How To Get Him To Commit And Want You For Everyday Of His Life?

Commitment is the most reliable promise ever. When someone wants a commitment with you, he is saying that he will love you forever.

Unluckily, some modern people show little interest in the commitment. To them, it is an obligation. If your man stays among these people, you can easily realize it.

But, there are still ways for the matter. How to get him to commit? This article will share with you some useful tips and the reasons why they can work.

Let’s read on and be ready to build a commitment with your man!

How To Get Him To Commit?

1. No pressure

If you are asking how to make him commit without pressure, the first thing to do is place no pressure on him. Instead of serious conversations, show him your interest in his opinion on commitment.

Encourage him to tell you how he truly feels. Even if you disagree with his ideas, don’t be defensive. This gives him a sense of comfort towards you. And, he will believe that you value his opinions.

How To Get Him To Commit
No pressure in the talk

2. Give him some time and space

Offer him space and time to show him that you aren’t really needy or clinging.

Many men, especially the successful ones, have difficulty splitting their time for a woman who is constantly nagging them into a commitment. This is how to get a man to commit.

3. Stay by his side

This is another solution for how to make him commit. Just be there with him any time he needs. Let him think that he can lean on you.

Emotional support is always what a man looks for in his woman.

If he knows he can rely on you in those crucial situations, he will not rush to abandon you. This is because you are irreplaceable to him.

Stay by his side
Stay by his side

4. Understand his mind

Before winning a man’s heart, you have to know what is on his mind. However, this quiz is not easy to solve.

For the solution, you can try “His Secret Obsession Review”. The book will show you how to make him chase you and commit.

This book contains scientifically validated information on how to comprehend a man. It depicts how a lady may attract and occupy a man’s mind at the same time.

You’re not going to give up on a relationship that turns out to be pointless. All of the issues are plainly stated. Your boyfriend will be unable to ignore you if you follow the procedures in a logical manner.

“His Secret Obsession” let you read your man’s mind
“His Secret Obsession” let you read your man’s mind

5. Meet his family

This is one of the first stages in commitment. It should take place after a few months of dating.  

To avoid pressure, bring it up gently during a discussion when he is talking about his family. If he says he’ll take you to visit them soon, don’t ask him for the exact time.

If you receive the same reaction all the time, you might need a clear answer. If he declines, he is not ready for you to enter his life.

6. Befriend with his friends

Getting along with his friends is one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship. If you can pull it off, they will be less likely to judge your relationship with negative comments.

Stopping him from meeting his buddies is never a smart option. If you may not like one or more of his friends, don’t allow it to build a gap between you and your partner. Everything gets worse if you criticize them or cause drama with them.

When you can live in harmony with his family and friends, it will be a lot simpler for him to imagine his future with you.

Befriend with his friends
Befriend with his friends

7. Avoid jealousy

Don’t think that jealousy is the answer for how to get a guy to commit. It appears to be the worst approach ever.

Making your man jealous will result in a lot of crying, fights, and your boyfriend leaving. Men prefer women who are fully devoted to them.

So, don’t flirt with acquaintances or outsiders. You should limit mentioning your ex unless your man asks you about him.

8. Be attractive

Being beautiful isn’t only about how you appear from the outside. It’s also about how you are on the inside. Men like women who are self-sufficient and confident.

You deserve a guy who misses you when you are not around. Picturing a future with you seems easier because there is always a beautiful woman waiting for him at home. This is about how to make him miss you and commit.

9. Experience fun things together

There must always be common things for you two to share and do together. This is for a healthy and ideal relationship.

If you’ve been hanging out and want the man to miss you and commit, you’ll have to do more than the normal everyday activities.

You have to seek out opportunities to make memories that will enrich your life. Trying some extreme activities or exciting sports can be great options.

When a man spends a good time with you, he will be less afraid of commitment.

Experience interesting things with him
Experience interesting things with him

10. Make him feel that he is special

Show your gratitude for anything he accomplishes, such as the dinners he prepares, or job advancement. You may invite him out to eat or to a football game.

Simple actions like listening to him and not questioning too much can also make him feel special.

Why is this important? Well, men like women who often appreciate them. In the future, these simple appreciations can help to cement your relationship.

11. Be a romantic partner

Don’t try to be romantic to impress him. Just do it naturally instead.

Be intimate with him in your own special manner. Demonstrate how sincere your love and devotion are for him.

Nothing in a relationship is more enjoyable than a romantic partner.

If you have no idea about being romantic, just show him your concern. Care for him with all your heart. And, he can feel the romance.

12. Be yourself

This must be the best answer for how to make a guy commit. You cannot be someone else for your entire life. If you do not like football, do not pretend to like it to please your boyfriend.

You want him to build a commitment with you, not with the person he believes you are.

Be yourself - The ultimate rule
Be yourself – The ultimate rule


There are tons of methods to answer the question of how to get him to commit. The result depends on your man and how you deal with the situation.

Commitment is not a word. It needs action. If you stay still, nothing can happen. Men are not afraid of commitment. They just don’t want to end up with the wrong person. If you are his missing piece, make him believe that!

HDP Dating hope that a commitment will become an important mark in your relationship soon. Thank you for reading!

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