How To Be Irresistible To Men? Some Useful Tips To Attract Any Guy

When you have a crush on a man, you will want him to desire you and only you. To make a guy only yours, you will need to be an attractive woman that no man can resist.  So, how to be irresistible to men?

Men not only get attracted to your appearance but also your inner values. So, to become an irresistible woman to the opposite sex, the most important thing is to improve yourself.

You should make yourself both physically and emotionally irresistible. In this way, you can make any guy crave for you.

Let’s get right into the details!

how to be irresistible to men
How to become an irresistible woman?

How To Be Irresistible To Men?

Here we have some tested and tried tips for how to be irresistible to a man. Many women have used these tips and find them effective in attracting men’s attention. 

1. Become confident

Men admit that confident women have a special attraction that they can’t resist. So, the first step on how to make yourself irresistible to a man is confidence. You need to believe that you are attractive before expecting others to feel the same way. 

If you don’t have many advantages in terms of appearance, confidence makes up for them. Boosting your confidence will help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of men.  

Moreover, confidence will help you realize how high your self-worth is and find a man that deserves you. 

Confident women have a special attraction
Confident women have a special attraction

2. Act as a nice person

If your ideal partner is a kind-hearted and genuine man, being a nice girl will make you very attractive to him. 

You should be kind and treat everyone with respect and courteousness. Your nice behavior will show your unselfishness in love. Many modern women lack this quality, so you will turn to be a specially attractive chick for men. So, being kind is also an act that makes him want you.

3. Keep yourself a bit mysterious

Don’t rush to let a man know everything about you. Keeping something of you a mystery is one of the best tips for how to be irresistible to him

When you and he are on a date, don’t provide detailed answers to all of his questions. When he asks about your private life, you can reveal a bit, and save the rest for other dates. Thereby, he can’t resist meeting you again to know more about you.

4. Have a good sense of humor

Men want to have fun and comfortable moments after stressful and tiring working hours. Thus, they will appreciate a woman with a good sense of humor.

A man needs someone to respond to his jokes, and a humorous girl is very good at this job. Both will laugh together and share the joy. Therefore, having a good sense of humor is how to become irresistible to a man.

You don’t have to be a comedian, but you need to know how to see things from a funny perspective and make life easier. In this way, your man will want to be with you all the time.

Men will appreciate a woman with a good sense of humor
Men will appreciate a woman with a good sense of humor

5. Be independent

Like confidence, independence is also a trait that men find irresistible in women. An independent woman has her target and passion in life.

Her life is abundant. And she is always busy with her works, interests, family, and friends. So, she is not available all the time for dating

However, the nature of men is chasing, so they have an interest in challenged women. Thus, being independent is a part of learning how to be irresistible to guys

You should set your life goals and go for them. Enjoy your vibrant and busy life instead of spending too much time with a guy. This tip is effective for how to make him chase you in a relationship.

6. Raise your positivity

Nobody wants to be around a negative person who is always angry and sad about everything. So, positivity is what you need for how to become irresistible to your man

If you are naturally positive, show it through what you say and what you do. You will spread positive energy to the people around you and become an attractive woman. 

On the other hand, if you think that you are a negative person, you should change your mindset. When you consider any issue, look at its good side before digging into the bad side. In this way, you can gradually build a happy attitude and become more positive.

Positivity is what you need to become irresistible to men
Positivity is what you need to become irresistible to men

7. Love your body

An irresistible woman will love her body. Maybe you don’t reach the hourglass figure that many women desire, but your body is still beautiful. 

There is no fixed standard for beauty and sexiness because the perception of each person is different. Therefore, you don’t need to starve yourself or work out too much. Just love your body, have a healthy diet and exercise properly.

Also, it’s better to appreciate what you have and be confident about your beauty. 

8. Pick the right scent

Smelling good is what makes a woman attractive physically. So, you should find the right scent and smell delicious. 

To have an attractive smell, first, you should take care of your hygiene. It’s better to take a shower every day with the good-smelling shower gel and use some lotion afterward. You will have a nice natural body odor. 

Besides, you should pick the right fragrance that matches your pheromones. In this way, your scent will be especially irresistible to any man around you. 

Smelling good will make a woman irresistible
Smelling good will make a woman irresistible

9. Don’t forget to make eye contact

Making eye contact is an effective way to show your confidence and connect with someone. 

Looking into each other’s eyes while talking will make you closer. So, you should try to make the most of eye contact when you are together. You can catch his eye, look right into it and smile, even wink sometimes. He will surely feel connected and get attracted to you. 

10. Feel free to share your opinion

Sometimes, you may avoid speaking up your mind because your opinion is different from others. You are afraid that the person you want to attract will not like your point of view. 

However, do you know men will dig it if you share your thoughts? They will see you as a smart and articulate woman. So, just speak up your mind, share your views and beliefs. That’s what men want to hear from a woman.

11. Show your interest in him

By showing your interest in the man you have a crush on, you will boost his ego. Thereby, he will start noticing you and want to know more about you. 

But it’s not good if you show him too much interest. He will think that you want to control his life and won’t be interested in you. So, remember to make a balance when you choose this way.

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Show your interest in him
Show your interest in him

12. Learn from experts

Another effective method to become an irresistible woman is to get some professional knowledge.

You can attend some online courses or read books about relationships. One of the recommended guidebooks for women is Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter. 

The author of this book is an experienced relationship expert, and he will show you how to make a guy desire you. Through this book, you will know how to be irresistible to your boyfriend.

To know more about the Make Him Desire You guidebook, you can read the full review at

Final Words

Hopefully, by the tips we shared, you have known how to be irresistible to men. There are many ways to make the opposite sex attracted to you, but the key is to be the best version of yourself. Let your inner beauty shine so that no man will be able to resist. To know more about how to be an attractive woman, you can visit our website at Thank you for reading!

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