Some Guides On How To Approach Women

Modern women are quite intelligent and know how to behave. This makes men hesitant to know how to approach them.

When a man feels confused because he doesn’t know how to approach a girl face to face. There are times when a man feels twisted to become bolder because the following article will share how to approach women in a smart way.

Let’s explore together!

Things To Know Before Approaching Women

Before knowing how to approach females, you must learn some information related to them. Not many people know these things. So you have to consult them right away.

Eye contact

How To Approach Women
Eye contact to your girl

The first thing you see when you see a woman is that you have to like them. Making eye contact to show your desire to get to know each other is essential.

Usually, women can see you through their eyes. Therefore, you need to give them the most affectionate gaze. Make sure to keep eye contact steady, focusing only on her eyes. If you roll your eyes constantly, you will lose points with them.

Formal clothes

An important thing that cannot be ignored when approaching women is clothing. You don’t have to be too formal in how you dress, just wear the clothes you’re confident in. This is the best way to show yourself as well as your social status.

It is worth noting that most women do not like messy, unclean men. Through the suit, people will judge a part of your personality.

Show body language

According to their feelings and instincts, girls will read body language to know if you are a trustworthy person to get to know. The key to girls’ recognition is their body language.

On the other hand, once you’ve got her attention, body language is even more important.

For example, if you are moving quickly to a certain location, you will guess that the person has a clear purpose. Therefore, the gestures as well as the movements you should pay attention to in front of them.

Facial expressions

Facial expressions
Facial expressions

Besides body language, a man’s facial expressions also attract them. The joy through the smile and eyes is the key to making your approach faster. This is the best way on how to approach Scorpio women.

A loud and powerful voice

No matter what situation you meet in, you should show strong bravery through your voice. Women are often attracted to warm and loud voices. You can completely take the initiative to make the story plays with a strong tone of voice.

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How To Approach Women?

If you know what you need to know before you want to approach women, you can start talking to them.

The simplest way to approach a woman is to create a conversation naturally and express a desire to get to know her.

For shy people, approaching others makes them uncomfortable. At this point, you should actively find an interesting common topic to discuss with them. While sharing, you should add jokes to make the story more fun.

Although the approach depends on the immediate situation if you know how it becomes easy. Some of the techniques in the most common scenarios below will help you understand better.

Approaching a girl walking

While walking, you see a girl you like, first move naturally close to a reasonable distance. You should not face them directly, but running will be quite impolite. Then turn around and say hello cheerfully.

On the other hand, if she’s walking in your direction, initiate eye contact. It’s best to look at them the way you look adorable. In this way, the other person will surely catch your thoughts quickly.

Approaching a girl on the phone

Today’s social network is developing rapidly so that men no longer waste time approaching someone. You may or may not know each other, but the two of you still talk comfortably. This way is a bit risky when you do not see the opponent well.

Accordingly, through dating apps or services, men can easily choose the girl they like. You should start a conversation with a greeting or compliment them on their beauty through photos.

In addition, you can use the icons in the chatbox to send them to attract attention.

Because it is a quick and convenient way to get acquainted with a girl, some men often choose this way.

However, this approach does not yield a lasting relationship. There are even some cases where it is dangerous to get acquainted through social networks like this.

Approach a girl at a coffee shop

Approach a girl at a coffee shop
Approach a girl at a coffee shop

The way you approach the opponent here also makes many people curious. Although the space of coffee shops has many guests, it is also an advantage for you to start a conversation with others.

For example, in the situation, you see a girl reading a book and feel like her. This is your chance to talk about what she likes by asking about the book they’re reading. Next is to share this hobby with her or borrow the books they have to prolong the conversation.

The best way is to know that what they are doing shares the same interests as you. At that time, you will reach faster and ensure that the two will have a certain connection.

Approaching a girl in a bar

A bar is a crowded place, and the space is quite lively. Therefore, approaching a girl in a bar is not difficult, but you must pay attention to the circumstances.

The first and most important thing is to be happy as soon as you walk in and socialize with your people. Surely there will be the eyes of the girls there to notice you. Continue with a simple greeting or introduction.

In case that girl already likes you, she will say hello back right away.

But if they’re not impressed with you yet, it’s a good idea to bring up an appropriate topic for a quick conversation. Because the bar is noisy, they can choose to talk about the drinks and types of water they like.

You should pay attention not to offer them drinks without talking and getting to know them. The best way is to chat, drink together, and make an offer to meet again next time. This is very interesting because it helps you maintain this budding relationship.

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All the shares of the article have helped you know the smartest way to approach women. Be bold enough to follow these steps for a long-lasting relationship in the future.

Good luck!

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