How Do You Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

We are sure that you guys have wondered about how you ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Of course, there are times you always look for a way to get her to nod in agreement. But not everyone is successful.

Below HDP Dating have suggested useful methods that you need to know when preparing to flirt with a girl.

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How Do You Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend?

how do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend
How Do You Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend?

The only way a girl can accept to be your girlfriend is to approach. Then look for opportunities to confess. Of course, you can’t think that a girl you like will immediately like you back.

Or do you just assume that they secretly agree to have a relationship with you based on something small?

Nothing is certain when you have not opened your mouth and received an official answer. Do not force those thoughts into your mind because they often backfired compared to the original intention.

In fact, when you want to ask someone to be your girlfriend, you need to do it at the most appropriate time and context. Because then your chances of success will be quite high.

More importantly, however, how do you express your desire for her? Are you worthy of her spending time with you?

Indirect Approach

This method simply means you start reaching out to her through social media. So how to ask someone out on Instagram? Stay tuned to find the answer!

Get acquainted

Start texting and chatting like normal friends. The content of the message is simple but must show that she is important to you.

Besides, you should avoid saying sentences with boring content.

For example, “what are you doing”, “have you eaten” or “the weather is nice today, do you want to go out with me”. Repeated statements cause boredom.

So, how to know when to ask a girl out? The fact that you ask to take her out too soon, of course, the answer you get is a refusal!

Messages of interest

Messages of interest
Messages of interest

Of course, if you want to get attention from the girl you like. You must constantly show concern and concern.

For example, ask her what she is doing, and how her day is. Even make a funny little joke. That can make her happier and more interested in you, not boring.

However, don’t let that mean you text too much in a day. Or you intentionally ask questions that aren’t worth asking.

From there, make the other person feel that you are annoying and gradually create distance from you.

Compliment or sweet text

As your flirting signs of progress, try interweaving sweet words. You compliment her most subtly. Maybe say that you miss her from time to time.

However, it should not be too talkative. So you should speak carefully to make the other person enjoy but not feel disgusted.

Deliberately sent a picture of her and said, “you look so pretty in this picture.” Or cleverly say: ‘when can I see this cute face of yours. In addition, when texting, you can use love icons to increase romance!

Say you like her

Just do it when you feel that your affection and sincerity have moved the other person. Now that we’re close to the finish line, let’s continue to be a little clearer.

You don’t have to be too stressed or serious. You need to keep it simple and have fun together. In fact, these are just indirect written statements.

If she gradually develops feelings for you through daily text messages. Let’s start confessing!

For example, you could say ‘I really like you’ or ‘Do I have a chance to go on a date with you?‘ While an indirect confession is not ideal, it is your only option if it is not possible to meet in person.

Direct Approach

This is the more simple and clear method. However, it does not take as much time as the above method. But the other party will feel your affection and sincerity in the most obvious way.

Get to know her

The first step to approaching a girl directly is to befriend her. Take the time to learn about your interests, studies, and daily life like a friend.

You should show that you are more interested in her. Also, see what she likes to talk about or see if the two are compatible.

Make an appointment

Dating appointment
Dating appointment

How to get a girl to hang out with you? When your relationship has progressed a bit, you can ask her to hang out with you.

You can take her out to eat, drink coffee or go for a walk in the park. Better ask her to pick a place she likes. This helps her make me feel accepted and respected in this relationship.

If you’re the bold one, just ask her to spend some alone time in the afternoon or evening, maybe a weekend. In particular, keep the plan secret and surprise the opponent.

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Give a gift

Girls, of course, love giving gifts. So, you can consider giving her a small donation. This will be the act of scoring points in her eyes. The facility doesn’t need to be special or expensive.

As long as you understand her preferences and give them to her, we suggest a bouquet, a box of chocolates, or lipstick. Although simple, it will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Confess your feelings

After spending time as friends having fun together. You have sensed her gradually developing feelings in this relationship.

At this moment, you can start expressing your feelings from the bottom of your heart. The most important thing is to be confident, not shy when saying confessions.

Some confessions like “We’ve known each other for a while, now can you agree to go on a date with me?“. Another example you might say is: “I was with you as a friend or brother. Can I come to you as a boyfriend now?

Here are a few tips that we think will help if you want to confess to a girl. However, with all our knowledge, we advise less experienced guys to find some courses to improve their flirting skills.

One of our highly recommended training courses is the Obsession method, a very new approach to love affairs. You can fully learn more about this method with this “Obsession method review” article.


We all always wish that there will be a romantic love with the girl we like. Love makes oneself more joyful and makes life more colorful. Hope this article will help you answer the question “how do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?“.

Good luck!

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