How To Make Her Miss You? Keep Trying And Do Your Best

How to make her miss you? Whether you are a boyfriend or a husband, you all hope that your partner will miss you when you are not around. 

It is simply human essence to want to feel belonged to. Anyway, this feeling will help to strengthen the relationship.

In this post, you will have several methods and tips that will make her miss you.

If you are persistent, thoughtful, and delicate enough, she will certainly miss you when you are not around her. You are like a seductive drug or a sweet candy that she wants to crave owing to your goodness.

Effective Tips for: How To Make Her Miss You

Do you want to know what signs a girl is jealous and likes you? You want her to miss you? Here is the list of useful strategies which will help make her miss you.

Let’s keep reading on and find the suitable methods for your preference as well as your girl’s interest.

1. Become more mysterious

This tip is especially effective when you want to be in a relationship with someone. For the first time you meet her, you find that you want to be with her more. In this case, you will let her know you and get interested in you.

However, make sure that you just show enough information about yourself. Do not say everything at one time. It will make her feel curious about you and want to chat with you more.

Don’t you know how to begin a conversation? Read the article How do you approach a woman.

2. Set apart for some time

how to make her miss you
You should spend some time apart

Even though you are crazy about her and prefer to spend some time together, the suggestion is to give each one of you some time apart. 

You should know that being always together is not a good idea. It will make both of you bored and tired. When doing something repeatedly, you tend to feel dull. 

It is the reason why you should give her space to miss you. Having short breaks will refresh the mind and recharge the energy for both to be ready to meet each other one more time.

3. Spend happy time

You should show her fun time.
You should show her fun time.

How to make her miss you badly? Of course, she will recall fun and happy times with you if you want her to miss you.

You can spend a lot of great dates with your crush, girlfriend, or wife. Giving her a bulk of astonishing experiences is likely to cause her to remember you.

You can bring her to the movie theater. Both of you can participate in a concert together as well. Having a lovely picnic at the weekend is also a great idea.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to make a strong impression. The key is your thoughtfulness and dedication.

4. Don’t be so desperate

When she makes some calls and messages, it is not necessary to respond right away. You should wait for some rings and some seconds before answering.

This action will show that you miss her but not too much. When you miss her, she will be happy about that and also miss you. But if you show your overwhelming love, she may become a little hesitant. It is not good for you.

At the same time, you should not act like you do not care. It will put her down, and she may get rid of you.

5. Don’t act “like a mother”

A mother cares a lot about her children. She wants to know all about them. It is so annoying, and you shouldn’t be like that.

Many people make this mistake because they have a habit of inspecting their partners. It even becomes worse owing to technology. Via smartphones and several apps, it is so easy to keep track of girlfriends’ interests.

How to make girlfriend miss you? Of course, if you are discovering more about your girlfriend, it will show your love and care about her.

But remember to be careful if you don’t want to be a stalker. She will avoid you instead of missing you.

6. Become a reliable man

You should become a reliable man.
You should become a reliable man.

To be reliable will help solve the problem of “how to make her miss you?” Becoming reliable means that you are available to her.

If you are unavailable to talk with her, she can conclude that your life is so busy. In worse situations, she can start to think that you are not keen on her and you may like another girl.

These assessments will displease her, and she is likely to avoid missing you at a certain point.  So you should become a reliable man who can share the idea with her. Your girlfriend or your wife would still feel like she is much needed in your life. 

You want to become not only a reliable guy but also an attractive one, read this post to get more information.

7. Give her things that remind you

You should give hers thing that reminds you.
You should give hers thing that reminds you.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, do not live in a house, or regularly need to travel for work, it is necessary to give her things that make her recall and miss you. 

The thing will depend on your interests or characteristics to remind you. It can be your favorite notebook or a regularly used T-shirt. As a result, she will feel like both of you are together even if you are not around her.

8. Give her beautiful memories

How to keep a girl happy? When you put much effort into filling her life with many wonderful experiences and passionate memories, she will absolutely recognize how much greater, more lively, and more fantastic her life gets with you.

When you are not around her, she will lust after you and miss you very much. She will miss romantic and positive memories that you build up. Even if she is happy or sad, she will pine for you.

In these happy experiences, you need to make sure that she feels safe and protected. Paying her a lot of attention will make her feel important and special to you.

9. Become a sweet man

How to make her miss you and want you back? It does not mean that you should continuously strive to become sweet to your crush or girlfriend. But if you always show rudeness or boredom, she will eventually feel unhappy and not miss you as a result. 

The shortcoming of appreciation and awareness will leave her sad and dispirited. You need to give her some reasons to miss you because of either sweetness or gentleness. If you try to take care of her, she will possibly miss you.

If you don’t feel satisfied with these methods, look at how to attract a woman instantly to have better results. 

10. Call her nightly before you go to bed

It is another great method that will help her pine for you. If you want an answer for how to make her miss you psychology, calling before bed would be great. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, try to call her nightly before going to bed. Messages are not as effective because she cannot hear the sweet and gentle sounds of your voice.

After saying goodnight and hanging up the smartphone, she is going to bed full of your images in her mind. She can even have a romantic dream as a consequence of your phone calls every night.

11. Give her romantic letters

Although people are likely to communicate through a smartphone now, you should never underrate the impact of handwritten notes or letters. Giving her a lovely memento box is also good so that she can preserve your letters and other small presents.

This method will make her miss you through text. When she is sad as you are not around, she can reread these sweet letters to remember you

12. Give her a kiss

You should kiss and hold her.
You should kiss and hold her.

These above strategies are trying to make you a good man so that she can feel dependent on you. But the last strategy will turn you into an ideal boyfriend and husband. Give her passionate kisses and warm holds to show your burning love.

So, how to make her miss you and want you more? A passionate kiss will illustrate your desire for her. A warm hold will show your appreciation and attention for her. She will feel needed and protected. Thanks to these actions, she will always miss you as the one who cares for her most. 

Final Thoughts

So, how to make her miss you? These aforementioned methods are just some of the various romantic strategies. You can practice making sure that she will possibly miss you when you are absent. 

You can try a few tips to see the level of effectiveness. Check her actions to see whether you are successful or not. How to read body language can help you.

It is better to pay attention to how much effort you put to see the result. Keep in mind that your attempts also have impacts on her strong feelings and attachment to you. If you want to know more about boosting your love, Text Chemistry Review can give you answers. And don’t forget to visit for more useful knowledge!

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