How To Keep Your Women Happy? [6 Rules Of A Happy Relationship]

Men are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to relationships, dating, and romance. We adore our women, but we have no idea how to show faithfulness and our desire for them. The lack of love expression can cool down the flame and build up stress in a relationship.

How to keep your women happy? Loads of boys ask us this question.

Actually, the things we can do to amuse our girls depend on their preferences. HDP Dating believe there are six solid rules you should follow to nurture a long-term relationship. This guide is generally applicable in any situation, whether she is your wife or the girl you plan to chase.

Now, let us clue you in!

How To Keep Your Women Happy?

how to keep your women happy
Her happiness is your happiness

Although understanding a woman’s emotions is never an easy task, you don’t have to make it so complicated. It’s not too expensive or time-consuming to please a woman, particularly if she loves the way you are.

You can take these six strategies into account to make her happy.

Be A Good Listener

She needs an enthusiastic listener besides to be happy.
She needs an enthusiastic listener besides to be happy.

A straightforward way of how to keep a girl happy is to listen to every story in her life. We usually focus on big things, like gifts or luxury trips, instead of this simple yet important fundamental.

It’s not about passive listening; we mean you need to listen eagerly and attentively when your girl is immersed in talking. No matter what the topics are, it’s your duty to let her be a passionate storyteller without any interruption. This way, she’ll be happy that you care about what happens to her.

Many boys would  explain the problems and come up with solutions when she’s mad at something. Indeed, it’s not a good idea to do so.

All she needs at the time is someone to vent rage and frustration to, not the one that coaches her.

You just simply listen, understand, and be there for her. That’s how to be a man in a relationship.

Be Sincere

What a man should do in a relationship is never lie, even if your lies are not a big deal. You’d better be sincere with your lover from the start.

Any lie would eventually come to light, but lies create a painful rift in the relationship and destroy her trust in you. Without trust, love means nothing.

The key is to stay honest no matter what happens or how bad things are. You just tell her everything. Instead of getting mad at you, she would rather be happy because you choose to tell her the truth in the end.

After all, no girl wants to date a great liar and pretender.

Be Loyal

Expressing love in public is one of the ways to make her happy.
Expressing love in public is one of the ways to make her happy.

Loyalty is what makes a man a good lover. It’s not too far-fetched to say loyal men are few and far between nowadays. If you can prove your faithfulness, then she’s the happiest girl in the world.

A boy may have a lot of social and outgoing contacts or lady friends. Sometimes, his girlfriend might feel insecure about these acquaintances. You know it right? She loves you, and she worries about other girls snagging you.

If you can’t be clear and leave her in doubt, your relationship would end up with arguments and misunderstandings.

You can let your girlfriend know she’s the only one in your life through many ways. Say you hold her hand in public, take her out with your friends, or post a picture of you together on Instagram.

Your woman will be over the moon if she knows her man is a trustworthy, loyal person.

Be Sweet

A difference between a long-term relationship and a new couple is the sweet things they do for each other.

Those who have been together for years may consider romantic stuff unnecessary. However, it is these little sweet things that nurture the flame and refresh the relationship.

You can show your sweetness in both words and actions. Say you simply buy her small gifts for no special reason or event. A surprising present, like a favorite book or teddy bear, can even make her day.

Sometimes, you can text her a lovely message, like ‘Miss you already!’, even when you meet the other everyday. Text Chemistry Review will help you more to express love via texts if you wish.

What’s more, you can even be boldly sweet by smothering her with burning kisses. After an argument, you just suddenly kiss her and let the lips contact help you put an end to the fight. Other than that, you’ll see the signs of female arousal body language on her – a great chance to start a passionate night!

Respect Her

A healthy relationship needs mutual respect.
A healthy relationship needs mutual respect.

One of the tips on being a good boyfriend is to treat her with great respect. You’ll receive the same for sure.

It’s about respecting her opinions and perspectives, giving her space, and valuing her views and time.

The most expressive gesture of respect is that you include her in the decision-making process. Before jumping to any conclusion, you should consult her ideas and thoughts.

This way, not only can she help with important decisions and feel valued but it also reduces arguments in the relationship.

Protect Her

How to be a confident man in a relationship? You will be confident once you make sure your girl can rely on you.

Women don’t need a superhero to be their boyfriends. But they need the ones who are always there to give a hand.

Whenever your girlfriend struggles to deal with a problem, you should be there at least for her peace of mind. Your consistent presence makes her feel blessed and secure.

What makes a man attractive is their reliability. By saving her from very simple daily problems, like carrying heavy stuff or bringing them home on rainy days, you have already become her favorite superman.

After all, girls want a man that can be with them not only at fulfilled moments but also through their toughest times.

What To Say To Make A Woman Happy?

Apart from expressive actions, sometimes, you can also keep your partner happy by some heart-melting words. One of Woodrow Wyatt’s famous quotes is that: ‘A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.’ So, words can work, too!

Romantic Words

  • Loving you and making you feel special is one of my life’s goals.
  • You’re more than just pretty. You’re charming and fabulous. You’re perfect.
  • Your smile heals my mind and heart.

Cute things

  • How can you run in my head all the time without getting tires?
  • I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.
  • A lucky star is dancing in your eyes.

Beautiful things

  • Your fragrance and smile appeared in my last night’s dream.
  • You step into my life and make it a beautiful dream. From now on, if I am ever without you, you turn it into a nightmare.


A man’s happiness is to see smiles blooming on his lover’s face. As a man, your duty is to give her every reason to feel special, blessed, and loved.

It’s important to treasure your beautiful relationship by covering her with affection and happiness. This way, she is yours forever.

You have to promise us to follow all the rules above which show you how to keep your women happy.

Now, let’s go and make that amazing woman the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!

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