What To Do When Feeling Unwanted In A Relationship?

The common situation, where both sides stay together but feel like they’ve already fallen apart, usually occurs to long-term couples or spouses. Inevitable loneliness comes and ruins our relationship despite our effort to build and retain solid happiness.

One day you’ll literally feel isolated and helpless in your relationship although you meet the other every day. If that’s already the case, you should find ways to fix it, as feeling unwanted leaves us unresolved trauma and increasing stress.

HDP Dating knows your problem and is willing to help save the situation and make you feel more loved. This article tells you what to do when you’re feeling unwanted in a relationship and whether you should stop being together.

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What Makes You Feel Unwanted?

feeling unwanted in a relationship
It’s emotionally draining when feeling helpless in a relationship.

Why do I feel unloved and alone? There are lots of factors affecting your sense of belonging to a relationship.

To begin with, you might experience loneliness when your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to you. He may be too busy working and not show interest when you’re together. Once he no longer cares about you, it’s a real emotional pain.

Besides, the lack of sex and intimacy is another reason for feeling unmatched. Your husband may reject romance or sexual desire more frequently. How sad it is that your dearest person doesn’t want to be close to you!

What’s more, women usually suffer loneliness after having a baby. A newborn makes parents up to their ears all day, causing lots of stress and distant behaviors between them.

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What To Do When Feeling Unwanted In A Relationship?

The key to problem-solving is understanding the problematic root factor and knowing your partner well. Depending on the reasons why you feel lonely and unwanted, the actions you take to save your relationship from a sad ending will be different.

We bring five solutions, which are applicable to almost any situation, to the table.

Don’t Lose Your Self-Esteem

You don’t have to devalue yourself because of negative feelings.
You don’t have to devalue yourself because of negative feelings.

Feeling unloved in a relationship can spark the self-doubt tendency. You keep questioning yourself, ‘Am I any good?’ ‘Did I do something wrong?’ or ‘Am I losing my attractiveness?

You’d better stop building these things up in your head now before you ruin your self-confidence. If you don’t appreciate yourself, his appreciation means nonsense.

To protect your self-esteem, you can focus on your personal pursuits, like work or hobbies. Throwing yourself into other things will lessen the toxicity in your mind and motivate positive thoughts.

What to do when you feel unwanted? You want and love yourself first.

Talk To Your Partner Frankly

What should I do when my boyfriend makes me feel unwanted? If you ask, we advise you to have a straight conversation with the one causing this feeling.

Expressing your feelings is way more effective than just sitting and hoping your man realizes what you’re suffering. Many relationship issues become easier thanks to healthy communication.

Once you make sure the problem isn’t from you, it’s time to be frank. You’ll tell them how you feel, how they’ve hurt you, and ask if you guys can work on the issue together.

When discussing your feelings, you should stay calm, listen to him, and avoid blaming him angrily.

Put Yourself In His Shoes

Sometimes, it’s hard for him to balance between sorrows or stress and love.
Sometimes, it’s hard for him to balance between sorrows or stress and love.

Sometimes, work overload or disappointing failures deter your boyfriend from prioritizing you and your relationship. If you know he’s going through a tough and traumatic time; you should be more sensitive.

Before blaming him for not putting you above all, you’d better put yourself in his shoes first. He may be too stressed to care about your feelings as usual. Instead of ‘I feel distant from my boyfriend because he’s always busy,’ you should think about what to do when your boyfriend is stressed and distant.

Your man doesn’t have to be responsible for your negative feelings. Telling him off just makes him feel like a tool to gain happiness.

You should wait for your man to overcome the hardships while giving him the biggest support and trust. This way, your relationship would get back on track very quickly.

Schedule A Romantic Date

Many girls ask us, ‘I want to feel wanted by my boyfriend, what should I do?’ One of the cool ways is to schedule a date and enjoy a romantic time together. 

Your long-term relationship grows stale over time if there’s no effort to raise the passion. Some new energies will inspire your excitement toward each other, getting your ‘spark’ back.

Setting a private date is also a good idea when it comes to how to get a man to want you, as it creates a chance for romantic gestures. We recommend something adventurous or new that you two have never done before.

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Please note to apply ‘no phone’ and ‘no other friends’ rules to make sure nothing can distract your dates.

Visit A Relationship Coach When You Feeling Unwanted In a Relationship

A relationship therapist can help with saving your relationship.
A relationship therapist can help with saving your relationship.

If you tried all the methods above and still struggle with negative feelings, it’s better to visit a therapist.  It’s very natural and a ‘human being’ to have the feeling of abandonment, so don’t be reluctant to seek a counselor’s help.

Relationship counselors are good at clearing the core reasons for any problems relating to love, sex, and interest. They also provide useful tools, resources and offer potential solutions to help their patients fix the issues.

Believe us, relationship counseling’s benefits are well worth your time and money.

You’d better be clear and honest about how you feel. ‘I feel unloved by my boyfriend,’ you just simply say that. Your family therapist will point out the root causes and bring years of experience to the table.

When To Choose To Walk Away?

Actually, it’s up to you whether or not to put an end to the current relationship. You just listen to your heart and let it lead the way.

If, despite your great effort, he’s still unaware of how you feel, it’s time to walk away.

One thing to remember is that should it feel like you’re struggling rather than harmonizing and re-aligning, staying is meaningless. Nothing is more important than caring and valuing yourself. And you should leave anything making you unhappy behind, including the relationship that no longer works.

Final Words

Feeling unwanted in a relationship is something we never want to experience, but it’s an inevitable challenge for couples. How you choose to deal with the problem depends on both you and him.

Our advice is that you should try all the methods above before reaching the final decision. Jumping to the conclusion too quickly may cost you a beautiful relationship.

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