The Ultimate Guide For How To Make A Guy Want You

Before reaching the commitment, women have to make sure that the man wants them to be with him for any moment. Once he wants you, nothing can keep him away.

The question is how to make a guy want you. Don’t worry, ladies! HDP Dating will share with you some tips to strengthen your relationship and ensure your man may want you to be by his side all the time.

Let’s read on to discover!

How To Make A Guy Want You?

1. Be kind

A guy will know you’re the person he wants to have around if he sees your kindness. To maximize the possibility of a guy loving you, show affection and empathy to everyone around you.

You can be kind via little acts. Keep the door for others to pass, be punctual with your plans, and smile at strangers on the street.

When interacting with people, being sympathetic may also demonstrate your kind. Accepting your friend’s apologies without making them feel terrible will be a big plus.

How To Make A Guy Want You
Be kind from your heart

2. Be an interesting woman

You know, if you’re boring to a guy when you’re conversing with him, he’ll rapidly lose his interest. If you’re engaging, though, he’ll want to keep speaking and spending time with you.

Next time, before asking how to make a man want you, ask Am I interesting enough? first.

3. Give him private space

Everyone needs privacy, and so does your man. Give him space by pursuing his own hobbies and interests. Make it very clear to him that you have your own circle of friends and hobbies. If he notices that you are self-sufficient, he’ll be more interested in you.

If he invites you for dinner when you already have plans with BFF, don’t reschedule too quickly. If you abandon everything, your boyfriend could think you’re extremely reliant on him. So, just make arrangements with him next time instead.

4. Live your own life

You always hear of “living your own life”, but what exactly does it imply?

Living your own life entails having your own hobbies separate from your partner. This includes things like interests, activities, and even people that you are enthusiastic about.

Have your own life
Have your own life

You have to remind your guy that you love his presence and company. Meanwhile, you also need to let him understand that you don’t require his assistance. Your boyfriend will appreciate you so much if you show him sometimes that you don’t need him so much.

If you truly want him and are willing to give up your life for him, he will immediately realize that he no longer needs to strive for your respect and love.

As a result, for your own life, you’ll be tougher to spend time with and become less available. This is ideal to solve the problem of how to make him want you more.

5. Make interesting conversations

Letting discussions become dull or repetitive is not a good idea. If your conversation appears to be fading, take a break or change the subject. As much as possible, avoid uncomfortable quick conversation.

You may also lengthen your conversation by making questions. For example, he is talking about his favorite movie, you can ask, What is the movie about?. A recommendation for watching it together next time is also a good idea.

6. Be yourself

Always be yourself no matter what you are doing. When it comes to character and personality, it’s essential to be yourself instead of someone else.

Be your unique self
Be your unique self

By pretending to be someone, you are implying that you are uncomfortable with yourself. Many men will immediately get indifferent if they discover this flaw in you.

You’ll be weary of disguising your genuine nature sooner or later. He’ll be tired of finding out which version is you. He also has no idea about your hobbies or interests.

A good relationship is one that lasts a long time. When a guy falls deeply in love with you, just be yourself straight away. This is how to make a guy crazy about you.

7. Be attractive

When it comes to romance, your looks may make or break you. You must appear attractive to delight a man and arouse his interest in you. This is also an effective and common tip for how to make a guy want you more.

Consider what you’re wearing, how tidy your hair is, and if you’re dressed correctly.

An attractive appearance does not imply body-hugging clothes. In the proper conditions, a T-shirt and jeans with the wind blowing in your hair may be just as sultry as a groomed appearance. The key is to be confident, at ease and pleased with yourself.

Be an attractive girl
Be an attractive girl

If you have to idea how to look best, you can consider these tips:

  • Choose outfits and a style that is appropriate for the occasion.
  • Choose clothes that are fitting for the event while also making you feel at ease.
  • No matter where you’re going, try to look your best. You may never know when you’ll run into your true partner.

8. Read his mind

You must first understand what is on a man’s mind before you can win his heart. This quiz, however, is not simple to complete.

You can find the answer in “Discover His Secret Obsession.” The book will teach you how to make him crazy about you.

This book provides scientifically proven advice on how to understand men. It illustrates how a lady may simultaneously attract and take up a man’s mind.

You’re not going to abandon a relationship that proves to be fruitless. All of the concerns will stay clear in the book.

If you follow the steps in a logical order, your partner will feel like needing you for every moment of his life. Then, the question of how to get a guy to want you is simple to answer.

“His Secret Obsession” must be your lifesaver
“His Secret Obsession” must be your lifesaver

9. Listen to him when necessary

It is critical to listen if you want to satisfy your man and make him fall in love with you. Don’t simply speak about it. Find another approach to deal with your anxiety if you speak constantly.

While being with their potential partners, many ladies make the same mistake of speaking more than listening. Of course, the mistake is not only popular among girls. Many guys behave in the same way. However, this is a clear mistake that may easily lose you the guy of your life.

Even a man who isn’t particularly chatty will have something to say. Everyone enjoys being heard. He’ll be unhappy if you keep speaking without offering him the opportunities to voice himself. Making it difficult for him to speak may reduce his possibilities of falling harder in love with you.

10. Be confident

It’s simple to like you if you know how to like yourself. You’re a nice person with unique characteristics. Be sure that you are deserving of love! This is how to get a man to want you.

Never look down on the issue of self. Sure, some women appear to make a living out of trapping men by presenting themselves as victims or vulnerable ladies.

You fear getting left behind if you lack confidence. You must have a sense of self-assurance. It will lead you to get him engaged without anxiety or suspicion of threat.

11. Share with him

It fills you with happiness when you express your hobbies with him. You will surely enjoy yourself while doing it.

When you’re feeling good, those around you feel good too. It’s easily shareable.

So don’t be shy to tell him about what you’re genuinely enthusiastic about. You’re offering him a peek of your true self while you’re doing it. If he’s drawn to it, he’ll build a strong liking for you very rapidly.

Moreover, you’ll feel wonderful then. It will make him feel good too, making him like to be around you even more.

Be comfortable to share things with him
Be comfortable to share things with him

12. Don’t ask for commitment so soon

This is the last tip for how to make a man desire you.

This rule is especially true if you’re having a casual relationship with him and would like to take it to the next level.

However, it’s a good guideline to remember. You can apply it to almost every circumstance with a guy.

Simply put, the guideline is that you must be just as dedicated to him as the way he is to you.

If he’s unsure about making preparations with you, you’re not obligated to follow through. You’re able to pursue the plans you like.

This is all about prioritizing your well-being and self-respect over attempting to satisfy him in whatever way you can. It’s also about expressing to him that you do have a life of your own. If he chooses to stay with you, he must take responsibility.

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There are various tips for how to make a guy want you. The ultimate rule is to be yourself, leave some space for both of you, and show him sympathy.

Once you manage to make your man want you, you don’t have to do anything else. Let the man be your hero then!

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