied with yourself only. 

It will make him see you more. He gradually becomes curious about you and pursues you as a consequence.

You need to have an independent life
You need to have an independent life

7. Be a little mystery

This method is very efficient when you crave him to chase you. For the first time, you have a meeting with him, you think that you desire to be with him more. In this situation, you will befriend him and make him take an interest in you.

Still, keep in mind that you need to introduce enough information about yourself. Just saying a little at one time is better for both of you. It will put him in curiosity about you, and he likes chatting with you more.

8. Flirt him

When you want him to pursue you, it does not mean that you need to become the ice queen. It just causes a cold personality that most people do not like.

In the worst situation, he may think that you are underestimating and ignoring him. We think that you do not like this consequence, right? So how to make him chase you in a relationship?

Remember that you need to be passionate about love. Put much effort into your relationship. Then, you should have jokes and flirt with him.

If you aim to make him chase you, indicate that you are keen on him. You must provide him with some reasons to chase you.

This tip will work well if you want to know how to tell if a shy guy likes you.

9. Fewer is better

Suppose you are talking and texting too much for him. Stop these actions because less is more. It will help you make him chase you again psychology. Hold yourself back to have more intelligent ideas that make him go after you.

When having many calls, do not say a lot. Similar to messages, it is more effective to keep them shortened and romantic.

These short sentences instead of long essays are likely to prompt him to read more carefully and appreciate them more.

This trick will work in how to make him chase you long distance. Of course, you do not need to always talk and text just a little. There are some cases where you can show your thoughts in direct conversations. 

10. Don’t become swooned over him

Of course, you want to understand how to make him chase you and to do it properly. Still, the ugliest thing is sitting and wrapping his arms as you give him an affectionate look. 

He is not the lord. If you want to have a romantic relationship with him, you cannot allow him to think that way. The certain thing is to give him compliments but not to stare at him. It leaves you deprived and clingy.

As a consequence, it seems that you are petitioning for love and care. You show your passiveness in relationships. In that case, you but not he is a follower.

Therefore, you should not become swooned over him. This man should be the person who has strong feelings about you. How to make a guy think about you constantly will always content you.

11. Become a sexy girl

Become a sexy girl.
Become a sexy girl.

How to get a man to chase you? Personality is crucial, but appearance is also essential to find a partner.

Before he understands your good characteristics, he will get trapped in your elegance. It is the reason why you should improve your beauty to make him chase you.

It is not necessary to dress like some beautiful girls. Instead, you can promote your appearance by applying make-up or a new hairstyle.

It is worth investing in something like lipsticks and dresses. You become not only much sexier but also more confident. 

Every man is visual, so your sexiness and elegance will drive them crazy. If you don’t know how to improve your appearance, you should look at what makes a girl attractive to a man.

12. Be tolerant about the drama

Do you know what makes a man chase a woman? Each man does not take an interest in drama. You cannot imagine how hateful a man feels about drama.

The reason is that drama could stress them drastically. As a consequence, almost all men would theoretically run away if they see any sign of drama on you. 

There are various types of drama that men hate from women, such as Facebook drama, money stories, and jealous words. Men pay more attention to rational women who get much less involved in drama.

If a man hears you telling a drama, he can become bothered with it because he can’t emotionally deal with it. Thus, put the drama into your diary or in the chatting group with your friends.

13. Don’t look at just him

Don’t look at just him.
Don’t look at just him.

It is a strange law of nature. When you do not give attention to the man you love, he will come to you despite many difficulties. When you take notice of him, he is nowhere for you to meet. 

After all, what you have to do is to overlook your crush a bit. It is quite sophisticated to explain why but believe us; this tip is very effective.

14. Keep patient to begin a relationship

A popular flaw that every woman makes is to rush to get rid of singleness. What they do not recognize is that singleness is wonderful progress in each girl’s life. 

When you are alone, you take the chance to enhance yourself without anyone forcing you to do anything. You would have enough time to realize your dreams.

You would have many opportunities to find the right partner. It is one of the most wonderful decisions that you have ever needed to make. 

When you cannot keep patient to throw singleness away, you will begin to push for a commitment right away, possibly with the first good guy that you encounter.

You will sacrifice the advantages of singleness and begin to do the chasing. Most men know that the precious things in life demand working. 

