How To Make A Guy Realize He Loves You? 6 Effective Ways You Should Know

You have been in a relationship with a guy, and you know that he is the one for you. But his behavior makes you feel uncertain and wonder if he is into the relationship as you are.

Sometimes he takes you for granted or doesn’t appreciate you, which makes you sorrowful. So, how to make a guy realize he loves you?

In this article, we will show you some effective ways to make him realize your value and believe you’re the one. Let’s find out together!

How To Make A Guy Realize He Loves You?

Below are some methods for how to make him realize he needs you. By these methods, you can remind him that you deserve more attention from him.

how to make a guy realize he loves you
How to make him believe you’re the one?

1. Show him that you have more than the physical attraction

The fast lifestyle makes some men forget the real value of the woman beside them. So, you should ask him for a serious talk and show him that you also have feelings and needs. He needs to know that you are not just sexual companions but life partners.

You can tell him how good you feel when being with him and your desire to get something in return from him. 

Besides, don’t just stay with him on the bed. It’s better to participate together in some activities that you are good at. In this way, you can show him that you have more than physical attraction. 

2. Enjoy your private time

Maybe your guy takes you for granted because you are usually around him. Thus, it’s time to let him know that your time is valuable. 

You should make some plans to do something you like or attend a new activity. Stop letting him be the 1st priority in your life. If he calls or texts you when you are busy, don’t rush to answer. 

You don’t have to change your schedule to go on a date with him. If he wants to meet you, he needs to wait. Being more challenged is what makes a man chase a woman

When does a man realize he’s in love? It’s when your absence makes him feel empty. So, stop making time for him sometimes will help him know how he needs you. This is also a way to make him think about you all the time.

You should make some plans to do something you like
You should make some plans to do something you like

3. Appreciate him

Men have the hero instinct which makes him wants to protect and care for the one he loves. But he also needs to feel respected by his significant other.

Therefore, your appreciation is very important to make him realize he needs you. You should do more than giving him compliments on regular things.

You can express your admiration when he tells you about his successful work project. Or tell him that he is the one who gives you a sense of safety and peace. Also, it’s necessary to say “thank you” more regularly, and make thoughtful gestures to show him your appreciation by actions.

By letting him know you recognize his efforts, you have trigger his hero instinct. He won’t feel like you take him for granted and want to do more for you.


4. Become close to his family and friends

He won’t be able to ignore you if everyone around him talks about you. Thus, having a good relationship with his family and friends is a good way on how to make a man realize he loves you and make him commit.

You can visit his family once in a while and do something together. In this way, you will have support from his family, which is a great advantage for your relationship. 

Besides, don’t forget to get well acquainted with his friends. Inviting them to your home for parties or enjoy a girls’ night are some ideas to make you closer to them.

You should have a good relationship with his family
You should have a good relationship with his family

5. Trust him and support him when he needs

Men are also vulnerable, but they rarely show their weakness. Your man has a lot of pressure in life, but he can’t groan about it all day. So, you should believe in him and become his devoted supporter.

Your support is what makes him think you’re the one. You should be sensitive enough to encourage him at the right time. Avoid making arguments with him in public because it can knock his self-esteem. You can mention the problem again when there are only you and him. 

Besides, you should show him that you don’t mind his imperfections. Trying to change him as you want only pushes him far from you.

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You should believe in him and become his devoted supporter
You should believe in him and become his devoted supporter

6. Learn how to understand his mind

Understanding your man’s mind will help you find the right way to tell him you are the one. And one of the simplest ways is to consult some books or programs about relationships. 

Make Him Worship You is an online program you can consult. With six modules, this program will give you the guide for how to make a man want only you. You can read the Make Him Worship You review to see if this program is what you are looking for. 

Signs He Considers You As The One

After finding the best way for how to make him realize he loves you, you need to give him some time to change. When he has the following signs, he truly considers you as the one. 

1. You can see the real him when he is with you

When a man considers you as his lifetime partner, he won’t hide his real self when staying with you. 

He will take off his usual seriousness and feel comfortable acting silly in front of you. He won’t pretend to be cool or have a perfect life when he doesn’t.

Also, he trusts you so he can be vulnerable around you. If you see this sign in your guy, that means he loves you.

You can see the real him when he is with you
You can see the real him when he is with you

2. He enjoys making time for you

If a man arranges his work to make time for you, it’s one of the signs he cares about you more than a friend

He spends his time doing some romantic activities like having a candlelit dinner or just staying by your side doing nothing.

He finds happiness when doing anything with you. To him, you are the one he is looking for, so he always wants to be with you. 

3. He does little but meaningful things for you

If your boyfriend is a shy guy, he will give you more actions than words. 

How do shy guys show interest? He will do little but meaningful things for you.

He remembers your favorite snacks and buys them for you on the way home. He will pay attention to you to help if necessary. His actions tell you that he thinks about you all the time. 

4. He is attentive to you

An attentive man can see into your mood without asking anything. He always knows when you need an intimate hug to erase your fatigue.

He anticipates your needs and responds to them quickly. When a man is attentive to you, it means you are important to him. 

He is attentive to you
He is attentive to you

5. You are present in his plan

When your guy realizes that you are the one for him, he will make a plan with you. 

He will ask you about your desired wedding or where you would like to live with him. He also consults your opinion before making any important decision. He needs you and wants you to become a part of his life from now on.

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Above are some tips for how to make a guy realize he loves you. In a relationship, sometimes your partner may be too comfortable and make you feel unappreciated. When you are in this situation, you should be patient and remind him about your importance. You can find more useful tips to have a healthy relationship on our website: Thank you for reading!

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