About Tonny Huynh

Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Tonny Huynh, founder and CEO of HDP Dating and I’m a independent blogger with a passion for sharing about philosophy of self-help.

Why Did I Start Blogging In The First Place?

Many of my friends and my audience keeps asking reasons why I started blogging all of a sudden.

My answer is that I believe “words are to heal, comfort, encourage, teach, admonish, vent, and pass on wisdom, etc.

For me, it is meant to put any ideas into words, knowing that there is someone in the world that might read and sympathy with my stories. It would be even better if they can learn and help themselves get through a hard time.

What Do I Write About?

At first, I was not too serious about what to write, nor did I have plans beforehand. Simply put, I wrote whatever I got inspired: my daily life, my favorite books or songs, flash fictions, or a meaningful story I had just heard from someone. Words were flowing, and the sentences could be clumsy and silly. Who would care?

Then, I started having my first readers, and they shared with me in return. Since then, I have been writing more for my audience, mostly to answer questions about life, relationships, success, etc.

My favorite topics include:


My favorite success quote

Since a very early age, I have been told many success stories of great people and of my acquaintances, from which I always try to learn something new so that I can create my own success stories. Now that in my blog, I continue sharing those stories for others with a hope that like me, you are also motivated to some extent.

Please keep in mind that no success stories are happy from the beginning to the end. People fall, experience high-price failures, hit walls, and only who are determine enough to overcome those things will get rewards.

So, it is totally fine if you are still not very successful now. However, keep on trying, and years later, share with people how to beat all hardships up and succeed!

Love and dating

Enjoy love and dates
Enjoy love and dates

How often do you meet a girl or boy and immediately want to have a date with them?

But life is not that easy. A new relationship is often sensitive and vulnerable. Making a date can be stressful and failed without having some tips.

Fortunately, I am totally glad to share you with my real experiences and tips from my relationships. I hope they are helpful!


Marriage is not all about happiness
Marriage is not all about happiness

It takes time and significant efforts from date to true love and wedding. Sadly, almost none of us can enjoy the marriage to the full because “marriage is not just spiritual communion; it is also remembering to take out the trash.” (Joyce Brothers)

Thankfully, if you listen to some marriage advices carefully, you can always find a solution to make your marriage less stressful and more joyful.

Other relationships

Apart from your partner, you have other valuable relationships like family, friends, colleagues, etc. Keeping a balance of all is such a task. The better you do, the more meaningful your life will become.

Happily enough, I am here to give some thoughts and dedicated advices.

What Is Your Question for Me?

And you, do you have any topic that you want me to discuss, or do you have anything to share with me about success and relationships?

Feel free to drop a line!