The man you are pursuing will comprehend that you are certainly valuable to chase if you can keep patient to escape from singleness.

15. Don’t spend all the time with him

Don’t spend all the time with him.
Don’t spend all the time with him.

When you give him all of the time, he will find that you are available for him 24/7. Any time he wants you, you can appear right away to stand next to him. For that reason, he will not chase you.

Instead, you can use your spare time with your friends and family. You can also be alone to do what you like. This tip can make both you and him feel more valuable about yourself. 

If you crave to make a man pursue you, he has to find that you are not always accessible for him. 

16. Don’t always send him messages

Don’t send him messages all the time.
Don’t send him messages all the time.

How to make him chase you through text? Indeed, he regularly sends you a lot of messages. But it does not mean you also need to do the same thing. Keep in mind that you want him to pursue you.  

Naturally, when you win over him, it is good for you to text him many sentences to share your emotions and love. However, until that time, maintain your messages to a minimum. 

Maybe some of you are considering the right way of sending messages; we then recommend what men want to hear in a text to help you solve the issue.

You will find this tip is very useful in how to make him chase you over text. You can allow him to know you like messaging him by sending suitable stickers and flirty words, but do not answer the messages right away. 

17. Don’t be so easy to be happy

Did he give you a rose? It is so romantic, isn’t it? It is simply a flower. We claim that you can buy it for yourself. 

Never honor the small things he could buy to inspire you. Do not give your feelings to material goods he could buy for you, but give your emotions to the behaviors and the commitment he gives you.

Men understand what they have to “buy” to prevail on a girl, so never become that girl who can get “bought over”. 

Make him know that the best way he can prevail upon you is by his gestures, not the presents he could buy for you.

18. Be proactive on Facebook

Be proactive on social media.
Be proactive on social media.

Update personal information, share fun experiences, post recent images of you in the best version. Let your social media like Facebook, Instagram be updated every day to show your high energy in real life.

It is a helpful tip for how to get a guy to chase you.

If you want to get him to chase you, you should always be in his thoughts. You also have to deepen his jealousy when you are not with him.

You can cause him to hope that he would be the only person spending all the time with you, rather than those friends you are going out with! 

19. Let him see that he is doing properly

If a man is pursuing you and trying to swoon over you, you have to value his efforts. Do not be the ice queen who only requires a man to do all things for her. Be grateful, be heartfelt, and let him see that you are interested in him too.

However, just never be subject to all things he tries to do for offending you.

If you know how to cause a man to chase you in your mind, you can keep patient until you make sure that he actually loves you. He is also ready to spend time and attempt into a romantic relationship he is trying to build up with you.

If you want to know how to make him chase you after a break-up, you should try this tip immediately.

20. Be yourself to make him chase you

Be yourself to make him chase you.
Be yourself to make him chase you.

In the first stage of a romantic relationship, we often try to create the best version of ourselves. Although it is not wrong to leave a positive impression, you should not miss being yourself. 

Initially, when you try to pretend to be an impressive person, he might find you interesting. The downside of this action is that you will have to keep wearing this mask. Otherwise, when you reveal the actual you out, he could lose passion. 

In some situations, when the man does not love the way of who you are, it purely means that the man might be the wrong partner for you.

In this case, you should attempt to reform yourself to be a perfect person. The reason is that it is impractical for you to change yourself forever just for a romantic relationship. 

Initially, you can adjust a few habits, but you will eventually go back to them. If he is not pleased with the actual you, it will get him to leave.

Therefore, it is not necessary to rush into a relationship with a man who does not like you the way you are. In return, if he loves who you are, he will keep his mind and chase you. 

If you want to know how to make him chase you like crazy, the best tip is to be true to yourself.

Final Words

In a modern society with advanced technology, many of us seem to forget that men are people who chase women in the first place. Until now, how to get a man to chase you still shows efficiency in building up a romantic relationship.

You have a crush in your life. You want to go further with him. These above-mentioned methods will help you to make him pursue you. He can even want you more and become pine for you.

You can try each method to see which one is more suitable for your requirements and situations. Remember, keep calm, and you will see good results. 

You want to make him chase you, but you also do not know what signs he wants you more than a friend; you can read our article to get more information.

Thank you for reading!

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