Your Relationship Savior: An Addict Him To You Review 2021

Can’t you understand your man?

Are you feeling so confused, upset, or even insecure because he tells nothing to you?

No matter how hard you try, would you always feel like you guys are splitting apart?

Believe us: everyone has been there!

We are not sure what are people’s secrets on how to look for a perfect relationship and maintain it. But one thing for certain, we do know an effective way that many women use to attract their men.

That secret lies in a dating book called Addict Him To You, written by Mirabelle Summers. Here we will cover a short Addict Him To You review so that you would know if this rules dating book could help you or not!

What is the secret behind a long-live relationship?
What is the secret behind a long-live relationship?

Overview of Addict Him To You

Addict Him To You is a relationship book that can provide you with the ultimate attraction transformation series of how to get him addicted to you forever!

That is what they say about this book.

Sounds hard to believe?

But surprisingly, it is true! We have asked our friends to try what this program focuses on their soul mates to capture his heart.

Can you imagine the result?

These simple date ideas work incredibly well! After reading the book for some more time, we realize that those dating tips are all based on real-life experience and psychology research. That must be why it can help us get attention effortlessly and win man’s heart.

You will not be able to find this Addict Him To You pdf book online. The only way for you to learn the tips on this book is to buy Addict Him on the website.

About the Author: Mirabelle Summers

Mirabelle Summers, the author of Addict Him To You, is a professional relationship researcher for many years. She has been through extensive experience of both her own life and other struggles in finding and keeping a longterm relationship.

She has a passion for teaching women around the world how to improve their current relationship because she empathies with how they feel.

About her career as a relationship specialist, we have some milestones that you might have an interest in:

  • Mirabelle Summers is also the author of Clickbank’s #1 best selling dating book, “What Men Really Want.”
  • Mrs. Summers, the author of two online books, “Second Chance,” “Conversation Chemistry.”
  • Every day, her relationship advice on her website helps hundreds of men and women worldwide with their struggles!
That is why Mrs. Summers is the one you need to find to truly understand your man and how to make your relationship works!

Addict Him To You Review: Inside the Relationship Book

What you can learn from this guide

Although this guide book of how to keep him addicted to you is written by a relationship expert, it is not hard to understand or apply at all!

Mrs. Summer learned the hard way how to deal with relationship troubles, so maybe she wants us to have a simpler approach from this book.


She has written this book in a conversational tone, which is super friendly and instantly applicable! After completing this series of step-by-step attracting techniques, you will be able to attract your ideal type or make your men addicted to you effortlessly!

This guide for women also comes with three bonuses:

The Human Lie Detector
You will get to learn how your man thinks and what is going on in his mind so that you can see through all his lies!
The Cheating Neutralizer
A truly happy relationship requires both sides to trust the other and keep no secret. This little guy could help you with that.
Reflexive Attraction
This is all about the dos and don’ts – how you can avoid deadly mistakes and make him crave for you!

So, what are the highlights or drawbacks of these dating guides? Here is what we sum up about this Addict Him To You book. You might want to jot it down in your notebook for future reference while purchasing relationship guides!

What we like:

The first cons of Addict Him is that its guides and instructions are super easy to understand and follow. You do not need to be a love expert to grasp all the concepts in this little friend! There are also examples and scenarios in each chapter for you to associate more easily with the ideas of the author.
The book is available in pdf version, which can be read on any device. You can download it on your Kindle, tablet, or smartphone to read it anywhere! Simple and burdenless access confirmed!
Real experience
Everything you will get to learn in these courses for women is the words from Mirabelle’s heart. She is a relationship expert who knows which are the best expert tips and advice to give you for an ultimate attraction transformation.
Mirabelle ensured that she had all the problems covered in her work. The reason behind this book’s extensive number of pages is that handle way too many topics in it. But don’t worry – these pages will cover all your concerns and leave you no chance for failure!
This relationship training programs created to suit many types of women. Any woman, regardless of their age, religion, etc., who is either searching for a flawless partner or a way to maintain their relationship, could all make use of Mirabelle’s advice!
Bonus items
Mirabelle’s Addict Him To You also comes with three super useful bonuses. The best thing about them is that it is totally free! The detail about them is on the section above if you are interested!
In case this book does not work for you, you can always look for the money-back guarantee via email support.

What we do not like:

No hard-copy
Strength could also become weaknesses when you can only read this book online. There is no hardcover version of this Addict Him To You, which is why you will need an electronic device to access it.
These relationship tips really requires a lot of patience and commitment in order to achieve your goals. So try to keep your passion!
Unfortunately, the monthly subscription of this book is kind of pricey. But we think that it is a reasonable price for people who are looking to improve their relationships!

Who Should and Should Not Get this Dating Guides

Addict Him To You series

Choose how to addict him to you if:

  • You are stuck in a deadlock relationship that does not improve as you want.
  • Your dating or marriage gets cold day by day, and you can not find out why! Where did all the happiness and excitement on the first dating day go? You guys will need to fire up your love one more time!
  • Your man is always apathetic while you want him to have more commitment to the relationship and care about you more.
  • You are currently looking for a long-term, settled relationship rather than an FWB, short-term one.
  • You need a real, simple, applicable, and comprehensive step-by-step guide to keep your man by your side.

Do not pick it up if:

  • You are only looking for any possible guy as a short-term partner.
  • You have no time, patience, or dedication to follow what written inside the Addict Him To You. Do not ever expect anything to change just after a few trial days!
  • You have a really tight budget. The subscription is expensive, but luckily you have your refund cover!


Love is always excited and fantastic when it starts. But as time passed by, things could turn cold and leave you wondering what you had done wrong to lead to this situation.

HDP Dating truly hope that this Addict Him To You review can give you indeed useful information about this dating book. And lastly, we wish that your relationship will go on as you want!

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