Some Tips On How To Get My Wife Back When She Wants A Divorce

Not all marriages fail because both of them fall out of love for each other. Sometimes, the breakdown in a marriage is due to a mistake or a person wanting to leave.

When the wife wants to leave, many men wish to find a way to keep them. So, How to get my wife back when she wants a divorce? To answer this question, read through the following information.

The ways mentioned below are common solutions that people use and offer great opportunities on how to fix a marriage that is falling apart.

Let’s get right into the details!

How To Get My Wife Back When She Wants A Divorce?

For those who are close to the breakdown of their marriage, who are looking for answers to how to save your marriage, try these 3 steps:

Admit that you’re wrong

how to get my wife back when she wants a divorce
Admit that you’re wrong with your wife

What to do when your wife wants a divorce? Take a look at yourself.

If you also feel that the upcoming breakup is largely your fault, accept it. Sometimes admitting you’re wrong isn’t so difficult, and it solves almost all emotional problems.

In reflecting and accepting your flaws, you may realize that you are not a good partner in this marriage. Maybe, you break promises, you have a temper, and you react negatively about everyday things.

You have to accept that sometimes your carelessness hurts your wife. Acknowledging which she was wrong helps your wife feel more comfortable about this marriage before deciding to take the final step.

That’s why it’s important to accept your own mistakes.

Check your words and actions

Check your words and actions
Check your words and actions

If possible, tactfully ask your wife about the problems she has to endure because of you. Then you should memorize or make a list of those things.

Review and see clearly what your real problem is. Remember, during the discussion, don’t make excuses. At the same time, don’t let anger take over you again.

Don’t say offensive, blaming words to her. It is not advisable to provoke at this time because it will cause anger in you. This will continue to be a deep rift in your marriage.

After you have a specific list, you should be alone and try to find out, put yourself in her place.

The most effective way to do well at this step is to accept and learn from your past mistakes. Sometimes, truth and fairness won’t be as important as emotions in a romantic relationship.

Sorry for the mistake

Sorry for the mistake
Sorry for the mistake

how to convince wife to save marriage? Of course, apologize frankly for your mistake.

Maybe some problems don’t start with you, but you should admit that they’re negatively affecting her. Therefore, apologize and express how sorry you are for hurting her.

An apology never makes things worse, which is why it’s the best way to fix a broken marriage. After apologizing, the woman is easy to soften.

So your wife will feel that you understand her better, and she will appreciate your comfort.

Change yourself

Changing yourself is the most practical answer to how to get my wife back when she wants a divorce.

It may take some time to change yourself. However, all problems in marriage will be much better when you change yourself. You can try to change yourself in the simplest ways, like anger and communication.

Learn to control anger

Try to control anger
Try to control anger

It is always said that anger is the killer of love. Therefore, if you want love to heal, let go of anger.

You should know how to control your anger even when your wife is wrong. Calmness and tolerance are always the keys to all problems. If you find it too difficult to manage your anger on your own, take some psychology classes or seek professional help.

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Change the way you communicate

Change the way you communicate
Change the way you communicate

Changing the way you communicate is one of the most practical answers to Getting my wife back when she’d like a divorce.

Usually, before coming to a final decision, there will be many arguments, quarrels, and even violence between two people. Some people also choose the cold war way to solve the problem.

Don’t be like that. If you need a solution to how to stop a divorce, change the atmosphere between us with fun conversations. People always desire tenderness and humor over anger and sadness.

Therefore, try to create a happy atmosphere between you and him while you have the opportunity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to try to be happy even if you don’t want to. Find topics that you feel comfortable talking to her about. The way of communication will partly heal the interaction between two people.

For those who have reached the final step of their marriage, a divorce petition has been filed. The answer to the wife filing for divorce and getting her back is always what you are looking for. 

Don’t worry. Try starting over with these 3 steps.

Start a new beginning

Make a fresh start when you feel you’re ready for what excites your ex. To understand better, you should understand yourself.

If you are a person of no opinion, change to a person of thought and steadfastness. If you are a patriarch, try to be more relaxed. Try changing yourself with more positive sides and prepare for the new beginning of the two of you.

Changing for the better will help your wife understand that she matters to you. At the same time, the constancy in her will easily melt, and you have a chance again. Prepare for new beginnings carefully and start them off naturally.

Pursue her again

The next answer to how to get your wife back after divorce is to go after her again.

Don’t do what you should do before, and you need a new and more attractive method. Do not pursue too quickly because it can create pressure and discomfort for the other party.

Stay in touch from time to time and take an interest in her life. This will help her feel that you are sophisticated, shareable, and attract her again.

Small things but right to the point will help your relationship gradually get better. At the same time, the hope of reconnecting with her also became much more realistic.

Promising and Realizing the Future

Once your feelings are at a good enough level, show her your sincerity and change. At the same time, you should make a promise and show your wife that you will indeed deliver on that good promise.

At this point, you will easily recognize the signs your wife wants to reconcile with your spouse.


Above is some information to help you better understand the answer to the question: How to get my wife back when she wants a divorce? or How to convince wife to save marriage?. You can completely apply it yourself or find out more information through our Self Help Skills website. Hope you can mend your relationship as you expected.

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